Luiz Carlos Trabuco will replace Lazaro Brandao as chairman of Bradesco’s board

Lazaro Brandao, at 91 years old, is easily the most senior currently active banking executive in the country of Brazil. The inveterate banker, who has spent his entire 75 year career with Bradesco, is leaving the firm after deciding that the board needs to ensure continuity of operations and allow for younger talent to ascend to the rank of CEO.

Brandao gives some parting words of advice

Brandao, who has served as the chairman of Bradesco since 1990, has overseen the spectacular growth of the firm from a small regional interest into the largest bank in the country. He has grown into his exalted new role as one of the country’s senior financiers with aplomb. Brandao had a number of things to say to the board as he has made his departure known over the last few weeks.

He believes that Bradesco will continue to play a critical part in the development of the country. Brandao sees his firm not just as a vehicle to deliver value to shareholders and customers but as a force for continued development of the Brazilian economy. Although he says that the country’s political system is a wreck, Brandao believes strongly in the resolve of the Brazilian people and Brazilian business, stating in no unclear terms that the country is still experiencing record levels of investment of foreign capital and its industry is continuing to expand.

Brandao has also stated that one of the bank’s most serious and pressing challenges going forward will be to integrate the estimated 13 million of the bank’s customers who have no access to the internet. Although Brandao praised Trabuco, specifically, for getting 14 million of the bank’s customers online and doing most of their transactions through the bank’s own automated software, he says that the 13 million customers who are effectively technologically illiterate pose a major challenge and must be brought into the fold of internet banking. Far from being an unpleasant task, Brandao says that this will provide Bradesco with an enormous opportunity to materially better the lives of 13 million of its customers, hopefully teaching them how to interact with technology in ways and with levels of effectiveness they have never experienced before.

Under Trabuco, stock continues to rise

For his part, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the bank’s current CEO, will take over as the chairman of the Bradesco board of directors. This comes just as Trabuco is wrapping up all the loose ends from the HSBC acquisition, a $5.2 billion-dollar deal and the largest of its kind in Brazilian history. The deal came just in time, as the bank’s stock had been down more than 80 percent since Trabuco took office. After the acquisition, the stock began a rally that has not slowed for the last two years.

Despite any criticism that may have been leveled at Trabuco during his tumultuous reign, he is widely acknowledged to have pulled off one of the greatest coups in Brazilian corporate history. After rival banks Itau and Unibanco merged in 2009, just months after Trabuco had ascended to the helm of the bank, Bradesco suddenly found itself on the losing side of a zero-sum Brazilian banking market. Customer attrition started becoming a problem, as the now far larger Itau Unibanco punished Bradesco with its massive resources, economies of scale and pricing power in all its markets.

But with the acquisition, Trabuco was able to completely turn the tables. Now, it is Bradesco that enjoys the economies of scale and pricing advantages over Itau Unibanco. So favorable is the position into which Trabuco mas maneuvered the bank that many observers are predicting that whoever Trabuco appoints as his successor will have little work to do.

Goettl Air Conditioning Sets the Pace In Business Expansion in the Southwest

When Goettl Air Conditioning was established in 1932 in the desert areas of the Southwestern United States, it changed the nature of how people lived there forever. They brought the evaporative cooling system and the refrigerated air conditioner to the marketplace and people in Phoenix and Tucson had their lives changed for the better.

There is no doubt that bringing viable cooling systems to the desert communities had a great deal to do with the population expansion of the area. For five generations, Goettl has worked with families to bring them the best service and prices for equipment. People counted on Goettl for a standard of service unmatched anywhere else.

Over the years the company has changed hands several times but in the late nineties a large national management company purchased Goettl and things went downhill very quickly. Customers were very unhappy and leaving in droves and employees were frustrated because they did not have the wherewithal to properly service customers as the had before. The even began to wonder about their futures with the company.

