Matt Badiali Offers Expert Investment Advice in Natural Resources

Matt Badiali studied earth science and geology in college. It is safe to say he had no idea the world would one day consider him to be an investment guru. He received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. He also received a doctorate degree in North Carolina. After meeting a financial expert in 2004, Badiali decided to shift his focus from science to securities. It was then that his investor friend wanted to make major investments in a range of natural resources. Badiali’s knowledge of geology impressed his friend, who asked Badiali to perform some deep-dive research. Learn more:

Badiali’s career entails speaking with corporate executives and getting involved with mining and oil operations the world. Banyan Hill, in 2017, published a financial newsletter. Matt Badiali’s Real Worth Strategist newsletter authors Banyan Hill’s newsletter and places focus on oil, metals, construction materials, and agricultural commodities. The impressive thing about Badiali’s writing is that it is easy for the average investor to understand.

Badiali offers personal insights into the nuances of successfully trading commodities, energy, and metal. He displays an ability to address trends and to communicate those as investment opportunities that benefit his readers. Each week, Badiali updates his readers about the latest revelations on natural resources. His reports provide in-depth information, and they examine facts by investigating things first-hand. Readers have access to important facts.

One of the elements that makes his newsletter so effective is that he connects readers with real people and real places in the world. Badiali’s travels are extensive, and include places like Hong Kong, Haiti, Peru, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, Iraq, and Singapore. He likes to start the day early and will initially write for several hours. His most productive writing hours are in the morning. He takes in the news and answers email messages later in the morning.

From seasoned investors to those looking to get into the natural resource investment game, Matt Badiali offers expert advice that can benefit most everyone. Badiali believes that electricity will be the dominating power of the future, and that it could replace fuels like propane and diesel. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about  Matt Badiali


Ted Bauman Airs His Views about Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to gain popularity around the world. Stakeholders have great hope for the future of bitcoin. They see it as the future currency. Ted Bauman, who is an experienced financial expert, claimed that bitcoin has weaknesses in the way it operates.

Ted said that the currency cannot process enormous numbers of transactions in a quick and efficient manner. Ted added that this is the only reason that could hinder it from achieving success.

Bauman further expounded that bitcoin has a very low speed when it comes to processing compared to other major credit card enterprises that have the capability of processing transactions at a faster speed and rate.

Ted Bauman gave an example of Visa which can comfortably handle and complete 20,000 transactions in one second when busy. Visa is capable of processing about 1700 transactions per second on average. This is a brilliant speed that helps to save time. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg

Bitcoin carries out 6.5 transactions in one second. The transactions complete in about 10 minutes. Some of the transactions are executed in 42 minutes or more. More hustles are expected in future if more people choose to use bitcoins. This is what will scare others to join.

Ted Bauman said that bitcoin miners have noticed what awaits them in future and they are trying their best to come up with ways that can solve the issue. The miners tried to develop a technology known as SegWit2x that was intended to make transactions quick.

The technology was expected to reduce the quantity of information in each bitcoin block by moving it to the extended block. The saddest part of this is that the plan was not implemented as expected. It was cancelled by leaders who have authority in the bitcoin community.

They did this because there were worries about the security of the new system. The leaders who signed the decision off include WencesCasares, Jihan Wu, Peter Smith, Mike Belshe, Erik Voorhees, and Jeff Garzik. Visit Ted Bauman at to know more.

Tedman Bauman is a competent investment consultant and an outstanding financial expert. He is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B club and Alpha Stock Alert articles at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted joined the company as an editor in 2013. The articles that he edits specialize in low-risk investment strategies, privacy, asset protection, and issues of international migration. He is a family man and lives in Atlanta, GA.

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Ted Bauman Shares Insight into the Bitcoin Craze

Bitcoin has been increasing in value, and it is the reason why people around the world are investing in it. But, according to Ted Bauman, there are not very good things about Bitcoin at the moment. The only benefit that the Bitcoin users enjoy is that it is decentralized and the government has no control over its value. Since Bitcoin can be mined using supercomputers, it is more secure and private too. The value of Bitcoin has been increasing only due to the speculations about its usability, but many people do not know how and when they can use it. Once they study a little deeper, they will find the flaws that Bitcoin will pose for the users. Check:

