Hussain Sajwani Rises amidst the 2008 Market Crash

By now, many real estate investors are familiar with the prominent Hussain Sajwani who has established a robust real estate market in Dubai. A humble individual, always calm and observant, he has shaped Dubai’s real estate through strong entrepreneurial networks. As such, he is the rightful owner of some of the best commercial real estate ventures in the Middle East. Even though he is successful, Hussain Sajwani did not just wake up to a successful career in business. For starters, he recounts in an interview that he was raised by a humble but hard-working father who owned a retail shop. While that shop was relatively small compared to his current empire, he was trained on how to handle clients and satisfy their needs before his needs.


Background Information

Being the eldest son of his father, Hussain Sajwani was expected to set a remarkable pace for his siblings. Therefore, his father hoped that he would inherit the business when he retired. However, Sajwani the DAMAC owner had other plans to venture into a business of his own. But before that, he joined a local medical school in Baghdad. Shortly after a few months, he decided to change his career by moving to America and enrolling at the Washington University. There, he majored in economics and followed that course by studying engineering. A few years later, he graduated and started working at GASCO Company. While there, he ensured that he developed strong entrepreneurial networks that propelled him into starting a business in hospitality. The catering business gave birth to the real estate company. As such, DAMAC Properties has been setting a fantastic pace in Dubai’s real estate market.


Describing DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties is a high-end property developer in Dubai and the Middle East. Since 2002, the firm has been providing residential and commercial properties for different states including the United Kingdom. While the company has been successful since its inception, 2008 was just a horrible year for Hussain Sajwani as the market crash hit his business hard to the point of him developing mild-depression. Even though he was suffering because of the loss registered by his company, he garnered sufficient courage to bounce back and uplift his clients. In an interview, he reiterates his simple early life and his father’s teachings on how to be calm even in such calamities. From the look at his career and success, it is evident that Hussain Sajwani is a patient business professional who applies his life skills to succeed in business.

The Inception and Growth of DAMAC Properties Firm

DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. is the biggest real estate companies in Dubai and the Middle East. It was founded in 2002 by Mr. Hussain Sajwani, and its headquarters are located in Dubai.

The DAMAC owner, Mr. Hussain, is a humble man who made his way up the ladder to become the respectable businessman he currently is. Initially, he worked with catering services delivering food to the U.S military in 1991 during the first Iraqi war; and to separate American companies such as Bechtel. Despite the contracts Mr. Hussain Sajwani had signed in the catering industry, he still sought greener pastures.

In the year 2001, foreigners were permitted to own property in Dubai, and Hussain Sajwani saw his big break. The following year, he decided that real estate was the way to go. Although he had previously developed some substantial buildings, this time he was favored by the six-year real estate upsurge that was dawning.

The DAMAC Properties Firm outdid themselves and developed lavish high-end buildings. Their efforts to market the buildings saw them become among the most successful real-estate companies. In 2011, the company launched DAMAC Maison, it’s hospitality division which offered its services to over 8,000 apartments.

Being the chairman and CEO of internationally unique construction and real estate company, DAMAC owner was able to interact with recognized personalities. In 2013, Mr. Hussain Sajwani came together with Pres. Donald Trump and built the Trump International Course in Dubai. This information was revealed to the public when Mr. Trump praised his business associates while he celebrated his election victory.


Aside from his success, Mr. Hussain Sajwani is also recognized for his humanitarian actions toward helping to improve people’s living conditions. He once donated 2 million United Arab Emirates Dirham to support the campaign aimed at clothing needy children across the globe. The campaign was a Ramadhan initiative spearheaded by the ruler of Dubai in 2013.


The success of DAMAC is attributed to Mr. Sajwani’s exceptional entrepreneurial skills. The interior of his luxurious apartments has been decorated by designers such as Fendi and Versace. If that is not all, the DAMAC owner is also known for giving away Bugatti and Lamborghini vehicles to his clients. However, even in the face of success, Mr. Hussain Sajwani relishes his roots and still deals in the food business.

Avatrade Review – Why You Can Trust Them

Looking for a good forex broker review? We have some good recommendations for you! The number one recommended forex broker these days seems to be Avatrade. It seems that everyone in the forex industry is singing the praises of Avatrade, so we decided to take a look at what Avatrade is all about and why people seem to be gushing about it. A lot of blog posts and articles in the forex industry have mentioned Avatrade as a good choice, and our research shows that it is for good reason. Here are some of the main benefits of using Avatrade over some other forex broker.


