Vinod Gupta’s Secret To Success Shared With Others


Vinod Gupta did not start life on American soil. He was born in a small village in India on July 4th. His village did not have any amenities we would consider modern. No running water, television, cars, electricity, or roads. That did not stop Mr. Vinod Gupta from accomplishing his goal of a higher education and fulfilling his American Dream.


After finishing school in his village, Vinod Gupta went to IIT Kharagpur where he majored in agricultural engineering. While earning his degree, Vinod met Professor Bill Splinter who was visiting from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Dr. Splinter urged Mr. Gupta to take his education further. With encouragement from his family, Vinod made his permanent home in Nebraska. He has graduated from the University of Nebraska Lincoln with a degree in Engineering and his Master’s degree in Business Administration. See This Page to learn more about Vinod Gupta.


Mr. Vinod Gupta stumbled upon an idea for his business while working for Commodore Corporation as a Research Market Analyst. Vinod was asked to study the performance of rival companies. Mr. Gupta’s response to this was to compile a comprehensive list that could be used as a quick reference guide. Since Vinod compiled this list in his free time, he owned the material and was able to offer it not only to his employer, but to the company’s competitors as well.


Thus his company, Business Research Services & American Business Lists (ABI) was born. Vinod’s company offers comprehensive lists and statistics of all company’s in a specific business. For example: If a auto dealer wanted a list of his competition and their statistics, he could purchase that list from ABI.


Mr. Gupta is proud of the business he has built, but has stated that he would not be so successful if it wasn’t for his education. Mr. Gupta has given back to the next generation of students in India by starting the Vinod Gupta School of Management for any student wishing to further their education.


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Charlamagne Tha God Gives His Opinion On Kamikaze; Responds To Eminem’s Diss

While the entire world was surprised by Eminem’s Kamikaze album, Charlmagne tha God was surprised for a different reason. Charlamagne’s name was mentioned in the album. Charlamagne wasn’t the only hip-hop commentator to be mentioned in the album. Joe Budden, Lord Jamar, and DJ Akademics were also mentioned negatively on the Detroit rapper’s newest project.


“It’s always cool when you get immortalized on records,” Charlamagne, who hosts The Breakfast Club, said to Charlamagne appeared to be taking Eminem’s criticism well, even joking that he is happy to be mentioned by more talented rappers. “I was only being dissed by Chingy. Now I’m being dissed by Eminem. Life is great,” Charlamagne said.


In fact, Charlamagne was mentioned on two songs: “The Ringer” and “Fall.” On both songs Eminem raps about the anticipation of Charlamagne negatively review his new music. Eminem also quotes Charlamagne’s criticism of the 2018 BET Cypher, mimicking Charlamagne’s opinion on certain lines from the cypher.


One of the most shocking lines from Eminem’s album was about Tyler, the Creator. Eminem Used A Homophobic Slur to refer to Tyler. Despite Tyler himself referring to himself as this word, many believe it wasn’t right for Eminem to use the word, including Charlamagne.


Charlamagne Tha God himself wasn’t offended. However, he told Esquire that he understands why the LGBT community would be offended by the word’s usage. “I would love to hear how a hip-hop fan who is a member of the LGBT community reacts to this line,” he said.


Charlamagne, who criticized Eminem’s BET Cypher – where the Detroit MC lashed out against Donald Trump – also expanded on his thoughts about the event. Charlamagne said that he didn’t have a problem with a white rapper, like Eminem, using his power to fight against prejudice; however, he things the rapping itself was borderline wack. He called it out because Eminem was not displaying his full ability, and not because Eminem was standing up against Donald Trump. Refer to This Article for more information.


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Chris Burch and his business strategies

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of one of the up and coming hospitality businesses, Burch Creative Capital. Chris Burch gained invaluable experience working as a young man in the apparel industry. Able to leverage that experience gained at a young age he founded Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital is an investment firm that focuses on investments for entrepreneurs with great ideas but lacks the funding needed.

