Southridge Capital: Cryptocurrency Gaining Traction

Southridge Capital is a full service financial solution company that offers various services to meet client’s individual needs. Stephen Hicks founded the company in 1996 and currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. While he has many responsibilities within the company two of which are business development and execution.


There is no doubt that Stephen Hicks stays plenty busy at Southridge Capital. In order to ensure he accomplishes the things he needs to, he has to stay organized and on a schedule. Once he arrives at the Southridge office, he goes over portfolios and makes and list of tasks he, and other staff members, need to accomplish that day. He then has to divide his time equally between accomplishing the tasks that need to be done, tracking existing investments, and finding new opportunities. These three are essential to the success of Southridge Capital.


According to PR Newswire, one new opportunity that is exciting to Stephen Hicks and the opportunities it could bring to Southridge Capital is, cryptocurrency. While most people have likely heard of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, many people find it confusing. Southridge Capital hopes to clear up that confusion, but first, it is critical to understand what cryptocurrency is. Bitcoin, perhaps the most well-known form of cryptocurrency was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. In essence, Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency are decentralized digital peer-to-peer compensation systems. It consists of a group of people who are part of a network, all transactions are immediately known by everyone who is part of the network and, after a certain amount of time, the transactions get approved. Once the transactions are approved, they cannot be changed, and they become part of the blockchain.


According to Southridge Capital Bitcoin is going to continue to gain traction; therefore, they have a team of cryptocurrency experts who are there to help clients navigate the often-confusing territory.





What makes Guilherme Paulus’ such a well vast investor?

When the sixty-eight-year-old began his company CVC at age twenty-four, he had enough motivation to want to succeed but may not have had the required skills to get to where he is today. Guilherme Paulus is however now one of the wealthiest men in Brazil. His belief in the power of entrepreneurship has paid off so well that his two companies are considered some of the largest investments in the Brazilian tourism sector. He has invested more than half a billion dollars in his GJP networks, which operates a chain of hotels located all over Brazil. The ability to turn opportunity into revenue has been on of Guilherme Paulus strong suits, and it began in 1972. Visit Guilherme Paulus at Forbes for more info.

He had just come from working for Casa Faro where he was an airfare salesman. He had been able to interact with different people while on the job and had been able to establish the niches that existed within the sector. Working with this understanding, he together with a deputy from the organization began a travel firm which would later be left to Guilherme Paulus. CVC was born at this point and despite it struggling for the first nine years to a point where Guilherme Paulus contemplated closing it down it is today the largest tour operator not only in Brazil but the entire Latin America. CVC has received numerous awards for its contribution to the Brazilian economy as well as helping improve world tourism.

CVC has grown under his leadership to a multi million-dollar company, and this was confirmed by a private equity group which offered 420 million dollars to acquire a 63 percent share of the business. This investment would be a big boost for the business as well as for Guilherme Paulus, who at the moment was busy investing in GJP. The sports event coming to Brazil had opened up the Brazilian tourism industry, and GJP was looking towards building new hotels, especially near major airports to tap into the numbers expected to stream in during these events. GJP has gone on to grow as CVC has done. Today CVC handles an average of 3.5 million passengers annually.

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The Innovative Gregory Aziz And National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the President, Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car. It’s headquarters are located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and serves the Great Lakes region. He studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. The progress of Greg Aziz has always been constant. Prior to becoming CEO of his company, he worked on numerous investment banking solutions throughout New York state in the 80s and 90s. Gregory would purchase National Steel Car in 1994 with ambitions to transform it.

His company National Steel car is the leading railroad freight and tank car manufacturer in North America. The company has stellar customer service and always fulfills orders on time. The Progressive effort by this company has earned them the TTX SECO award frequently over the last decade. Their quality in railcar production and team of over 2000 employees sets National Steel Car above. Gregory J Aziz has a wide spectrum of knowledge in this specialized field.

Gregory J Aziz’s engineering experience and commitment to good service has made him a top choice. By exceeding his client’s expectations, the service he renders will always have merit. Greg operates a blog full of insightful information regarding his company and services they provide. He attributes persistence for his company being one of the most innovative in the industry’s history.

Happy about the impact he has made and continues to make, Greg James has a passion for service and commitment. The success of his company has allowed him to sponsor many events and businesses throughout the country. In addition to their fiscal philanthropy, NSC also operates food banks and food drives for the less fortunate. Gregory J. Aziz and his pursuits reflect a cutting-edge mentality. Constantly setting the standard and making enhancements leaves customers returning and an abundance of referrals. He states that being able to keep up with the times is a key component in his business. Refer to This Article for related information.