Ted Bauman explained the problem with Bitcoin with a simple example. He asked the readers to imagine themselves at the airport in the year 2020 and looking to drive their cars as soon as possible after a long meeting in another city. The reader head back to the airport garage and finds that he does not have his wallet with him. They feel relieved knowing that the parking accepts Bitcoin as payment as well. But, when you use your Bitcoins at the airport garage counter, it takes about 20 minutes for the transaction to be completed. By the time it is completed, you are frustrated, and there is a long line of cars behind you leaving you embarrassed. Ted Bauman feels that this scenario is likely to come true for most people if they Bitcoin technology is not improved. There is no denying that Bitcoin technology offers many opportunities to the users, but with its flaws, it can be unusable. Digital payments need to be quick and efficient, and Bitcoin transactions are a long way from it. The long transaction wait of Bitcoin makes it ineffective for any business transaction and can slow down the economy if it is adopted as currency by countries.

Ted Bauman has been sharing his expertise on the cryptocurrencies for many years besides other financial topics through his publishing company, Banyan Hill Publishing. She conducts thorough research on different economic topics and writes about them through articles monthly and sometimes weekly. He spent most of his adult life in South Africa where he shifted with his parents when he was young. He currently lives in the United States and works as an independent financial advisor along with the editorial director of Banyan Hill Publishing. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman


Matt Badiali: The Brilliant and Adventurous Energy Expert

Matt Badiali started his career as a scientist. He attended Penn State University where he got his B.S in earth sciences. He then went to Florida Atlantic University for completing his Masters in geology. While he was pursuing his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina, he was convinced by a friend from the field of finance to change his academic focus and work with him. The friend wanted Matt to use his knowledge of the sciences in their investment consultancy. They came up with a way to make investment advice that would attract the common man. Matt had watched his father struggle with investing, and he realized that he could help people with his unique mix of experience and education.

Ever since, Matt has been working on helping investors located the best investments in metals, energy and natural resources. He has been very successful in his approach, and his readers regularly make huge gains. In May 2017, he launched the newsletter Real Wealth Strategist with Banyan Hill publishers. The newsletter has found him a legion of loyal readers who are always anticipating his stock recommendations on natural resources.

Matt Badiali has a very serious approach to his research. He travels to the different corners of the world to find out facts for his readers and hunts out experts for their opinions. For his research, he has been to Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Haiti, and Turkey. He has visited countless oil projects, mines and company headquarters for his search of unique investment ideas.

Matt’s training in the field of geology enables him to identify any red flags that might be visible in a project. When he visits a mine, for instance, he does a thorough check on everything from the skills of the drilling crews to how long they take to drill a hole. He observes the entire operation and then writes about his experiences in a compelling manner that draws his readers in.

He also meets the CEOs of mining companies, resource investors and experts on precious metals to keep his knowledge on the latest discoveries, trends, and technologies up to date. He has also lectured at University of North Caroline and Duke University. He has worked as a geologist for a drilling company and as a consultant for an environmental company. His varied experiences provide him with the knowledge to provide the best investment advice for his readers on his newsletter. Read more:



Mark Mofid and Modern Plastic Surgery

  1. Mark Mofid is a trusted doctor who is based in gorgeous San Diego, California. He’s an M.D. who understands all aspects that relate to gluteal augmentation procedures. Patients who are interested in changing their physiques frequently turn to gluteal augmentations. Rear implants can contribute to figures that are markedly shapelier and curvier. Mark Mofid is a renowned plastic surgeon who has expertise in all facets of gluteal augmentation. He utilizes safe and modern gluteal augmentation practices at all times. His patients, as a result, feel 100 percent calm and at ease while in his care. This professional indicates that he exclusively inserts intramuscular implants. He doesn’t go overboard for his patients, either. It doesn’t matter how much they press the situation. He consistently goes for implants that are practical and far from excessive.

Mark Mofid has a contemporary practice in San Diego. It concentrates on reconstructive and plastic surgery procedures of many varieties. People visit this clinic for all kinds of procedures that involve the body, breasts and face. They even visit the clinic for procedures that relate to the complexion. People who want to improve the appearance of skin regularly lean on Mark Mofid and his staff members. Some examples of the skin treatments that are available to the practice’s many patients are laser vein treatment, laser hair removal, dermabrasion and chemical peels. Mark Mofid routinely assists people who wish to do away with persistent and noticeable body hair. He regularly aids people who want to attain skin that’s smooth and youthful, too. Chemical peels can do a lot for people who have concerns that involve complexion roughness. They can lead to skin that looks and feels supple and young.