Burch initially was introduced to the hospitality field in Argentina with his partners Philippe Stark and Alan Faena. Together, the 3 entrepreneurs invested funding into an underutilized piece of land that became the site for the Faena Hotel & Universe. The role Chris Burch played in the launching of the Faena hotel one many successful endeavors he has played a significant role in. In addition to Faena, Mr. Burch has helped with the successful launching of Jawbone, Voss water, and Tory Burch, get info on ( In 2012 Chris saw the potential in Indonesian business, a hotel named Nihiwatu. After investing in the hotel and implementing some upgrades and other renovations, by 2016, it was ranked number one in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

In 2014, Chris Burch founded other businesses in the hospitality space Cocoon9. Cocoon9 provides innovative designing solutions for higher end luxury homes, to implement plans to maximize special layouts in order to leverage energy efficient designs while maintaining an upscale look and feel. Also in 2014, Chris announced a joint venture to co-launch ED, which is Ellen Degeneres’s lifestyle brand. In addition to his extensive portfolio of the above-mentioned services and businesses, Chris has Trademarked Popin and Women’s Apparel and Accessories and currently involved in the operations at Chubbies, Little Duck Organics, Soludos, Brad’s Raw Foods, Blink Health and BaubleBar.

Today, Chris Burch sits on the Board of Directors at the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, and he also the former President of the Pierre Hotel Co-op Board, useful source on

The award-winning international investment firm, Madison Street Capital, set to expand into Austin soon

When it comes to listing some of the most business-friendly landscapes in the United States, Austin, a fast-growing business hub now tops the list. Austin which happens to be home to some of the biggest names in the world of tech such as Dell and Yeti and the adoptive home to some gigantic tech firms such as Google, Apple, and Facebook, continues to attract myriads of startups due to its ideal and robust business environment. It supports all types of industries, from tech, hospitality to financial firms. It is thanks to this reason that Madison Street Capital, an international and renowned business firm situated in Chicago and with branches all over the continent, recently announced its plans to set up a new office in Austin.


Commenting on the matter, Charles Botchway, the firm’s chief executive officer revealed that expanding into Austin is not just a matter of establishing their presence, but is also a strategy that will help them serve their current and future clients in Austin, Texas appropriately as they will be more easily accessible in comparison to when they are in Chicago. Charles who also lives in Austin went ahead to add that besides creating easy access to their services, the move will help them chip into the economic growth of the city. However Madison street capital is still in the process of reviewing some of the most favorable locations and office spaces that are set to open early next year. That means the expansion will take place next year.


About Madison street capital


Madison street capital is a financial investment firm which continuously takes over the finance arena due to its high integrity, skill, experience and excellent leadership in delivering its services. The award-winning firm operates internationally in the areas of tax compliance, mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, bankruptcy service and corporate governance. Apart from Chicago and now Texas, Madison Street Capital also has branches in India, Oregon and even in Africa, Ghana and it continues to expand with each wake.


Its exponential success can be attributed to the earlier mentioned traits and also its incredible service delivery system. For instance, to ensure that clients are delighted and that there is no room for disappointment, Madison street capital boasts a team of highly qualified staff members who add a personalized touch to each transaction. Whether a customer is looking for asset management, business valuation or price allocation services, the firm’s skilled staff members bring into account the client’s objective and expectations, ensuring that they deliver nothing but top of the shelf results.


Today, Madison street capital boasts an impressive client list as it offers its services to companies such as Central Lowa energy, Fiber Science among many others. It has also been the force behind major partnerships such as the partnership between Infiniti HR and Oak Street funding which enabled the latter to gain access to a $4.3 million financing.


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Sussex Healthcare’s Exceptional Patient Service

Sussex Healthcare works as an independent and private entity in the healthcare sector. With over 20 healthcare outlets and facilities across the UK, the company has hired professional healthcare personnel who are specialized in different areas of healthcare service provision. Among the medical conditions that Sussex Healthcare handles include dementia, neurological conditions, cardiac conditions, and respiratory medical conditions among others.

Working on a 24-hour basis, the facilities’ staff ensures that patients receive quality medical attention whenever necessary. To facilitate their operations, the healthcare outlets have well maintained and state-of-the-art medical equipment to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Sussex Healthcare has managed to maintain a strong culture of service delivery in ways that are different from other healthcare facilities in the region. The facility observes and highly regards patient service delivery through the provision of high-quality services to ensure optimal welfare and quality of life. Besides providing quality service, the facility also provides the best nutritional service including high-quality fresh food products as well as nutritional advice to patients.

The company also provides physical wellness programs where both workers and admitted patients get a chance to work out in various gymnasium facilities located within the facilities. The numerous recreational outlets and activities within the hospital give patients exemplary therapeutic wellness from all perspectives while hastening their recovery.

It has also branded itself as a key partner with the aged persons in the society. With the UK population of the elderly booming, Sussex Healthcare’s facilities are committed to providing personalized treatment and healthcare services to them. Depending on the social requirements and needs of the elderly, the facility is committed to providing end of life care to help patients who may have terminal illnesses.

The facilities’ health care services are all designed to ensure that patients receive medical treatment under conditions and environments that are only second to their homes. The high levels of personalization of patient service ensure that patients can enjoy being served within any of the company outlets. Such care forms part of what makes many patients have a preference for being served at the Sussex Healthcare.

Charlamagne Critiques Rapper


Radio and tv has expanded so much in the past decade. There used to not be tv talk shows, people did not get interviewed on the radio. Now, we have major artist launching their careers from radio. It has become a thing these days. One of radio’s biggest host is Charlamagne Tha God. He is one of the radio host on IHeart Radio, the Breakfast Club in New York City. Many artist have been interviewed on the breakfast club about their upcoming albums, new songs, and overall career.


Charlamagne runs his own company, CThaGod World LLC and co-host of Brilliant Idiots a favorite podcast. He has directed and acted in movies like Bodied (2017), on the run eating (2018) and Grow House (2017) to mention but a few. Also, he is a writer and has a book titled “Black Privilege” which ranked sixth in the New York Times of bestselling hardback nonfiction on May 7 2017. Another book he has written is titled “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me”.


It is Charlamagne’s job to discuss difficult topics for artist and to give his own criticism on songs, and anything new in the media, in regards to celebrities. His latest reaction has been to Eminem’s Kamikaze album. He was interviewed about the rapper using his name in one of his verses. Charlamagne took it as an honor. He said earlier in his career, he was being dissed by an older rapper, Chingy, and for Eminem to say his name, he called it “great.” Let’s be honest, he is one of the hottest radio co-host in America. Charlamagne Tha God should expect for his name to be mentioned on any rappers platform. He speaks his mind when interviewing celebrities, and it is likely to come back. Rappers use writing lyrics as an outlet, whatever is on their mind, it will come out in song.


Charlamagne thinks that some of Eminem’s lyrics are offensive. Not to him, but some people may take offense to it. There is a lyric where Eminem throws of Tyler the creator, who is also a rapper. He has come out to the world that he is gay, and Charlamagne thinks that people that are in the LGBTQ community may take offense to it. However, he does like that Eminem speaks out about our president Trump in his lyrics. He agrees that using rap to talk about politics is an outlet. Overall, he likes the album and still thinks Eminem is one of the best rappers of all time. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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GoBuyside The Company That’s Going Places

2011:A monumental year for a young man named Arjun Kapur. In that year he graduated from The Stanford Graduate School of Business and not long afterward, he started GoBuyside.

In the seven years his company has existed, it has been nothing short of phenomenal. Companies all over the world have streamed and still continue to stream to GoBuyside, the top recruitment platform in the world today.

Mr. Kapur have established his companies in many parts of the world, in fact, there’s one right here in New York City, the world trade center of commerce and global markets, it’s the city where the action is, that’s why so many companies come here to do business every day.

Perhaps you’re interested in keeping business from going belly-up; that’s an understatement, if course you are, what business today isn’t? Well, if you are, you know where to go, you go to GoBuyside.

To get started, all you have to do is sign up to get started, and once you’ve become a registered member, you’re in a position to consult top business professionals to help your business reach its zenith potential by hiring top investment professionals to help generate income for your website.

Mr. Kapur is the go-to guy when it comes to making your business rock and reach its greatest financial potential, and he’s as near to you as a home computer or a handheld device.

The trusted professionals here at GoBuyside are ready to help, they’re ready to help you see what steps you need to take in finding top corporate talent, to help step up your game so you can generate more clients to your website, in fact, a lot of clients.

But that won’t happen until you sign up with GoBuyside and establish an account to get started, that’s the only way you’ll get the pot boiling.

GoBuyside, the company that’s going places, and it wants your company to go places, too, and it will once you come online and consult its investment professionals to get started.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to GoBuyside today! Your company won’t regret it.

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Michael Burwell Continues To Shine As A Leader


Currently, the name Michael Burwell is synonymous with global insurance brokerage and advisory company Willis Towers Watson. This is due to the fact that Burwell is the firm’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


Before he entered the role of CFO at Willis Towers Watson his named was strongly connected to Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC). Rightfully so, considering he worked at the company for 31 years. He spent a chunk of his time at the company serving in the assurance practice working on business advisory services. A few years before the new millennium PwC decided to elect him partner. A decision that yielded great results. Michael Burwell was able to show off his prowess as a leader as partner and drew a lot of attention. Michael Burwell’s success also lead to him being appointed to another executive position in PwC’s U.S. business.


Burwell has an undergraduate degree in business administration from Michigan State University. He is still involved with many things pertaining to the university today.


Burwell believes to be truly productive in this day and age you have to take full advantage of technology. With the use of technology an individual can do so much with so little. Burwell is quite fond of an app that has proven very beneficial to him in his tasks.


Burwell is very keen on having good communication with members of your team. Being a good listener and communicator is how you build a network. You have to take the time to really listen to people and their ideas and then make time to invest in them. Everyone has something to offer you just have to figure out what these qualities are.


Burwell focuses on staying positive and never quitting no matter how much people may say something is a bad idea. He always follows his gut and is willing to take risks. Click Here to learn more.


James Dondero: Improving Argentina’s Financial Crisis

The rest of Latin America could learn from Argentina. This is a country that was looking for change and got it. James Dondero knew that Argentina would be worth the investment, so he took on the country’s debt. This was a gamble that he won. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Argentina was close to financial turmoil, but when they elected Mauricio Macri as president, that changed. Most of the people are very educated, so they knew a change was needed in their country. Once each province started reporting the yields that they had, it became clear The this was well worth the investment. Mauro Staltari was brought on as an analyst to help out. He knew that of all the Latin America countries, Argentina was the one that was different. Change would start there. President Macri decides to make some changes to government policies that would help the reigns and strengthen the economy. The government-backed him being that the entity encourages businesses to thrive. Visit Highland Funds to know more about James Dondero.

With the help of Highland Capital, Argentina is thriving. Their president can take some of the credit too because of his policy chains that they needed. This was crucial for the country’s economy is improving. However, the deficit needs to be taken care. It is just one thing at a time. It is getting there. Argentina takes to financial change well unlike other countries that have dictators. They have to deal with corruption and financial scandals. Argentina remained untouched from that. That is why they are number three on the list of having the best economy.

James Dondero always has a good eye on what to invest in. Argentina was a risk but it worked out. They managed to raise $16.5 billion in the market at a record setting pace. That’s unheard of. However, Argentina is a strong global competitor.



Rodrigo Terpins Talented Rally Driver

Rally driving is not for the faint-hearted; it is a sport that requires you to go all out in order to succeed. There are difficult terrains that you have to go through, and thus you should be an experienced driver to go through all of them. One of the renowned rally drivers is Rodrigo Terpins. Rodrigo is a well-known rally driver from Brazil. He also participates in the Bull Sertoes rally where he is also a member. Together with his partner, Fabricio Manchiana, they managed to get the sixth position in 58 minutes and 9 seconds.


Rodrigo’s family history is in sports. To start off with, his father was a famous Brazilian basketball player. Rodrigo and his brother Michel also participate in Prototype T1 as a team. They have received recognition for their skills and talents. Rodrigo Terpins started to be involved in sports since he was young and it greatly moulded his career. It is not easy being a rally driver and he has quite a busy day since he has to commute between the city and countryside on a daily basis. The habit that makes him a more productive entrepreneur is being connected to the things that happen in the world. You can visit



During an interview, Rodrigo Terpins opened up about his road to success and what he likes. Rodrigo’s advice to entrepreneurs is to be up to date with the best practices in their market, closest competitors, international market and to analyse the big players. The book that Rodrigo recommends everyone to read is the Sapiens. The software that he uses is Waze since it helps him to get the best routes. He believes that one must have determination and consistency to succeed as a rally driver. Rodrigo admits that his past competitions help him to mould his performance.


Rodrigo Terpins engages with his fans on social media platforms and keeps them up to date on the events he has done. Rodrigo uses his personal website, which has biographical information and details on his past and recent interviews. You can get more information on his Tumblr page and catch up with his exciting events.