Mentioning that things are constantly changing so we have to stay prepared and innovate. Always leading by example, Gregory J. Aziz makes himself available to every sector of his business for help and guidance. The sales and popularity of National Steel Car increase annually. With that said, it appears that Gregory has his sights set forward and no plans of slowing down.


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Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia’s Vision of Financial Freedom

In polite society, it’s considered gauche to discuss money or financial standing. Which is an interesting paradox, considering many of us suffer from poor financial health. Finances should be discussed more often so that people won’t find themselves in awful financial ruin whether due to mismanagement, illness, or simply life throwing things at you.

This is where Graeme Holm and his company Infinity Group Australia come into play. Created as an ongoing support service for mortgage borrowers, Infinity Group Australia has become a leader in the Australia banking sector specifically home loans. The company guides clients toward financial security through an intensive program offering both debt reduction and budgeting analysis.

Concerned about the prevalence of money mismanagement within average Australian households, Holm began a personal campaign to help consumers manage their finances better. He began examining the Australian Mortgage Market and spent 6 months researching and developing resolutions to the flaws within the system.

In conjunction with his partner, Rebecca Walker, Holm began developing a system aiming to both educate mortgage borrowers about the benefits of budgeting and providing ongoing support. Holm and Walker found that the current mortgage banking system in place, failed mortgage borrowers by not providing them with additional guidance once a loan was closed.

A survey of current clients, conducted by the Infinity Group, concluded that borrowers were more likely to pay more in 90 days while under a home loan structure that also featured a detailed budget. Holm believes that “ongoing accountability is imperative in this process.”

Holm focuses on teaching homeowners the fundamentals of preparing and executing a functional weekly budget that accounts for an entire family. While also helping those families reduce their debt and pay off their mortgage quickly. It’s an equation that is sure to help families attain a secure financial future.

Infinity Group Australia’s compassionate business model is unique within the banking sector. After a recent review of costs to clients, Infinity Group ordered an overhaul of the billing structure, in order to favor the clients, not the group’s bottom line.

This renovation reveals what’s at the core of Infinity Group’s and Holm initial vision; helping a client achieve healthy financial freedom by making smarter financial decisions. Helping clients reduce debt while simultaneously budgeting creates financially strong clients and maintains a stable economy.

As evidence of the group’s commitment to helping average Australians achieve financial freedom, look no further than the experts. Infinity Group Australia has been nominated in five categories at the Australian Broking Awards, including “New Office of the Year, 2018,” for which the company won.

The company also recently won the 2018 Customer Experience Management Award for “Overall Best Organization CX” in Australia.

The company’s dedication to customer service, it’s commitment to its clients, and its overall generosity is why Infinity Group Australia lives up to its motto, Care, Integrity, Passion, and Trust.

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Financial Expert Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman On The Future Of Amazon

Jeff “YL” Yastine, financial journalist and Editor of Total Wealth Insider, gives us a hard-hitting outlook on Amazon and its evasion of antitrust laws. Over the years, Jeff Yastin has interviewed economic geniuses such as Warren Buffet, Steve Ballmer, Sir Richard Branson, and other monolithic names in the economic sphere of influence.

Jeff Yastine graduated from University of Florida with a BA in Telecommunications in 1986. He is best known for the Nightly Business Report on PBS from 1994 to 2010. His expertise in financial journalism, as well as his knowledge of financial trends has earned him the title as one of the most reputable names in economics. Visit to know more.

In 2015, Yastine began working for Banyan Hill Publishing as Editorial Director, where he contributes weekly to the Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. Now Editor of Total Wealth Insider, he still continues his work, shedding light on financial topics for the average consumer.

In 2017, Jeff Yastine made a prediction about optional investors that could potentially compete with Amazon. With his sight set on Amazon, he predicted that the company would no longer be able to monopolize the free-trade market like it has since its conception in 1994.

Jeff Yastine gives a comprehensive viewpoint about Amazon’s popularity and how it achieved an exponential rise to the top. According to Jeff Yastine, what contributed to Amazon’s great success is the evasion of antitrust laws. In the United States, antitrust law is simply a sum of state and federal government laws that benefits the consumer, ensuring that businesses are conducted properly to promote fair competition.