In 2013 Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl and things began to look favorable again. Goodrich had a history of buying failing companies and then bringing them back into a profitable situation. However the challenges with Goettl proved to be more than even Goodrich had bargained for.

There was a pending lawsuit resulting from prior charges of business misconduct and there were many customer issues that needed settling. Goodrich started by offering customers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on anything purchased, serviced or installed by Goettl. Then he dove right in and scheduled personal visits with customers and employees. For more details visit crunchbase.

Soon the lawsuit was settled, customers began to see that Goodrich was for real and employees bought into the new company thrust towards higher expectations and the customer-oriented business approach. Focusing on the customers really paid off as annual revenues now total over $50 million per year.

Finally, another strategic move worked well, according to BisJournals. Goodrich acquired Walton’s Heating and Air in Southern California. Goettl had offices in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas, and now the Southern California area was just more potential customers with whom to work. Walton’s has always been commercial HVAC as far as their business model and Goettl had always been residential. Now with the two disciplines joining forces, the company growth really accelerated. Things are back on the grow for Goettl and it proves that when customers are happy good things happen.

Adam Milstein Talks about Property Management

Milstein is a prominent investor and a managing partner of Hager Pacific, a real estate investment company. At the corporation, Adam is in charge of finance, property management and disposition. While still in college, Mr. Milstein was offered different job opportunities. However, the salary was not commensurate with the work that he was supposed to undertake. Feeling the need to work independently, he ventured into the real estate industry as a commercial broker before becoming an investor. He is keen to follow up on all processes at the company to ensure that all ideas come to life. Milstein does not rely on other people to solve problems at the company. He believes in internalizing the problem and coming up with a possible solution. Unlike other investors, Adam does not set goals. He dedicates each day on duty to deliver his best since setting specific goals limits his creativity.

Adam Milstein is a Jewish community leader who is committed to serving the Jewish people by engaging in philanthropic activities. He collaborated with his wife to establish the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to enhance his service to the Jewish community. The foundation seeks to strengthen the state of Israel and its relationship with the United States of America. The Adam and Gila Foundation has managed to achieve its objectives by offering educational and training programs to Jewish students across the world. These educational tools seek to reconnect these students with their Jewish heritage and Israel. To know more about him click here.

Born in Israel, Adam joined the Israeli Defense Force where he participated in the Yom Kippur War. He graduated from Technion University in 1978 and moved to the United States for higher education. Here, he enrolled at the USC where he graduated with an MBA before stating his career in real estate in California. In his mission to strengthen the state of Israel, Adam co-founded the Israeli-American Council where he serves as the national chairman. He is also a board member of different institutions, including StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, AIPC National Council, Jewish Funders Network and AISH Los Angeles. The Jewish philanthropist co-founded SifriyatPijamaB’America, a foundation that offers free monthly Hebrew books to impart Jewish knowledge on Jewish-Americans living in the US.

Dr. Mark McKenna Carries on His Entrepreneurial Inspiration

An ardent patient champion and spirited entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna takes us along on his journey.

Dr. McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School and began practicing medicine at his father’s clinic. At the same time he got a real estate development firm, McKenna Venture Investments, underway, according to an Ideamensch story ( He later acquired Uptown Title and Universal Mortgage Lending.

Dr. McKenna is a general practitioner licensed in surgery and medicine by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners and the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners.

He played an active part in rebuilding New Orleans following the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 by rebuilding housing.

He relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 to set up ShapeMed, a medical weight loss and non-surgical aesthetic clinic. Aesthetic medicine can be defined as a term for specialties that pay particular attention to making cosmetic appearances better by dealing with conditions that include scars, skin laxity, wrinkles, moles, liver spots, excess fat and unwanted hair. (

In 2014 ShapeMed was sold to Life Time Fitness. And in July 2017, Dr. McKenna launched his latest venture, OVME, a medical aesthetic company that is revitalizing non-compulsory healthcare.

