Talk Fusion Helps Facilitate Communications

Communication is even more important in the world today. People need to be able to communicate with others directly now more than ever. This is true no matter where they are at any given period in time. One company that fully understands this need is Talk Fusion. Thus, it was not surprising their innovative technologies have caught the eye of those in the communications industry. Those who watch the industry know that it is imperative to offer customers the kind of help they need to keep moving forward and stay in touch with consumer needs than ever before. In recognition of their efforts, the company has been the recipient of a highly respected award from industry insiders.

A New Award

It is with great pleasure that officials here at Talk Fusion announce that their Video Chat product, one that they know has helped many people, has received the highly impressive Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. The award comes this year and is bestowed on them from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The new award marks the company’s second award this during this year from a highly respected and fully company that is known as one of the most important of all integrated media giants in this growing area.

Supporting People

Established nearly a decade ago, Talk Fusion is a company dedicated to the proposition that all people should have access to a technological platform that helps offer them something special when it comes to communicating with others. They provide products that allow people to speak with family and friends as well as other members of the community all over the globe. They also offer products that allow people to be part of a company that is dedicated to the providing quality items. The products that are offered by the company are products that can be marketed by their associates all over the world via ordinary employees who have found how easy it is to use them. With the help of their associates, people are able to find out about the kind of products they might use from Talk Fusion.

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Skout CFO Portia Kersten Is The Subject Of An Interesting Interview

The Huffington Post frequently features women in business and the CFO of Skout, Portia Kersten, was profiled in the summer of 2015. Kersten’s guidance from an upper management position has definitely helped the Northern California startup grow. Skout is currently one of the top mobile apps for meeting new people around the world. The app does get a lot of press, but those behind the app’s success are sometimes overlooked. An interesting interview with Kersten pulls the proverbial curtain away and gives those with a serious interest in mobile apps and social media some insights into what goes into running a company like Skout.

Kersten provides reveals a bit about her background. She reveals being an avid reader while younger, and her consistency with reading did help expand her mind. TV was not all that popular in her household when growing up so reading became a means of entertainment and learning. In her early career, Kersten worked for both small and large companies gaining necessary experience. A tenure at General Electric definitely delivered a solid amount of experience to handle the great demands of working for a firm such as Skout.

Skout definitely is a demanding company to work for. The growth of the platform has been tremendous. People in countries all over the world are using Skout to meet others. All this massive growth comes with equally massive demands on the executives in charge. Kersten does have to work very hard to maintain a proper balance between her professional career and personal life. In the interview, she makes a casual mention that she takes things in stride and opts to make “efficiency in all things” her motto. The simple motto guides her decisions at home and in the office.

Kersten covers a host of different subjects on the interview. From the future of Skout to the importance of mentors to advice to women in business, Kersten presents her insights with a sense of humor and flair.

Read the full Huffington Post interview to peruse all of Portia Kersten’s thoughts. Overall, it is an informative piece well worth checking out.

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