The wonders of Beneful healthy weight

Give your dog a savory meal he deserves with Beneful healthy weight. This formula is made from real farm-raised chicken as the number one ingredient. This wholesome blend gives an extra boost of a healthy meal with real accents of apples, carrots, and green beans keeping your dog happy and satisfied.

How this food is made and the things it is trying to achieve, this food would not benefit a dog looking to gain weight. A dog that has a weight problem should look into a higher calorie and protein diet. The wholesome blends in this dog food is made to provide the help for dogs who may be heftier to slim down by fighting excess fats and providing lean muscle. Beneful healthy weight comes with 10% fewer calories than Purina Beneful Originals with real beef and no added sugars.

For when it comes to puppies, they would need mix of special nutrients designed for their development. Pups need food that can support their growing muscles, calcium to support teeth and bones plus carbohydrates for energy. so this means they need to eat more than an adult dog because they grow at a speedy rate. Just like puppies, senior dogs have dietary needs that need to be met. Older dogs need diets that come in higher protein and decreased fats to help keep a healthy body condition. They also need a highly digestible ingredient that makes it easy for them to handle and antioxidants that help support their immune system that can steadily decline with old age.For the time being, Beneful healthy weight can only be found in dry dog food and in chicken flavor. Most stores carry this brand of dog food including Walmart, Petsmart, Target, and Rural king. Some sites online offer shipping such as Amazon.

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Preventative Health: What Do I Need To Know?

Often times, diseases can be present in someone without that person exhibiting any physical symptoms. This means, that despite feeling healthy overall doesn’t quite mean you’re immune to common health problems. Identifying your risk for these diseases and taking preventative care can mean less doctor visits and more confidence in your healthcare. With so many different preventative services around, and not really knowing what you should be looking out for, taking preventative caution when making healthcare decisions can seem a little more difficult than the idea itself.

Lifeline Screening, a company that has helped over 8 million people since 1996, offers several, in-depth screenings to help identify common risk factors that could lead to health problems later on. Lifeline offers services in almost all US states and holds hundreds of events every year. These screenings are non-invasive, performed by highly trained technicians, and all results are confirmed by a board-certified physician.

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From there, these results will give you and your doctor a current status of your health and notify you of current health risks. Having this information at your disposal can greatly aide you and your doctor in the important decision making process that will affect your health. Lifeline Screening makes it easy and extremely accessible to receive quality, in-depth, and thorough screenings almost anywhere in the country.

Lifeline also offers a unique line of corporate wellness events suited for any size business, as well as organizations. These events provide the clients with an environment to become educated on health and wellness as well as encouragement to become proactive about managing their health and well-being.

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Thor Halvorssen Championing for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a Human rights advocate. He is also a film producer. Thor is often referred to as the champion of the powerless and the underdog. Thor Halvorssen started advocating for human rights as a teenager in London in 1989 when he organized opposition to the apartheid in South Africa. Thor has his native origins in Venezuela and Norway. He became actively involved in the fight for human rights when his father was imprisoned in Venezuela. His father was a political prisoner. Thor contributed to the release of his father by asking Amnesty International for help. He mobilized people and organization and made a protest towards the release of his father. Thor’s father was later released.

Thor’s mother was shot and wounded while attending a political protest in 2004. This made him start a Human Rights Foundation in New York. The foundation is aimed at getting political prisoners out of jail and enhancing democracy and tolerance in Latin America. The foundation has contributed to the release of seven conscience prisoners, published two books on state responsibilities and individual rights, presented evidence to Truth commissions, and given amicus briefs in key international cases of human rights Since its inception.

Thor Halvorssen is the CEO and the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum. This is an annual global meeting termed as a spectacular festival for human rights. The forum is growing to be on the same status as the Davos Economic Forum. Thor is the patron of ON Own Feet which is a children peace movement based in Prague.

Thor is known all over the world for his courageousness when it comes to fighting for human rights. He inspires people from every part of the world to stand up and fight for their rights. He believes that everybody should enjoy the freedom of speech and they should not be scared regardless of their origin and background. Thor graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Political Science and History.