Dr. McKenna commented in the Ideamensch story where the inspiration for OVME got its start. He pointed out how during his time in the medical aesthetics industry he became aware of the many possibilities that cause confusion in the industry.

He also called attention to how the combination of setting goals on a regular basis and meditating daily in a calm and silent space have developed into his formula for success.

Dr. McKenna said Barack Obama, Elon Musk and Michael Bloomberg are some of the people who have influenced his beliefs. He also loves to read and noted it makes him more productive as a deal maker.

He highly recommends entrepreneurs read Napoleon Hill’s book, Think And Grow Rich, as he found it remarkable.

Dr. McKenna is currently a member of Entrepreneurs Organization and previously worked as a board member of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board. Dr. McKenna and his wife Gianine have a daughter.

Livio Bisterzo Receives Leonardo DiCaprio Investment

     HIPPEAS, one of the fastest growing snack brands have received a boost from a Hollywood celebrity, Leonardo DiCaprio. With DiCaprio investment, the brand is expected to continue growing its trajectory. The brand’s revenue is expected to triple by the end of this financial year. Livio Bisterzo, the co-founder and the present CEO of Green Park brands, the company behind HIPPEAS, announced that the celebrity would be partnering with Strand Equity partner in providing support for the brand.

Dicaprio has received several awards, including the World Economic Forum Crystal Awards and Clinton Global Citizen award. The actor is not only famous for his movies, but also an activist in putting an end to climate change. He presently serves on numerous environmental boards including the Ocean 5, World Wildlife Fund, and International Fund for Animal Welfare among others.

Bisterzo; The Man behind HIPPEAS

Livio Bisterzo recently predicted the HIPPEAS would generate more than $11 million by the end of the year. After introducing two of its newest brand, Bisterzo used his business experienced to get the products onto the shelves last year, which earned the Green Park’s Product more than $2.5 million in wholesale revenue.

Bisterzo is a young Italian entrepreneur. Presently, he and his family reside in Los Angeles. He studies in the UK at London University of Arts, but, astute in entrepreneurship and marketing; he founded his first event business in 2003. He has since then created several business portfolios in consumer brand and hospitality products. In 2007, Bisterzo was nominated among the London 1000’s influential people.

His recent venture in the health sector is the Green Park Brand. Its main vision is to develop brands with distinct value to the society. The company first brand HIPPEAS was launched in 2016 and was specifically designed to appeal the increasingly young health-conscious consumers. Bisterzo believes that with the recent boost from DiCaprio, the brand has the potential of becoming the next most loved snack in the world.

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Eric Pulier Is Changing The World One Step At A Time

Eric Pulier is known as the jack of all trades. The businessman with an extensive background in technology doubles up as a writer, public speaker, and journalist. Eric began developing an interest in the world of computing when he was in high school. During those days, he started a database management company and gained a lot of expertise on the subject. In the mid-1980s, Eric Pulier was admitted to Harvard where he studied Literature and English. He majored in American Literature and English and started authoring for The Harvard Crimson. While at Harvard, Eric Pulier ensured that he created time to attend classes at MIT. Eric’s rich academic background has enabled him to succeed in different fields.

In 1991, Eric Pulier established his first company called People Doing Things. The enterprise leveraged cutting-edge technologies to provide solutions to the health and education sectors. In 1994, Eric Pulier founded another initiative called Interactive Agency. PDT and Interactive Agency later merged to form a bigger organization that would be more efficient in tackling societal challenges. Eric is also credited with the foundation and success of US Starbright World, a social network enterprise that brings together children affected with chronic diseases, their families, and caregivers.

Over the short period that Eric Pulier has been in the corporate limelight, he has achieved several feats. In 1997, Eric Pulier had the honor of being selected to the Presidential Inaugural Committee for Technology exhibition in Washington DC. Eric is also one of the biggest advocates of the Clinton Global Initiative. Eric has founded numerous enterprises that continue to impact on various communities.

