Big Businesses with Big Hearts

Far too many people think that the rich only got to where they are because they crushed the little guys on the way. They look to Donald Trump and think that all rich people must be the same way. I wish that they could see Omar Boraie and look into his tender soul. One glance at the wonderful things he has down would turn their opinion around in an instant.

Through his corporation Boraie Development LLC, Omar offered the entire city of New Brunswick the opportunity to spend some much needed time with their families. He made this vision a reality by going into league with the Provident Bank Foundation. These two corporations would then approach the State Theater about establishing a free movies night, seven actually, for the community. According to the article on New Jersey Stage, 7,500 people attended this free movie night in the summer. Boraie Development LLC insisted that good family movies, such as Disney, were shone at the movie night. That right there takes a wonderful heart to do.

Omar Boraie and his group Boraie Development LLC have continued to better the city in many ways. It has been a four decade vision of Boraie’s to see New Brunswick restored and glorified.

According to, Boraie Development LLC has invested $150 million of its own money into the city in order to attract businesses to come. They know that if businesses set up residence in their fair city than jobs will follow. Where jobs are, cash is. And where there is cash, there is a thriving economy.

To accomplish this goal of attracting businesses, according to, Boraie Development LLC built their two class A office buildings, which were modeled in the New York City Style, known as Albany Street Tower 1 and Albany Street Tower 2.

These office buildings were exactly what businesses needed. You see, it is costly for a business to have to build an entire building for their organization. For many, it is cost prohibitive. However, simply to purchase one that has already been constructed is a much easier thing to do.

Boraie Development LLC used that understanding to create the building needed so that new businesses would come and call New Brunswick, New Jersey home. This move revived the economy and pulled many out of a life of depression.

Companies like Boraie Development LLC estores our faith in corporations. Visit the company website at