Thor specializes in areas of human trafficking, slavery, a dictatorship, and threats to democracy. He also gives lectures on the human rights subjects in places like the Harvard Law School, the New York City Junto, among others. His knowledge of the law and the human rights has made him a great activist. Thor has also been a guest speaker at the British parliament where he spoke on issues regarding human rights and the need for them to be implemented for purposes of having a free society.

Duda Melzer Makes RBS A Leading Communications Company

Duda Melzer is the third generation of the Sirotsky family. His grandfather was the founder of the RBS Group. Now he is the president and chairman of the RBS Group. This company is in the digital sector. It is operating in Brazil as well as the United States.

Duda Melzer earned his graduation degree in Business Administration. This was from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). He also has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) along with other executive courses from the Harvard Business School. Check out his crunchbase bio for full info.

In 2004 he joined Sirotsky. He joined as the Director General for the National Market of the RBS Group. In 2012 he became the Chairman of the RBS group, read more on

Duda Melzer is highly inspired by John Davis. He is an American. He was a Harvard professor. Besides, he is a family business specialist too. He is a world-renowned consultant in this field. RBS Group was the first customer of Davis. This was in 1999. His rules of excellence made a major difference in governance. This is what has helped RBS Group to become the largest communication group in the country. Duda Melzer dedicates this feat to the thinking of Davis and the hard work of his family.

Duda Melzer is influenced by other thinkers too in the entrepreneurial world. In fact, he visits them periodically for consultations. These are Jim Collins along with Ram Charan. Duda Melzer claims that family-run businesses have the potential to succeed when they make use of professional management.

In addition to education, Duda Melzer has the right kind of experience that can take an organization to great heights. He has experience of working in varied sectors. He has worked at Delphi Corporation as well as BoxTop Media. He has also worked for Family Communications Network. This kind of experience has helped Duda Melzer to take his company, RBS Group, right to the top. Hence it is known and well-respected by others in the field. It is the leader in the field of communications. This is why today Duda Melzer is considered as an inspiration by many.

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EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm: Vanilla Bean

We often think of it as an ingredient in gourmet ice cream or a cake, but did you know that all natural vanilla has a host of healthy skin benefits? This article will discuss the powerful ways vanilla can soothe, heal and restore the skin. This makes it an awesome ingredient in one of the many Evolution of Smooth Organic Sphere Lip Balms.

There are countless benefits of vanilla bean extract. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe the skin from irritation and redness. This is especially helpful for the lips since they are more prone to dryness and becoming chapped from harsh weather conditions.

Vanilla is also antibacterial. In the event that the lips are cracked and raw, vanilla can restore the skin and reduce the chances of infection as it speeds up wound healing. This all natural compound also contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the lips by generating collagen production. They are especially rich in B-vitamins which can help improve the texture and tone of the skin,

It can also soothe burned skin and accelerate healing.

The benefits of vanilla make it an excellent ingredient for a lip balm product. Lip skin is especially sensitive and it is important to nourish and protect it from harsh condition.

The Evolution of Smooth has taken this ingredient and infused it with this amazing skin ingredient. Listed as “Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract”, this potent extract will provide maximum benefits. It is combined with other all natural moisturizers like olive and coconut oils that provide vitamins and omega fatty acids. It also contains vitamin E that can restore the moisture in the skin.

Using EOS lip balms after repeated use will enhance the health of the lips. They are all natural and organic. EOS products are available online on both eBay and Amazon among other stores as well.

Mullen Lowe Scaling the Heights in Global Marketing

Formerly located in Brasilia, Mullen Lowe Brasil was relocated to Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro with an aim of capitalizing on the business-friendly environment that the cities present. Pin-pointed as the most robust in entrepreneurial activities under its newly refurbished management, the agency has been able to nurture a positive drive among its competent workers who unanimously share a common vision.

The Mullen Lowe Group, unlike any other, takes pride in being the leading global advertising network. It has stretched its services to many other commercial hubs in other prominent countries with Brasil as the South American hub.

Working Culture

The Advertising agency’s success is based on the undying vision of partnering with the most innovative marketers. As a matter of fact, clients find the creativity with which promotional ads are done as impeccable; turns tables on the traditional promotional strategies. Nourished by a good business culture, the network has drastically transformed Brazilian Advertising industry. Therefore, the network continues to adhere to the positive prospects on endless available opportunities, and a brewing belief that the future holds a great potential for improvement. It is through this culture that the group has expanded beyond imaginable limits ever since its inception.