Eric Pulier is actively involved in philanthropy. The entrepreneur has helped many people who are suffering from various ailments get medical solutions. Eric Pulier believes that his calling is in helping others overcome challenges and prosper. His excellent leadership skills have enabled him to come up with proper management strategies that ensure his enterprises succeed. Eric Pulier attributes his success to a never-ending urge to help others and find real solutions to the challenges facing the modern society. Eric’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is that they need to maintain hard work and discipline for them to succeed.

About Eric Pulier:

Let Neurocore help you boost the quality of your life

According to a scientific report published in the NeuroRegulation, which is an official publication of the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR), the outcomes of a retrospective study for the first time clearly show that synchronized Neurofeedback (NFB) and heart rate variability (HRV) training actually provides a robust, non-pharmaceutical solution to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety in kids and adults. A team of medics and psychological researchers spearheaded by Elyse K. white is behind the publishing of this scientific paper.
What is Neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback is a non-surgical, drugless brain training technique that involves giving feedback about the typical operations of the brain. For example, the electroencephalography (EEG) records the waves of electronic activity produced by the brain and whether the brain waves are working harmoniously together or there’s a dysregulation. Then the frequency of these brainwaves is shown to you, through images and sounds, in order to learn how to control them. Additionally, the feedback also provides practitioner guidance in changing a patient’s brainwaves in order to achieve relief from negative emotional or physical states.
The outcome of the study
In the study, 183 kids and adults with symptoms of anxiety or depression based on the Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) questionnaire were subjected to 30-session NFB+HRV training program. The outcome of the treatment program showed that 82.5 percent of those with pre-treatment symptoms of anxiety and 81.8 percent of those with depression symptoms experienced ASEBA progress of clinical importance.
According to Mark Murrison, the chief executive of Neurocore, NFB+HRV training is undoubtedly a viable treatment alternative for those experiencing anxiety and depression symptoms. Almost half of the people who seek help from Neurocore brain performance center achieve complete healing from their symptoms once they finish the program.
About Neurocore
How well is your brain functioning? Neurocore Brain Performance Centers utilize sophisticated qEEG technology to record one’s brain electrical activity and identify the actual causes of anxiety and depression symptoms and create a brain performance program based on one’s neurological issues. Established in 2004, Neurocore has quickly become a national beacon in neuroscience and boasts of 9 brain performance centers in Florida and Michigan.

For more information follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Gregory Aziz leads the world of rail tank cars.

Gregory J Aziz, the Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car, creates safety in the area of rolling stock. National Steel Car is based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Gregory J Aziz, also known as James Aziz, is the man behind this safety push. When you see a train go by in the United States and Canada with huge tanker cars, you can feel safer. This is because Greg Aziz is consistently upping the bar of quality for railcars.

The largest manufacturer of rolling stock in Canada is the company, “National Steel Car”, also known as NSC. Since its inception in 1912, this company has been in the top three creators of rolling stock in Canada. This prestigious position has had various owners over the year. In 1994 the railroad car maker was sold to, “National Industries“, which is owned by Greg James Aziz.

Watching a train go by, especially one with tankers, you will want to think of this Canadian company. The company is focused on providing stronger and safer railcars to the world. National Steel Car operates in all of North America with the United States being a particularly good region for their railcar exports. The export of potash was recently a point of interest at NSC. Canpotex is a large buyer of new NSC railcars. Canpotex is short for, “Canadian Potash Exporters”. Canpotex recently bought 700 new railcars from National Steel Car thanks to the leadership of Greg James Aziz. It is noteworthy to mention that Canpotex is the largest exporter of potash in all of Canada. These new NSC railcars were specifically designed to conform to the properties of potash. This created the perfect and safe transportation model for the nation of Canada.

