Jason Hope’s Excitement As A Futurist

There are many types of people that are enthusiastic about technology. However, one of these types of people are futurists. These are the types of people that look to the future in order to see all of the possibilities of technology.

Jason Hope himself considers himself a futurist. Therefore, he is very excited about what the next level of technology could be. One of the things that can bring tech enthusiasts a lot of excitement are devices such as smartphones. One of the reasons the smartphone is so exciting is that people have found a way to take the computer and make it fit in the palm in one’s hand.

Given that Jason Hope is very interested in technology, he has taken the time to run a business around technology. This maximize the success of the entrepreneur. For one thing, the entrepreneur is running a business around his passion. The further one works away from any of his passions, the less likely he is going to achieve any type of success with it. Therefore, he has to be passionate about something that has anything to do with his business. Fortunately, Jason Hope has a lot of goals that Jason Hope is passionate.

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One aspect of technology that Jason Hope is passionate about is treatments such as Alzheimers disease and other diseases that are related to age. One aspect of the future he believes in is humanity and the health of humanity. However, he is not satisfied with the way that diseases are being treated. The current way of treating diseases often result in allowing it to cause a lot of damages. Fortunately, the medical industry is always looking at different ways to treat many different diseases. Therefore, there is a lot of hope that they are going to adapt Jason Hope’s approach to treating diseases.

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How Capital Group’s CEO Is Helping Bring In A New Era Of Financial Prosperity

The most critical leadership position that exists at any corporation, particularly those corporations that exist in the worlds of investment and financial services is the position of Chief Executive Officer.

The person that is chosen to lead a company as its Chief Executive Officer is often responsible for determining the direction that the company will go in. They decide how each department, ranging from Marketing, to Accounting, to Technology or Product Development will harmonize their individual actions so that they can come together to achieve the vision that the Chief Executive Officer has set.

Given the importance of this role there is very little surprise that the international investment management company Capital Group selected investment professional Timothy Armour to serve not only as its Chief Executive Officer but also as the company’s Chairman of the Board.

It has been nearly two years since Capital Group’s Board of Directors completed the process to elect Armour as its Chairman of the Board. According to PR Newswire Armour’s election to the Board of Directors and his ascension to the position of Capital Group’s Chief Executive Officer is the culmination of a years long process to help fill a gap in leadership that was created by a loss at the company.

The Chairman of the Board that preceded Timothy Armour was Jim Rothenberg. After years of faithful service to Capital Group as its Chairman Rothenberg unfortunately passed away. Armour has been helping to honor the legacy that Jim Rothenberg left behind at Capital Group by helping to create opportunities for the company to grow and expand in international markets. One of the recent decisions that Armour has been part of was the development of a lucrative partnership with the South Korean conglomerate that is known as Samsung.

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The conglomerate is likely best known to businesspeople and consumers in the Western world as a manufacturer of mobile phones but the range of its business activities actually include much more than that. Samsung also happens to be the premier asset management company in the South Korean market. In addition to being known for building critical partnerships with strategic global partners like Samsung Timothy Armour is also known for offering prescient and vital investment advice.

Recently he predicted that companies would like be experiencing growth in the area of corporate earnings. According to Armour this expected growth in corporate earnings is also contingent upon the growth of the Gross Domestic Product of the United States and the growth of the GDP of other nations from around the world. He has also noted the importance of paying to attention to the fluctuation of interest rates that are set by the Federal Reserve.

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Brad Reifler: American Entrepreneur and Invesment Guru

Brad Reifler is best known as the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital. Since May 2009, Brad has really been a great asset to this company. He is also known for being the former founding partner for Pali Capital. Pali Capital is a global financial firm for which he was the chairman and CEO. Mr. Reifler has had major experience in the trading industry with being an elite trader at Refco. Brad Reifler ended up setting up his own business, Reifler Trading Company in 1982. This company was actually acquired by Refco. Refco’s founder, Ray E. Friedman is actually Brad’s grandfather.

Brad Reifler is the director at Sino Mercury Company. Brad has had expertise in being leadership in directing other companies such as of Genesis Securities,European American Investment Bank, and Foresight Research Solutions. Brad graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in Economics and Political Science. Brad Reifler has had a very healthy 30 years experience in this industry. Mr. Reifler has taken the companies he has been in to newer heights and major profits. He has helped Pali Capital soar to $200 million dollars in profits and has offices in the US, UK and Australia. Brad has made quite a success for himself and continues to strive for the better of the company.