Some of the body-related procedures that are offered through the clinic are inner thigh lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks and arm lifts. People who have concerns that involve their arms can rely on Mofid in many ways. Arm lifts can lead to arms that look toned and fit. People who look at themselves and see arms that are flabby and loose can get a lot out of lifting treatments.

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Rocketship Education Opens a New Branch in Southern Washington

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of charter schools that aims to provide quality education to low-income communities. The organization was co-founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2006. With its headquarters in Redwood City, California, the first branch of the school was opened in San Jose, California in 2007.

Its learning approach involves a blend of traditional, online and computer-assisted instruction. The performance at its flagship school gained national attention resulting to the expansion of the school. Rocketship currently runs 13 schools in various regions, including Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Nashville with more erupting across the region.

At Rocketship Education, parents are involved in the selection of teachers before classes resume. Parents at a new branch located in Southern Washington participated in job interviews for the new teachers. Even though construction is still underway, several parents are anticipating enrolling their children in the school when it opens.

Small and Christopher Smith are among the parents who are planning to send their children to Rocketship Education. The two have taken frequent tours around the school as well as interviewed several potential teachers. According to Preston Smith, the organization’s CEO, the involvement of parents in such processes have become Rocketship’s culture. As part of the process, a certain number of parents undergo training prior to the interview. Alternatively, the school holds community meetings allowing parents to meet job finalists. The entire process helps engage parents in building the academic foundation of the school.

According to the school’s principal, Josh Pacos, the parent’s feedback has impacted greatly on the selection process. According to one of the parents, the process allows them to know the personality of the person who will be with their kids. The Washington school is also planning to set up a room with computers and internet access. This way parents can continue with their work as they wait to attend to meetings or pick their children.

Rocketship’s regional director, Jacque Patterson, explained that the school will operate like a neighborhood school. Even though it will accept applications from any child from D.C, the charter will prioritize students from the Ward 8 neighborhood. It will run through fourth grade with 350 students in kindergarten and a preschool run by the Appletree Institute.

How Talkspace is Advancing Online Therapy


Picture messaging with Talkspace

A company known as Talkspace has made a lot of progression in the online therapy industry. A great way they have gone about doing this is by allowing their clients to send picture messages and memes to their therapists through the Talkspace app. This feature was included to allow clients to show their therapists their emotions and life progression through a more comfortable format! Confidence is often an issue for people suffering with mental health problems. Allowing clients to send pictures messages and get text responses back from therapists is a great solution to this problem.

Can sleep affect your mental health?

Recent studies have shown that there is a connection between your mental health and your sleep patterns. The mental issues that can worsen or become more observable with lack of sleep include paranoia, anxiety and depression. One of the reasons this happens is because sleep deprivation affects the portion of your brain that manages your emotions.

What is Talkspace?

Talkspace is an online therapy program for people suffering with mental health issues. This is a great alternative to a traditional therapy program! With Talkspace you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home when you need help. Talkspace has around the clock texting and picture messaging through their app. If you are seeking therapy for your mental health problems, help is only a text message away.

How Talkspace can help you

Talkspace is an incredibly effective and easy to use program. With 24-hour therapy access, through text and picture messaging you never feel like there is a day or an hour where you cannot access help you need. If you are looking for a friendly place to get the help you need, Talkspace is the perfect program for you!

The Skills of Paul Mampilly in the Circle of Business

Paul Mampilly is among the prominent businessmen who have achieved a lot. Through the commitment that he has, Paul won the award by Templeton Foundation. The accolade made him known across the globe through the several interviews that he has carried in different TV programs. The aspects that have elevated him to the highest position on matters of the investment is the application of the current technology within his circle of business to bring the solution to the rising challenges. He has remained to be an inspirational person through his ideas and the abilities to spot the opportunities that are worth investing. The focus that he has put in the business world has earned him several achievements. He has set up his company by the name Profits Unlimited. Paul has applied the skills that he has in the field of management to run the business successfully. The primary objective of the firm is to give directions to the new and willing investors in the stock market on how to locate the opportunity by reading the trends in the market and applying the right timing.