Railcars of various shapes and sizes are manufactured by NSC. Chairman Aziz is in charge of them all. NSC creates jumbo and “super duty” boxcars, coil cars, gondola cars, flat cars, hopper cars and more. The hopper cars are both covered and with an open top. The aforementioned tanker cars are general purpose with insulated and non-insulated options. Transporting flammable liquids safely is the expertise of NSC and Gregory J Aziz. Find More Information Here.

Expect Greg Aziz to further the national goals of transportation of all types of liquids with safety. A better environmental footprint is being created with Chairman Aziz.


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National Steel Car’s Journey To The Top

National Steel Car is ranked as one of the most impactful manufacturers in Hamilton, Ontario. The company’s specialty is in the manufacture of railroad freight cars. The firm is one of the biggest freight car manufacturers in Canada. National Steel Car was founded more than a century ago and has maintained its top position in the manufacturing sector. At the helm of National Steel Car is one of the most forward-thinking business leaders called Gregory James Aziz. Greg holds the post of chairman and CEO at the enterprise. Gregory’s leadership has helped the company weather tough economic times that saw other manufacturing entities close down.



The history of National Steel Car dates back to the early 1900s. John Morison Gibson and other investors came together with the dream of building one of the biggest players in the category of freight cars manufacture. Morison and his group of investors acquired a warehouse in Hamilton and began the process of establishing a manufacturing plant. Within a short time, National Steel Car was able to grow by leaps and bounds. The company achieved an impressive record of the number of orders it was able to process yearly. Several enterprises began ordering freight cars from National Steel Car, and the firm’s business flourished until the 1930s. During the Great Depression, the global economy plummeted, and National Steel Car’s business was threatened by bankruptcy. The enterprise’s annual sales hit an all-time low, and the threat of insolvency seemed very likely for the firm. National Steel Car had to find alternative clients to remain afloat. During the Second World War, National Steel Car resorted to the manufacture of war machines and tanks to sustain its business model. See This Page for More Information.



National Steel Car shot back into fame after the war. The company was able to get back into profit making and became a force to reckon with in the manufacturing industry. National Steel Car was able to expand its operations to the extent of exporting some of its products to the United States. In the early 1960s, the company faced operational challenges due to the inefficiency of its management. The company was forced to accept a buyout from entrepreneur Gregory James Aziz. Since the time Greg purchased National Steel Car, the firm has remained vibrant.



According to Greg Aziz, the ability of National Steel Car to scale up and dominate the industrial sector was informed by innovation and hard work. The business leader has always remained committed to the brand because of his hunger for success.

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A review of Dr. Jennifer Walden`s Career

Dr. Jennifer Walden is among America`s most renowned aesthetic plastic surgeons. She was born in Austin, Texas to a surgical nurse mother and dentist father forming the foundation for her medical interest at an early stage. She later proceeded to the University of Texas at Austin where she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts with biological specialty. She then applied for a medical course in the medical branch, and afterward graduated with a medical doctorate and attained the highest honors.

After school, Walden was elected as the President of the Alpha Chapter in Texas of the Alpha Medical Society. During that time, Jennifer was privileged to do an externship program in the prestigious Miami`s plastic surgery associates. On completing the residency training, she was selected for a fellowship program at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital prompting her to relocate to New York.

During the fellowship, she got an opportunity to work under some of the world`s renowned leaders in the aesthetic plastic surgery field. This allowed her to get exposure to cutting-edge tricks that allowed her to perform cosmetic surgeries on the breast, face correctly and general body. She also got a chance to work as the hospital`s programs director till she moved back to Austin.

Dr. Jennifer Walden currently serves the board of trustees of the American Association for Plastic Surgery where she as well operates as the organization`s Vice communications officer. She is a vocal member of the American society for plastic surgeons and that of aesthetic plastic surgeons. Dr. Walden has received many accolades for the good work she has been doing. A good example is the Janet Glasgow Memorial award by the American medical association by women given in 1998.

Her Wikipedia Profile: