End Citizens United Raises Stunning Funds to kick off 2017.

The gears of political change in Washington D.C. are turning and there might be renewed hope on the horizon for progressives and moderates alike. End Citizens United is a political action committee that was created exclusively to combat the rise of dark money in the political world. The problem of dark money can be traced back to 2010 when a conservative group by the name of Citizens United argued before the Supreme Court for looser financial campaign restrictions. They won, inexplicably, and the results have been as quick as they have been disastrous. Lobbyists, special interests, corporations and billionaires are now running the country and there are only a few big names fighting back.


End Citizens United has seen a rise in their popularity since the election of Donald Trump to the White House. End Citizens United’s President, Tiffany Muller, says that Democrats are ‘furious’ and wish to start ‘fighting back’ to stop his agenda, stem the destruction of his cabinet members and their work, and set up a future that is a little bit more honest to the people. End Citizens United knows that they have a long road ahead of them so any surplus of activity has to be seen as a huge victory.


The early quarter of 2017 saw a huge boost in donations. Over 100,000 people donated to the PAC through the first quarter and nearly half of them were first time contributors. Over the first quarter the team at End Citizens United ended up raising a jaw dropping $4 million, a drop in the bucket to be sure, which was a great first start all of the same. The goal for 2017 is to raise a total of $35 million in advance of the 2018 Congressional Elections. It will be during 2018 that the country’s future really gets decided.


In order for End Citizens United to be successful they have had to get behind politicians who are willing to tackle the problem of campaign finance reform. Unfortunately campaign finance reform is partisan only at the top levels of government. Republicans and those on the right are firmly against campaign finance reform which leaves only the left wing and progressives ready and willing to fight for equality within government. End Citizens United knows that in order to get a constitutional amendment on the table that they are going to need strong legislators behind them. That has led Tiffany Muller’s PAC to endorse 11 democrats including top dems, Russ Feingold and Michael Bennet — Senators from Wisconsin and Colorado respectively. All eyes are now on 2018 to see if End Citizens United can parlay their momentum into a Washington D.C. game changing event and the stakes couldn’t be higher.


Arthur Becker Shares His Insights On Entrepreneurship

Arthur is a real estate investor and technology expert. In an interview, the entrepreneur was asked to explain the marketing strategy that works well to generate new business other than referrals. He urges people to use their previous experiences. The executive contends that he was lucky to have vast knowledge in matters of investment. Becker asserts that he did not invest much in developing marketing strategies given that his name was already known in the market. However, Becker urges individuals who are planning to start their own businesses to institute a committed marketing team that will promote their brands.

He contends that referrals play an integral role in marketing one’s product and services. However, entrepreneurs should invest in business cards, promotional shirts and pens, and billboards to popularize their brands in the market. In addition, Arthur Becker says that businesspersons should seek to persuade people to see their vision and talent as a way of enhancing their products and services in the market. Arthur asserts that in the last few months, he has not made difficult decisions, except arriving at the ideal prices for his real estate properties and design elements. He posits that these two aspects forces people to make calculated decisions given that entrepreneurs must study the market and design trends on a regular basis. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

When asked on what he thinks that makes him successful, Becker responded by saying that he managed to come to the market at the ideal time. He goes on to add that hard work and focus on his business has helped him to succeed in the competitive market.

About Arthur Becker

The chairman of the Zinio has extensive experience in technology and application management solutions. He has worked for NaviSite and Vera Wang Fashion Corporation. In 2011, he invested in the lucrative real estate industry. He contends that his company, Madison Partners, sets him apart in technology and real estate business.

In his new business, Arthur Becker is developing high-end townhouses in different regions, including Florida and New York. He purchases houses, renovates them then leases or sales them at a profit. For 23 years, Arthur was married to the revered fashion designer, Vera Wang. Arthur contends that his experience at the Vera Wang Fashion Company has helped him in enhancing his real estate business.

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To Livio Bisterzo, Business Is Life

Livio Bisterzo is the founder and CEO of Green Park Brands. The first brand in the company was HIPPEAS, which is a new range of organic chicken pea puffs meant to shake the snacking industry. HIPPEAS was launched in April 2016 and has so far spread in 18, 500 stores across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Livio Bisterzo is 35 years old, and he has an Italian background. He has vast experience in developing and running start-up entrepreneurial ventures. Livio is also passionate about finding the right component or ingredients that build brand success for the ventures. Before his career, Livio studied at London’s prestigious University of the Arts. Immediately after his graduation, he began the event business entrepreneurial venture. The success of the above venture made him develop more and more brands that range from hospitality businesses to consumer products investments.

In 2008, Livio partnered with RNA Corporation, which is a private label manufacturer in Chicago, to develop men’s skin care line. Consequently, they developed Kyouk for men which are now sold to men in 26 countries. The success that Livio had with Kyouk made him named one of London’s most influential people in Evening Standard 2009.

Later, Livio invested in a Danish Startup beverage business called Little Miracles. The brand is an organic brand of tea and juice and has spread to 18 countries. The Little Miracles brand was also named the fastest growing and fast moving consumer good in Europe in 2013.

Green Park Holdings was launched in 2015 by Livio. The above is a new food innovation business that has introduced new aspects in the health and nutrition sectors. The Green Park Holdings business vision is to create innovative multichannel food and beverage brands. The brands developed by the company should have a long-term social impact. They should as well prompt cultural and behavioral change.

Livio Bisterzo has one wife and three children, who form the priority of his life. Despite his business success, he believes in keeping his family happy as it is the first unit of success. In his words, his wife is his best friend, and his kids are his richest possessions. Livio also finds time for his extended family.

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UKV PLC is a Wine Making Company That is Difficult For Companies To Compare To

     UKV PLC is providing its customer base with a product that may be difficult for customers to refuse. They are a company that’s ensuring their products are undergoing a full and thorough process of both sanitation and fermentation. If you’re not sure about what either of such processes entails, please feel free to continue reading further or contacting a help desk assistance who is available to assist and guide you through the contact option on their website.

The fermentation processes that UKV PLC has its products undergo is completely innovative in the sense that they have decided to conduct them in a way that can truly separate themselves from other companies that are competing against them in the market. What this means is that they are taking certain steps that are required of them to ensure that the products that they are providing for their customer base are truly of high quality, as they are having their products undergo a fermentation process that is full and thorough, as opposed to one that may be considered as being incomplete. A complete fermentation process consists of having the fruits that are contained within the product to have their sugars converted into alcohol to an extent that they had anticipated in their developmental planning processes. This gives them assurance of knowing that the products that they had planned to produce are being produced in the right way, as opposed to being produced partially.

Proper sanitation is a necessity of producing high qualities of wine, as it enables the producer to know that they’re providing their customer base with a product that is safe for them to consume. This can also give them a lot of relief, as they will not have to worry about there being any lawsuits made against them due to someone becoming ill after consuming their product. Be sure to make the right decision of an investment today!

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