Sean Penn’s Enigma of a Novel – Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn’s acting persona was built on a reputation for being opinionated and outspoken. With the release of his first novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, he may have found the outlet he’s been waiting for. His award-winning career, including two Oscar wins, has always gone hand-in-hand with political activism and fundraising. He’s interviewed such controversial figures as Hugo Chavez, El Chapo, and Raul Castro and has been instrumental in recovery efforts in earthquake-stricken Haiti.

The premise of the novel is every bit as convoluted and mysterious as Penn himself. The actor tells the comedic story of a septic-tank salesmen, Bob Honey, who moonlights as a hired assassin for the U.S. Government, amidst a society in transition. The New York Times called it “a riddle wrapped in an enigma and cloaked in crazy.” For Penn, the novel-writing process gave him a conduit for the constant whir of thoughts swirling around his head, free from the restraints of the more collaborative film-making process. The ideas, for Penn, came fast, so he dictated most of the book’s content, writing the rest by long-hand. He’s found the process so freeing, in fact, that he’s already bouncing around ideas for a follow-up.



Penn is also letting any concerns about selling a brand, or social issues, like the #MeToo movement, roll off his shoulders. For him, these things that other people talk about. He believes in equality and social justice, and if people connect his story to those movements, he doesn’t mind. Though certain characters in the story seemingly allude to real-life figures, Penn set out to speak not of our country’s political life but of the culture itself. The society around Bob Honey, very reflective of our own, influences the character’s actions in ways that can be unsettling and often reprehensible. Penn wraps it all in a wry, often ironic, sense of humor that has, in the past, gotten him in trouble with a Hollywood that prefers its leading men to keep quiet and sell movies. For Sean Penn, the joy of the novel’s bold satire was in sending up not only the hypocrisies of America, but his own as well.


There are many different ways of investing your hard earned money. In a recent article, Amanda Peters introduces Matt Badiali who has opened up the world of Master Limited Partnerships, or more commonly known by the abbreviations, “MLP”. Matt coins the phrase “freedom checks” which we will explain later. Also, we will explore some of the more pertinent details in Amanda’s article and make a determination as to whether MLP’s are a sound investment for your money.

Matt Badiali has an extensive background in the field of geology and natural resources. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State University in the field of Earth Sciences. Afterwards, Matt attended Florida Atlantic University where he obtained a Masters in Geology. His work experience includes a broad range of activities in these fields including: mining, oil well operation, and agriculture. Currently he is a financial analyst and helps mining companies and resource and precious metal experts to stay current with the latest industry trends. In the past, he has taught geology at the college level. Matt has worked internationally in Asia, the Middle East, Mexico, and Europe where he has done extensive research in the field. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunbchbase.

As a financial analyst, Matt Badiali introduced the issuance of private checks known as “freedom checks” where the name is derived from a similar look as the checks received for a U.S. tax refund. The ideology here is that Matt Badiali is giving his investors future profit in exchange for a commitment to invest further in the future. The underlying product that investors receive are Master Limited Partnerships (MLP’s) which have been around for over 35 years, are publicly traded and offer tax breaks to investors. Investors also receive periodic cash flow disbursements. Freedom checks differ from the typical MLP as the base market for revenues have to come from transportation, oil, gas or mining-related industries.

So are freedom checks a sound investment? Many have claimed that these checks are a scam. Personally, if one understands the investment and enters the mindset of only investing what you can afford to lose, then it should be an investment worth looking into. It is not a scam by any means, however, investors should perform their own due diligence before embarking in freedom checks. Matt Badiali should be commended with introducing a new form of investment.



Impressionable Facts about Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is a publisher at the Banyan Hill Publishing and he joined the firm in 2013. Bauman mainly publishes journals about asset management, investment strategies and many other issues facing investors. In his writings, Ted focuses on helping people live sovereign lives and avoid taking approaches that can lead them to collide with the law. Besides, Ted Bauman also helps investors adopt the best strategies to ensure that they grow their businesses. Banyan Hill comprises of highly qualified experts who have always offered people with advice concerning the various ways through which they can protect their businesses and help them strive during the hard economic times. Learn more about Ted Bauman  for more info.

In his articles, Bauman advises entrepreneurs to be always prepared for financial downturns in their businesses. He encourages them to employ approaches that can help them protect their property at such times. Besides, Ted further advises investors to rely on the help of financial advisors in case they lack the knowledge of the possible issues that they may face due to lack of volatility in the market. Ted further insists that entrepreneurs must be fully prepared to experience challenges in the course of their business operations, and as a result, they must employ the right strategies to help them deal with such issues.

Besides, the renowned writer also encourages investors to ensure that they make wise decisions concerning their investments as financial downturns may cause serious downfalls to their businesses. Through his publications, he encourages all investors to look out to the expert advice that the firm’s team offers so that they can acquire strategies through which they can protect their properties.

Additionally, Bauman also shares his insights with his readers on the various developmental strategies they can adapt so as to succeed in their businesses. He believes that every investor has the potential to maximize profits in their firms as long as they show commitment towards achieving their set goals. He also offers people recommendations on how they can identify key alpha stocks that are likely to rise in future so as to increase their profits.

Ted Bauman has shown a commitment and passion towards learning from others and since taking up his current role at the Banyan Publishers, he has gained skills and shared ideas from the other experts in the firm. His ability to save people`s businesses has seen him gain a great reputation and many people have strived to read their journals to acquire more information on asset protection. Read more:


The RealReal Is Expanding To Include Brick And Mortar Locations

In a recent article posted in the New Yorker, the secondhand online store The RealReal is discussed and what makes it a unique idea in the online retail world. The RealReal takes extraordinary steps to endure the authenticity of their secondhand luxury items. Some of the brands they offer include Hermes Birkin, Gucci, Prada, and more. Now, however, they have added a brock and mortar location to their company, which is located in SoHo. Recently they held a workshop where several handbags claiming to be Birkin authentics were passed around for inspection. The experts holding the workshop explained that several things can red flag a handbag as fake. For instance, the smoothness of the movement in the latch, or even the smell of the leather is a giveaway. The experts at The RealReal are experts in their field with extensive experience authenticating luxury brand items. This is one of the ways that the company can offer their customers top of the line items for a fraction of their original cost while ensuring the customer gets what they are paying for.

The idea for The RealReal is the brainchild of CEO and founder Julie Wainwright. She saw a gap in the market that would support a niche company that can supply high-quality luxury brands to the everyday person for prices that are affordable without sacrificing quality. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the consignment market and have currently raised $123 million in funding, and are campaigning to raise an additional $50 million to expand their market. Experts say that they have plenty of room for growth and expect to see an increase in revenue in the coming years.

Currently, Julie Wainwright is planning to open an additional set of brick and mortar locations to help attract attention to the brand and give potential customers a chance to see the products up close so they can make a more informed decision about the company’s offerings. These marketing tactics can help increase customer satisfaction and allow the company to be more interactive with their customer base.

Equities First Holdings-Best Financial Partner in Australia

Equities First Holdings is giving out shareholding loans to its clients. These are loans which are available for anyone as long as they have shares in publicly traded companies. One of the best things that can happen to people who are in business is getting an opportunity to borrow a low cost loan. Such loans are not available from the mainstream banks. Equities First Holdings has now made it simpler for people who would love to have a loan that is easy to get and maintain to have their way. Equities First Holdings is a financial partner that every business person would love- a financial partner who eases access to services.

Equities First Holdings has some of the best services one may be looking for. The equities-based loans are simple to deal with since they attract a low and fixed interest rate which makes it easy for borrowers to repay. Equities First Holdings is currently operating in various parts of the world. There are offices in major business cities in the world such as London, Melbourne, New York and Bangkok. Equities First Holdings is a business that has the interests of the people in mind. With the loans packages they are offering, business financing is no longer a headache to entrepreneurs.

Whitney Wolfe Gets Inspiration For Men To Create The Feministic Bumble Site

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO of the popular dating site Bumble. This dating site is very unique because it allows women to be in control. On this site, a man cannot approach a woman’s profile and try to hit on her. A female profile user will have to make the first move and let a man know that she is interested in him. Once this happens, they can then carry on a conversation and hopefully, it will lead to a relationship.

Bumble’s CEO intentionally made Bumble with this type of hook because she wanted women to be in control. Whitney Wolfe does not hate men. As a matter of fact, she is married to Michael Herd. He was a very influential figure in her decision to start Bumble. Wolfe love her husband dearly and they were both married late in 2017.

The reason why Wolfe started Bumble is that she wanted something more than just a dating site. She wanted a site where women could exercise a feminist perspective. Feminism is at the heart of Bumble. Wolfe knows that the world is still dominated by men. However, she wants to slowly start changing this reality. Wolfe is no longer content with gender inequality or sexual dominance by males.


Whitney Wolfe used to work for another dating site called Tinder. After experiencing sexual harassment and enduring bias because of her gender status, she left the company. She ended up suing Tinder and won a settlement. Shortly after she left Tinder, Wolfe wanted to start her social network called Merci. This social network was going to be for females only. The young entrepreneur needed money to make her idea a reality.

Through a series of events Whitney Wolfe ended up in a meeting with the founder of Badoo. His name is Andrey Andreeve and Badoo is the number one dating site on the planet. When Wolfe told him about Merci, Andreeve disagreed with the idea. He told her he would not fund a social network exclusively for women. That’s when he influenced her to create a dating site with a feminist slant. Wolfe didn’t agree at first.

Her husband Michael Herd (who was her boyfriend during that time) discussed the offer with her. He helped her to realize that Bumble was a good idea and not to be quick to dismiss Andreeve’s offer. Wolfe gave in and then received the funding to get the site started. Bumble is now a reality and Whitney is a revolutionary figure that is forever changing the way that men and women interact with each other.

Kamil Idris points out global issues affecting Intellectual Propert Rights

Professor Kamil Idris is a Sudanese scholar who has an LLB honor from the University of Khartoum and a Ph.D. in International Law from Geneva University and is well versed in Intellectual Property issues. He has written books and published in journals on Intellectual Property and IP rights protection. In a recent post on Medium, professor Kamil, Idris, an Intellectual Property rights enthusiast and former director of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), poses a question on whether the United States is finally putting on enough pressure on China to be serious about Intellectual Property Rights.


Intellectual Property rights play a significant role in the world of business today. Issues of infringement of these rights have been critical causes of the ongoing trade war between the United States and China. Chinese manufacturers have been notorious for stealing business ideas from the United States and producing similar goods for their market and the Third World market at lower prices than the original manufactures. This has seen a lot of American businesses being edged out of the market. Kamil Idris points out that unlike the previous Obama administration that was more diplomatic and focused on bilateral trade talks, the current Trump administration has taken a more vigorous approach.


The administration plans on imposing hefty tariffs on Chinese exports in an attempt to pressure China to apply intellectual Property protection. He observes that some economy experts like Scott Kennedy slightly disagree with Trump’s approach and deem it as being weak in strategy. Others like Chinese expert Orville Schell, are of the opinion that Trump’s move may work because it came unexpectedly and in place of avoiding a trade war, China might take steps in enforcing Intellectual Property rights. Idris believes that Trump’s move together with other factors are leading to the resolution of Intellectual Property issues even if it is at a slow pace.


Professor Kamil Idris in an interview with Venture Outsource laments that globalization has brought various challenges like piracy that have watered down Intellectual Property Rights and efforts to protect them. The internet has made it able for the exchange of ideas and someone in Africa can easily use an idea that is indigenous to an American business without many limitations. Differences in Intellectual Property approaches between countries especially in the first world where the laws are more restricting and in third world countries which have a more laid-back attitude has dramatically affected the global integration of Intellectual Property.


Hussain Sajwani Rises amidst the 2008 Market Crash

By now, many real estate investors are familiar with the prominent Hussain Sajwani who has established a robust real estate market in Dubai. A humble individual, always calm and observant, he has shaped Dubai’s real estate through strong entrepreneurial networks. As such, he is the rightful owner of some of the best commercial real estate ventures in the Middle East. Even though he is successful, Hussain Sajwani did not just wake up to a successful career in business. For starters, he recounts in an interview that he was raised by a humble but hard-working father who owned a retail shop. While that shop was relatively small compared to his current empire, he was trained on how to handle clients and satisfy their needs before his needs.


Background Information

Being the eldest son of his father, Hussain Sajwani was expected to set a remarkable pace for his siblings. Therefore, his father hoped that he would inherit the business when he retired. However, Sajwani the DAMAC owner had other plans to venture into a business of his own. But before that, he joined a local medical school in Baghdad. Shortly after a few months, he decided to change his career by moving to America and enrolling at the Washington University. There, he majored in economics and followed that course by studying engineering. A few years later, he graduated and started working at GASCO Company. While there, he ensured that he developed strong entrepreneurial networks that propelled him into starting a business in hospitality. The catering business gave birth to the real estate company. As such, DAMAC Properties has been setting a fantastic pace in Dubai’s real estate market.


Describing DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties is a high-end property developer in Dubai and the Middle East. Since 2002, the firm has been providing residential and commercial properties for different states including the United Kingdom. While the company has been successful since its inception, 2008 was just a horrible year for Hussain Sajwani as the market crash hit his business hard to the point of him developing mild-depression. Even though he was suffering because of the loss registered by his company, he garnered sufficient courage to bounce back and uplift his clients. In an interview, he reiterates his simple early life and his father’s teachings on how to be calm even in such calamities. From the look at his career and success, it is evident that Hussain Sajwani is a patient business professional who applies his life skills to succeed in business.

The Inception and Growth of DAMAC Properties Firm

DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. is the biggest real estate companies in Dubai and the Middle East. It was founded in 2002 by Mr. Hussain Sajwani, and its headquarters are located in Dubai.

The DAMAC owner, Mr. Hussain, is a humble man who made his way up the ladder to become the respectable businessman he currently is. Initially, he worked with catering services delivering food to the U.S military in 1991 during the first Iraqi war; and to separate American companies such as Bechtel. Despite the contracts Mr. Hussain Sajwani had signed in the catering industry, he still sought greener pastures.

In the year 2001, foreigners were permitted to own property in Dubai, and Hussain Sajwani saw his big break. The following year, he decided that real estate was the way to go. Although he had previously developed some substantial buildings, this time he was favored by the six-year real estate upsurge that was dawning.

The DAMAC Properties Firm outdid themselves and developed lavish high-end buildings. Their efforts to market the buildings saw them become among the most successful real-estate companies. In 2011, the company launched DAMAC Maison, it’s hospitality division which offered its services to over 8,000 apartments.

Being the chairman and CEO of internationally unique construction and real estate company, DAMAC owner was able to interact with recognized personalities. In 2013, Mr. Hussain Sajwani came together with Pres. Donald Trump and built the Trump International Course in Dubai. This information was revealed to the public when Mr. Trump praised his business associates while he celebrated his election victory.


Aside from his success, Mr. Hussain Sajwani is also recognized for his humanitarian actions toward helping to improve people’s living conditions. He once donated 2 million United Arab Emirates Dirham to support the campaign aimed at clothing needy children across the globe. The campaign was a Ramadhan initiative spearheaded by the ruler of Dubai in 2013.


The success of DAMAC is attributed to Mr. Sajwani’s exceptional entrepreneurial skills. The interior of his luxurious apartments has been decorated by designers such as Fendi and Versace. If that is not all, the DAMAC owner is also known for giving away Bugatti and Lamborghini vehicles to his clients. However, even in the face of success, Mr. Hussain Sajwani relishes his roots and still deals in the food business.

Avatrade Review – Why You Can Trust Them

Looking for a good forex broker review? We have some good recommendations for you! The number one recommended forex broker these days seems to be Avatrade. It seems that everyone in the forex industry is singing the praises of Avatrade, so we decided to take a look at what Avatrade is all about and why people seem to be gushing about it. A lot of blog posts and articles in the forex industry have mentioned Avatrade as a good choice, and our research shows that it is for good reason. Here are some of the main benefits of using Avatrade over some other forex broker.


First of all, there is a customer support team that is available 24/7. We mention this first because having a good customer support team at all times of the day and night is so important and is one of the main things to look for in a forex broker. Remember that forex customers come from all parts of the world. While it may be night in the United States, the markets are going wild in the forex exchanges in Asia. There may be forex customers in Asia, or there may be US customers who are up in the middle of the night trying to make gains off the swings in the forex markets in Asia. Not only does Avatrade have customer support at all times of the day and night, but they have customer support in many languages, which is a plus.


In addition, Avatrade has all the other things people tend to look for in forex brokers. For example, they are fully regulated, which means you can trust them and not have to worry about any funny business. They also make it easy to open an account. They have many funding options, and just as many withdrawal options. You can even use Paypal or Skrill, something that is becoming a rarity in the forex industry. They have more than sixty billion dollars in trades going on every month and have been around since 2006, so you can trust them.