A company like Amazon, world-renowned for its perks in convenient shipping and inventory of various items, should have been held to a higher standard. Yastine says that Amazon’s days may be coming to an end due to poor business choices directly involving antitrust laws.

Through Amazon’s pricing platform, it is possible to beat competitors and out-price them. Meaning, Amazon benefits from the discounts without taking any of the financial costs, forcing the retailers to pay those fees instead. In light of the situation, it is only a matter of time before antitrust issues catches up with Amazon.

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Ian King Is A Cryptocurrency Investor And Expert Who Learns From His Mistakes

Ian King is a cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur who has more than 20 years of experience in the trading, investing, and financial industries. A lot of his work has centered around analyzing financial markets, and his insights about the world of cryptocurrency trading and investing have been featured on Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, and Fox Business News. He began his career with Saloman Brothers’ but got hired on with Citigroup soon after. He also worked with Peahi Capital as its head trader and then landed with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 as an editor and writer.

Ian King starts most of his days by checking the news and then taking a walk to get some early exercise in. He has remarked that this clears his head and gets ideas flowing more smoothly and also makes him more productive. After getting his exercise in, he likes to have a look at the news related to the world of cryptocurrency to see where everything is at. The remainder of his day is usually spent looking into new blockchain ideas and putting together the Crypto Profit Trader, which is the newsletter service he runs as a part of Banyan Hill Publishing. Read more articles by Ian King at

Ian King doesn’t make knee-jerk reaction trading predictions. Instead, he looks deeply into possible crypto investments to get an understanding of all of the aspects of the possible investment. One of his first prerequisites is that the crypto must have a real-world application that can be solved by blockchain technology. Secondly, he gets a better feel for the team that is working on the crypto project by getting in touch with them. He then dives deeper into the speculative nature of the crypto asset to see if it will stand the test of time.

Ian King believes that failing and failure are just opportunities to learn and improve a process. He has said that reading to learn is great, but with investing, it is also good to get in there and give it a try. He looks at every trading “mistake” he has made as a lesson, and he spends plenty of time discovering how not to make the same mistakes over and over. Read more:


Paul Mampilly’s Long Financial and Investment Career

Paul Mampilly’s success in the financial sector has not been a walk in the park. It has been due to his resilience and commitment in everything that he pursues in his life. He received his Bachelor degree in Business Administration (Accounting and Finance Option) at Montclair State University in 1991 and a Master’s in Business Administration-Finance at Fordham University in 1997. In 1991, he began his career at Bankers Trust Company as an assistant portfolio Investment manager. After many huge companies saw that he could be an asset to them, they recruited and offered him top positions. Therefore, he ended up being recruited at Kinetics Asset Management organization where he was assigned the duty to manage their hedge fund. He also helped the assets of the firm to appreciate to $25 Billion, and Barron named it as the world’s best annual returns. Connect with Paul Mampilly by visiting his linkedin acount.

Templeton Foundation gave Mr. Paul Mampilly an opportunity to be involved in an investment competition where he invested $50 million. At the end of the first year, the returns amounted to $88 but, the amazing bit is that he made the accomplishment despite the financial crisis of 2008 to 2009. Paul Mampilly got exhausted in helping ultra-rich people to become wealthier and decided to aid the average Americans to be part of the prosperity enjoyed by the rich. Therefore, Paul founded the Profits Unlimited which at the moment has over 90,000 subscribers. It formed a favorable platform where he could share his latest Investment opportunities with his readers.

Today, the stock market is experiencing some changes that have been shortlisted by Paul Mampilly. When managing hedge funds, he was able to notice that most people have stopped the actual trading and instead the computers are doing the trading in use of algorithms and trading robots.

Also, in ensuring that the ordinary American learn how to make their wealth, he had first to identify the mistakes made while buying stock. He identified that many people invested all their money in buying a single stock instead of spreading it evenly to different stocks. He also prefers that one should invest when the stock market is facing difficulties since at that time the stock prices are low. Finally, Paul Mampily says that an individual should put all his intentions on what could be wrong rather than giving priority to his client while making money. It is because the business model may end up experiencing problems in future, and he also says that it is good to have another viewpoint on things that may look great. Visit:


Kamil Idris writes about new trade tariffs

Kamil Idris is an accomplished expert on intellectual property and international law. He is one of the people who know so much about the intellectual property law and has held senior positions in the World Intellectual Property Organization. For one decade, he was at the helm of the world’s organization where he helped formulate important policies which guide intellectual property today. He has also been a member of the United Nations International Law Commission where he has also held senior positions of leadership. As an expert in these fields, he has offered critical lessons including teaching in universities. He has been recognized for his great contributions in the industry by 19 universities which have awarded him honorary degrees. In 2010, Kamil Idris who is from Sudan vied for the seat of President.