First of all, there is a customer support team that is available 24/7. We mention this first because having a good customer support team at all times of the day and night is so important and is one of the main things to look for in a forex broker. Remember that forex customers come from all parts of the world. While it may be night in the United States, the markets are going wild in the forex exchanges in Asia. There may be forex customers in Asia, or there may be US customers who are up in the middle of the night trying to make gains off the swings in the forex markets in Asia. Not only does Avatrade have customer support at all times of the day and night, but they have customer support in many languages, which is a plus.


In addition, Avatrade has all the other things people tend to look for in forex brokers. For example, they are fully regulated, which means you can trust them and not have to worry about any funny business. They also make it easy to open an account. They have many funding options, and just as many withdrawal options. You can even use Paypal or Skrill, something that is becoming a rarity in the forex industry. They have more than sixty billion dollars in trades going on every month and have been around since 2006, so you can trust them.

Taking a Look at Michael Hagele’s Career At Large

You will find that working with a professional in the field of technology is a whole lot easier than you might think thanks to the professionalism of Michael Hagele. This expert has been the leader and outside counsel of a lot of different technology programs, projects and companies. Because of his extensive work within this particular field, many people seek him out to help with their own company needs. This is why it is a good idea for you to make use of this professional and know he will work for you.

Before you know it, you’ll be working with Michael Hagele and seeing that he is totally experienced in what it is that he does. He can also be found online on his social media pages or personal site. If you want to learn more about him as well as the work that he does, it is a good idea for you to make use of him by contacting him and seeing what it is that he can do for you. Now is a good time for you to make use of Michael Hagele and see how different he is from a ton of the other professionals who happen to be out there. Follow Michael on Instagram

If you want to work with Michael Hagele and know that he is able to help you out, it is time for you to make use of this as an expert opinion and see that he is a great choice for each of your needs. Now is a good time for you to make use of this professional and see if this is something that is right for you, make sure that you get in touch with this expert and see if he is going to help you out in all that he is able to do for you. Before you know it, you’ll be working with a professional who can help you in a lot of different ways and in a manner that is going to assist you and get you exactly what it is that you need right here and now for your own company.



Randal Contributions Towards Fortress’s Success

Randal Nardone is the co-founder and the CEO of Fortress Investment Group. Moreover, he is the principal in Fortress investment group along Wes Edens and Peter Briger since 1998. He has been its CEO ever since late 2013. He has served various administrative tasks including being the Chairman of spring leaf Financial Holdings and the Vice President of Newcastle Investment Holdings among others. Besides performing several leadership roles, he has ever served as a portfolio secretary and manager of RIC Co-investment fund. Additionally, he has served as a secretary in Newcastle investment group until 2016.

In addition to the stated, he performed administrative duties in other companies including IMPAC Holdings, UBS among others. It is evident that he has intuitive and extensive experience having served multiple companies. He holds Bachelors in Arts from the University of Connecticut and a J.D from Boston University.He is a director in other companies which include Eurocastle Investment Limited, Florida East Coast Holdings Corp. Springleaf Finance, Springleaf REIT Inc.Currently, he ranks position 557 on Forbes’ Billionaires list. It is unarguable that most of his wealth is as a result of dedication, passion and excellent leadership skills. In Fortress Investment Group, he oversees the financial and legal matters concerning the company.

Randal Nardone along other co-founders and public offering raised 53 billion worth $ 1.6 billion for the company. In December 2017, the group sold minority interest worth $ 890 to a company from Japan, but Randal Nardone accumulated $100 million to be disbursed since 2005 till present.After Softbank Group Corp. acquired Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone and other former administrators continued to lead. He stated acquisitions, as well as mergers agreement with SBG, will ensure future success and it was a grand idea.It is incontestable that most of the employees are happy working at fortress investment group because their rating is 3.5 out of 5. Besides high scores, 69% the employees would recommend the company to their friends. The Fortress CEO, Randal Nardone, receives 92% marks. In conclusion, his leadership is highly reputable.


Born in Columbus Mississippi, architect Robert Ivy attained a certain bachelors’ degree and a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane and Sewanee University respectively as Editorial Executive of the McGraw-Hill Building, VP, and Publishing supervisor-in chief of architectural record; Ivy supervised the journals of 33 books in copy and digital editions. Presently, Ivy is the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects /EVP. Ivy was presented with G.D. Crain Honor for lifetime involvements to editorial distinction in corporate media by 2009. He remained as “Architect Master” in 2010 by Alpha Rho Chi. He presently stays in D.C, Washington.

This scripts the different period for a designer has recognized for the Polk Awards, given to existing Mississippi-associated art patrons and artists whose form of labor. Over an era of performing, creating and secondary art is astonishing and well-intentioned of distinct honor. Rendering to a media release Robert Ivy shall formally receive the Era Achievement Honor, along with tarnished-glass fashionable Andrew Cary Young of Pearl River Glass Studio, at Mississippi Organization of Letters event and Arts on 2nd June. As an author, writer and commentator on construction internationally, Ivy takes his equitable place in a much-admired list of Award honorees of Noel Polk.

Since 2011 As CEO of AIA, and as an editor, author, and enthusiastic architect, Robert Ivy is an earnest representative for our vocation, said Carl Elefante AIA president and FAIA, in the similar release. This honor comes with crowning professional and personal accomplishment for him as a Mississippi native.

From 1981 up until 1996, Ivy was a principal at Dean & Ivy and criticized for many countrywide publications. In 1996, Ivy turned into the Chief Editor of Architectural Record; Ivy helped nurture it to be the world’s most significant broadly read the architectural paper. Ivy changed to Vice President and Editorial Executive of the McGraw-Hill Construction Newspaper, which encompassed Green Source: SNAP, The Magazine of Sustainable Design Architectural Record: China, ENR, HQ Magazine, Sweets, and Constructor. Ivy stood a juror, the board that designated architect Gehry Frank to plan, the Countrywide Eisenhower Dwight D. Memorial.

Under Robert Ivy’s reporting management, Architectural Record received numerous printing industry credits, counting the premier journal journalism reward, the American Culture of Magazine Publishing supervisor, Award for General Excellence National Magazine, a rare achievement for a qualified journal. Furthermore, earning 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards, Architectural Record, Award for Website of the Year.

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Whitney Wolfe Founder of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Founder of Bumble

For some time now, there has been a severe struggle for supremacy and legibility between two of America’s most massive dating apps, Tinder and Bumble. If by now you have noticed some relation between Tinder and Bumble it can safely be stated to be because the two rival companies shared more than just the Dating Industry. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, also happens to be a co-founder of Tinder. The American entrepreneur was born in 1989 to Michael and Kelly Wolfe in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ms. Whitney did attend Southern Methodist University where she undertook a course in International Studies.Recently, Match Group, the organization in charge of Tinder, and many other related companies, sued Bumble on different accounts of violating trademarks and patents.

The twenty-nine-year-old CEO could not take the assault seated and quickly fired back through an open letter declaring the company unintimidated before suing Match Group with its accusations. What might not be evident to the public is the tangled history the two dating platforms share. Whitney Wolfe left Tinder in 2014 to start her dating platform. This prospect was after a terrible fall out with her ex-boyfriend and co-founder of Tinder that led to her suing him for sexual harassment and derogatory name calling including openly stating that having a woman as a co-founder devalues the name of the company. The lawsuit ended with one party accepting defeat and settling for an undisclosed amount.

This was when Whitney Wolfe decided to start a website that proved to deliver a more safe dating experience.The move proved to be a smart one. The new company she founded exploded with signed up users. This dating app, Bumble, insists on women making the first move. In the last year, Bumble recorded the third most downloaded dating app in the U.S. This unique strategy was meant to make the dating industry safer for the oppressed gender. In the statement issued by Bumble, the owners of Tinder found it difficult to tolerate worthy competitors and started schemes to copying and general bullying. It has also come to light that has made attempts to purchase Bumble before. The approaches were unsuccessful, however, but too much had got spilled to the potential buyer. In the lawsuit by Bumble, this was a critical portion leading to a claim of $400 million.

Ted Bauman and Banyan Hill Publishing Co. accomplishments

Ted Bauman is one of the successful Banyan Hill Publishing investors. The company has grown greatly with approximately 400,000 readers and investors checking out to view their different investments as directed by Jeff Yastine`s advice. The online journal focuses on advising listeners and readers who are the subscribers on the various excellent investment opportunities that are in the market. The information creates an insight to the site subscribers in making personalized decisions on how they should invest and benefit without being helped. The information and advice relayed by the experts in the financial field through Banyan Hill Publishing help the people to become their own financial experts to protect their wealth and investing more in various business opportunities. Visit Ted Bauman at to know more.

Jeff Yastine states that investors, who use information from Banyan Hill Publishing, get a financial deal and knowledge of offering protection and growth of their wealth portfolio. By use of the information that is drawn from experts who are renown as successful investors will help people to succeed in their investment endeavors.

The Banyan Hills Publishing team of specialists have been part of millions of investor`s success in the financial industry. They have relentlessly traveled globally as they advise the world leaders how to increase their financial capabilities. The company through its powerful and skillful team has been hedge fund managers to numerous commercial, private and public corporations.