Its integrated digital communications enables the company reach out to over 60 markets all over the world. Clients are renowned brands that take pride in being associated with the agency. Further, they are not afraid to venture into risky business waters. This, to Mullen Lowe, is a driving force to make them better and apply pressure on the firm’s capabilities to creatively formulate new business tactics.

Management and Staff

The CEO, Jose Henrique Borgi, has played a vital role developing and bolstering the innovative and creative promotion mix with which the company expends it services to their long chain of clients. His undying ambition is focused on strengthening the foundation on which their success stands: Creativity. He also heads a managerial team of competent and innovative staffs who have vast knowledge of marketing. Their years of experience provide them with a tinge of liberty to conjure up competitive advertisement strategies that stand unmatched by other global competitors.

Talk Fusion Wins Prestigious Award

Talk Fusion is a company that is transforming the digital communication space in the modern times. Just recently, the company was given the 2016 Communication Solution Product of the year award. This is the second time the communication company is getting a prestigious award. The product of the year award was founded by the well-known Technology Marketing Corporation, and it honors institutions that have excelled in data, video and voice communication.

According to a report by the Technology Marketing Corporation, Talk Fusion was given the award for introducing their industry changing video chat service. The service allows consumers in different parts of the world to communicate seamlessly with their friends and family, regardless of the type of device they are using. The location of the users doesn’t matter too. The service is available to consumers through Google Play and iTunes.

The video chat service was introduced by the company several years ago, and it is part of the company’s all in one video marketing solution. These products allow businesses to market themselves efficiently and stand out from the rest in the competitive industry. Enterprises that have used the video chat service to market themselves are already doing very well in their sales and profits.

Bob Reina, the current president and chairman of Talk Fusion promises his clients more services. According to him, this is just the beginning. Bon Reina says that he is positive that the company will provide more valuable assets to ensure that his clients remain on top. Reina also says that his team is dedicated to providing the best products using the latest technology.

Talk Fusion was established in the year 2007 by Reina and his colleague who felt that the communication and marketing industry lacked enough products. The innovative products from the company have done well, and they are used by many people in the world today. The products from the successful communication company are marketed from one person to the other. This is done by independent associates employed by the corporation. At the moment, approximately 140 nations are using products from the company. Clients are given a 30-day trial when they register to use the services.


Securus Technologies Furnishing Its Clients with Extraordinary Services

Within the recent past, organizations and individuals have been able to reap the benefits of Securus Technologies services. Providing more user-friendly and modern services, the company has been able to highly compete with GTL’s Technology Systems. Securus Technologies offers edge civil technological and leading criminal equity products ensuring modernizing of imprisonment experience and public well-being. Remedies, law implementation and diverse public well-being working facilities depend on Securus for secure, basic and effective improvement packages that are simpler to use and that are always available. With scores of modelers and adequate licenses, originators, researchers improving game plans and fashioners, the Securus Technologies offers special products. The association is committed in offering front line programming services and products that are of top-notch quality. Thus, clients are provided with the best solutions in addition to giving the best customer care services within the market.

Securus Technologies is resolved to serve and link people by giving emergency responses, episode services, prisoner self-service, information organization, correspondence, affirmation, examination, open information and surveying of products & services while ensuring the world remains a secured place. The administrations include connecting friends and family to their detained ones, interfacing remedial offices to fundamental information, linking detainees with innovation, associating investigative lead spots, and interfacing respondents and emergency dispatchers to those searching for need.

The headquarter workplaces of Securus Technologies is situated in Dallas, Texas with the affiliation serving over 3,400 clients. These include amendments merchants, public well being, and law authorization notwithstanding more than 1.2 million prisoners within North America. Securus is thus a starting supplier of civil and criminal equity arrangements as far as safety, corrections, monitoring and investigation is concerned. To this day, Securus has given its major rival GTL high competition about the organization that offers the wide variety of products, high quality services, and advanced & modern telephone calling platforms.