Paul Mampilly early was raised up in India. While he was still young, he got an opportunity to learn the better ways of managing the business and implementing the ideas that are available in the market. Currently, he has excellent experience of 25 years of handling the business related matters. Paul uses the wits that he has to craft the measures that he follows before taking any investment. The feature has enabled his decisions to flow along the line of expectation. The longtime experience has also made him overcome the challenges that pertain management. Paul made his debut in the world of business in the year 1991. He has provided services to several financial institutions that have considered him as a crucial person in their system. For instance, Mampilly has worked in Royal Bank and Deutsche Bank before venturing entirely into the business niche. He has an excellent record in all the institution that he has served. The pragmatic skills that he possesses in reading the situation of the market trends have made him unique stockholder.

Paul has made his investment in several firms. One of the businesses that he made the profits of not less than 2,000 within a year after selling his shares was the drug developing company.

Paul Mampilly has made himself a unique person through his strategies of reading the trends in the market before investing.

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Waiakea’s Contribution to Preserving the Environment

Today, the bottled water industry is worth $100 million. Yesterday, no one would have thought to buy water in a bottle, they would just run the very clean water from the tap. So, based on the size of the industry, many brands are looking for an edge over the competition. Waiakea water has definitely discovered that edge. Where the water comes from plus how it’s filtered and now what it’s bottled in are all contributing to pushing Waiakea top the top of the crowd.

Waiakea water comes from aquifers near the Mauna Loa Volcanic region in Hawaii. The water runs through 14,000 feet of lava rock before it reaches the bottom. While traveling to its destination the acidic qualities are removed and the water is naturally alkaline. In addition to being water that is naturally alkaline, as it makes its way through the lava rock minerals are added. As the water makes its way to its final destination it picks up about 30mg per bottle of silica, magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium.

Waiakea water is harvested from a very secluded location, so it is pure clean water that is filtered through natural means. The water originates from remote mountain streams before it reaches the aquifers. The water is more than 1,000 miles away from any source of pollution. It is water that is naturally clean with the addition of unaffected alkaline minerals.

Waiakea took their bottled water a step further than the other brands. It bottled the water in 100% degradable bottles. The first bottled drink company to perfect the technology and use it. It’s expected the first degradable Waiakea water bottles will start selling this year. When they hit the stands, consumer can drink water with confidence and when they discard the bottle it won’t sit in landfills for the next 100 years. Waiakea’s bottles degrade in 15 years, a far cry from what we’ve been experiencing.

The more brands that adopt this technology, the cleaner the environment has the potential to be. Right now eight million tons of plastic find their way into our oceans each year. With Waiakea’s contribution, even if the dumping persists, it won’t be as harmful to the environment.

Louis Chenevert Helped UTC Excel

Louis Chenevert has been called a business legend by Forbes magazine. This is mainly due to his work while he served as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. During his time there, he successfully raised the stock price from $37 a share to $117 a share, and this was accomplished during the global recession of the early 2000’s. Very few people can do this, which is why Louis Chenevert is the master of business.

When interviewed him, they asked what he had done to make the company so successful while other aerospace manufacturers were declaring bankruptcy. Louis Chenevert explained to them that he simply implemented two basic business practices, decrease needless spending and increase your profit.

Louis Chenevert was able to decrease the needless spending by focusing on two things. The first thing was the fines that UTC paid out annually because they were breaking environmental laws in North America. These fines were costing United Technologies Corporation nearly $10 million a year. Louis Chenevert worked with the engineers to decrease factory water consumption by 53%. Also, by using new and improved filters, the factories were able to emit 27% fewer gas emissions.

Louis Chenevert also decreased spending within United Technologies Corporation’s infrastructure. Each year, UTC was spending $15 million to transport goods between their own factories. By moving the factories closer to the headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, UTC was able to save money and begin investing it in purchasing other profitable companies.

Louis Chenevert spent time focusing not only on decreasing spending but also increasing the money coming in. He knew that during the recession very few companies and countries could afford to purchase aerospace geat off of United Technologies Corporation. While the world would eventually turn around, UTC needed money in the present.

Louis Chenevert set out to purchase three companies that would keep UTC afloat. The first company was Pratt & Whitney which granted UTC very lucrative military contracts. The second company was Otis which granted UTC access to other corporations’ infrastructure. The last was Goodrich which allowed UTC to do business overseas.