Banyan Hill Publishing experts are talented in various diverse backgrounds, which includes business management, financial planning, and technical analysis. The vast and diverse knowledge help the publishing company to update and create financial insights that are meaningful to the audience.

Ted Bauman has been a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing since September 2013 up to date. He specializes and focuses on various areas, which includes asset protection, international migration issues, low-risk investments strategies, as well as privacy. Ted Bauman authors weekly in the daily newsletter and also the Sovereign Investor Daily. He was formerly an editor at Smart Money Alert and served previously at International Housing Programs as a director at Habitat International the role he took in 2008. He has written on many topics including the international development. Ted Bauman has worked in many organizations and has always researched and written his findings, which have been vital in the financial industry.

Ted Bauman has an excellent educational background. He went to the University of Cape Town where obtained a master`s degree in Economics and History. Ted Bauman co-wrote the book, Where to Stash Your Cash. Ted has published in various journals such as Journal of Microfinance, Environment and Urbanization, and Small Enterprise Development among other. Learn more:


Gregory Aziz Leading Canada’s Largest Railcar Company

Greg James Aziz is the CEO and chairman of National Steel Car, one of the largest manufacturer and engineers of railroad freight cars in the world. The company is also Canada’s largest producer of rolling stock. National Steel Car was founded in 1912 by Sir John Morison Gibson and several other investors in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Greg Aziz bought the company from ArcelorMittal Dofasco, one of the largest integrated steel producers, during 1994. James Aziz owned National Industries Inc. prior to the acquisition of National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz was truly committed towards restructuring National Steel Car as a whole and has proudly increased its production, workforce and overall value substantially over the years.


The Ontario-based company manufacturers North America’s most innovative boxcars, coil cars, flat cars, hopper cars, tank cars, well cars and various components for all types of railroad freight cars. National Steel Car has been nominated and awarded with the prestigious TTX SECO award for product excellence as well as customer satisfaction since 1996.

It is the only company in the railcar manufacturing and engineering industry to have received an ISO 9001:2008 certification and has passed its recertification process consecutively for over 18 years. In 2005, Canpotex, a worldwide exporter of potash, selected National Steel Car to produce 700 custom-designed railroad freight cars to be used for potash shipments. Canpotex has been a longtime client of National Steel Car and continue to rely on its expert services. See This Page for additional information.

Gregory J Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario, Canada. He went to college at the University of Western Ontario and earned an undergraduate degree in economics. Greg Aziz and his company have shown major support for the Hamilton community. It has sponsored many local businesses including the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army and other charities. Every year during the holidays, thousands of employees and their families hold a large food drive at the company and deliver them to the local food banks. Greg Aziz and his wife Irene Aziz, continuously sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, one of Canada’s most celebrated event.


Even an Enhanced Athlete Follower Relies on Basic Compound Movements

No one was born with the genetics to walk around with 220lbs of pure muscle without ever hitting the gym. In order to have a bodybuilder’s physique, you must work out like a bodybuilder. This is where so many people get into trouble. Their decisions to workout like bodybuilders lead them to try advanced or otherwise inappropriate workout routines. Beginners should stick with beginner programs. It makes no sense to jump right into a routine intended for someone with six years of experience, experience that includes working out hard five days a week.


Advanced routines often involve mix up a variety of different exercises. Compound and isolation exercises may be mixed together in such a manner that all the muscles in the body get hit from a multitude of angles. For the advanced lifter, such approaches might work. Professionals, in particular, require hard workouts in order to continue to see results. That’s why they make things even more strenuous by performing split routines and more.


A beginner can’t follow these types of training methods. Doing so could lead to injury. Instead, it may be best to stick with a basic program that relies mostly on top compound exercises.


Simple compound exercises such as the bench press or the squat hit a multitude of muscles. Performing these exercises and similar compound movements at reasonable amounts of weight should be fine for beginners to make gains. The primary goal of beginning bodybuilding is usually mass building. Compound exercises help with this goal. There’s no reason to perform an excessive amount of compound and isolation movements at the beginning.


That’s not to suggest isolation movements have no role in early bodybuilding training. Isolation exercises such as curls could help bring out lagging body parts. Isolation exercises, however, come into play more during the definition stage of training. Compound exercises are best during the early mass building stage.


Learn about bodybuilding from Enhanced Athlete. This online company also runs Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear, two other top businesses. Both beginner and advanced bodybuilders could discover a lot checking out the information Enhanced Athlete provides. This includes info on basic workout programs for those starting out.