Kamil Idris is also an author who has put his experience in the legal fraternity into writing by authoring book known as “Intellectual Property a Power Tool for Economic Growth.” This is a book that contains vital information on the topic of Intellectual property as well as economic development. With his long experience in these fields, he knows what deserves to be done to accomplish better economic development, especially for his continent Africa.


Kamil Idriss is also informed on matters of global economic growth. When matters of international trade are being talked about, he is one person who can give professional views since he is knowledgeable enough. One of the issues he has addressed in his recent articles is trade between China and the United States. Kamil believes that China will be greatly affected by the trade tariffs that have been passed by president Trump. Trump passed the tariffs as a way of protesting the unlawful acquisition of American technology by the Chinese. America says that it has suffered losses of between $225 and $300 billion which as a result of the illegal activities of the Chinese.


President Trump has passed that cases of IP theft by the Chinese will accrue huge penalties on imports from China. Over $50 billion penalties will be passed on to imports from China as a way of punishing them. Intellectual property is an important factor in trade agreements, and the United States can no longer accept to take imports from China which have been made through IP theft.

Why Felipe Montoro Jens is indispensable

Felipe Montoro Jens has always been a believer in taking the long and right way to achieve things. That is probably why he has become so good at what he does, in the field of finance and management. he understood that the knowledge he acquired from school when he went to the Thunderbird School of Global Management, was not enough. That is why after graduating, he took up relevant jobs. Read more about Jens at

His brilliance in the field of management was a force to reckon with, which is why it became very easy for him to get job offers from different notable companies. This was especially in their management levels. With this vast experience, he was able to widely network with other business people.

Being a trader (entrepreneur), his connections went a long way in making sure that his business was well exposed and that he was able to make decisions on these bases of experience. Felipe Montoro Jens is currently a very successful businessman and a renown financial analyst.

Being able to work with different companies, he was able to get vast knowledge, a lot of experience, and exposure to his activities. The different platforms available for him, even internationally now became very vivid. He gained a lot of confidence to carry out business activities, not only within Brazil but also across international borders.

His portfolio is very well diversified, which reduces the amount of risk that he is exposed to when carrying out his businesses. He has gained and utilized his knowledge in the fields of chemical development and the energy development industry among many others. The skill he has mastered and tries to maximize on is that of energy conservation. He advises different entities and governments on how to ensure maximum results, through proper utilization of resources. This makes him marketable to many platforms worldwide.

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The Real Truth About Gregory Aziz Of National Steel Car


The real truth about Gregory James Aziz of National Steel Car is both exciting and motivating. In 1994 James Aziz acquired National Steel Car, and he would become North America’s leading railroad freight and tank car producer.What is more, Greg Aziz is a man who has created a wonderful life via being CEO of his company. Having been born April of 1949 in Ontario, Canada, he grew up in West London, Ontario, and he went on to college. In fact, he went to school at Ridley College then on to graduate with a degree in economics at the University of Western Ontario, then back home in 1971.


In addition, James Aziz practiced his unique economical skills at several banks who had the pleasure of working with him. Greg Aziz’s superb skills could not be ignored by anyone. That said, he worked at his family’s business of food processing for about a decade. The business grew, and he was able to find a supplier who would do import ubiquitously. He made the fresh food marketplaces in Canada and the UK develop well, due to hooking up with an awesome supplier.

Well, Greg Aziz went on to buy National Steel Car, and it was a very good investment. The very best, prime and top quality is all that one can find in the rail car as anything less is unacceptable. Mr. Aziz heads the most spectacular railroad car fabrication business in the world. It has also been coined as the western hemisphere’s leading railroad line freight and tank car fabricator.

Indeed, all that Gregory J Aziz touched seemed to turn into pure golden prosperity. After all, he persevered, he would not settle for anything less than grand and yet he treated everyone very well. Due to the loyalty that he has, he was able to keep the number one position for the company. Not only did he transform the business, he has given to so many, many charities and spent time helping others. See This Page for related information.




National Steel Car is currently moving forward as it does while honoring the customs of the past. The heart of this company belongs to the individuals, and all are proud of what has been accomplished.


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