How the U.S Money Reserve has bettered it Services through its New Website

The U. S Money Reserve was happy to disclose the launch of a newly recreated online platform. The site of the enterprise is, and it has been redesigned to have a new look that shows an excellent image for the leading supplier of precious bars, bullion, and coins that are government issued. The new site offers more information about the company, and these include its competencies and the excellent customer services that it offers. It also has incredible photographs of its current president, Philip N. Diehl, and an updated coin gallery. Philip worked for the U.S Mint, and he is considered as the most successful director that has ever served it. The U.S Money Reserve’s new website will be informing the clients on the advantages of owning bullion that is issued by the United States government. It will also allow individuals to get a better experience when doing business with the company.


According to the Ryan Buchanan, the new website will serve as a reliable platform that can be used by the U.S Money Reserve as an online shop for selling its precious metals, a communication channel and a way of providing useful content. Mr. Buchanan is the company’s VP for brand and creativity. He controlled the whole redesigning process of the website, which includes introducing new features that make it easy for individuals to buy bullion online and get more information about the sector.


The U.S Money Reserve’s online market offers gold and silver products at reasonable prices. It has also been selling coins that are PCGS-approved. Individuals who wish to buy the company’s products can request for gold information kit through its website. The Knowledge Center section of the site provides the latest information on the high-value commodities and requirements when minting, grading, and buying the coins. The website also informs the public on the market trends.


The company has developed an exceptional customer service over the years, and this enables it to relate well with clients. Individual who seeks its services can get purchasing support, secure offline transactions, offline releases, and make face-to-face consultations. The company also has an outstanding BuyBack Guarantee policy that allows it to refund clients who would like to return the products within thirty days. It purchases products from them with the current market price. The U.S Money Reserve has improved its services by collaboration with a trusted and insured shipping company. It also has a Gold Standard IRA that facilitates purchasing of the precious commodity.

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Review Of PodcastOne’s Founder And Broadcasting Expert, Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne, where he also serves as the executive chairman. Pattiz has more than 40 years of experience in matters of radio syndication. Additionally, he is the brain behind Westwood One’s. Through his visionary leadership, the company became the biggest provider of talk, sports, news, traffic, and entertainment programming in America’s broadcasting industry. The firm owned, distributed and managed the Mutual Broadcasting System, CDS News, NBC radio networks, NCAA Basketball CNN radio, NFL Football, March Madness, and The Super Bowl. The entity controlled the winter and summer Olympic Games in addition to numerous syndicated music and talk shows.

In 2010, Pattiz formed Courtside Entertainment Group. It major objective was to produce and distribute quality programming. Subsequently, he launched PodcastOne in 2012 after identifying untapped opportunities in the radio industry. Immediately, PodcastOne established itself as the premier producer and distributor of on-demand audio programming. Presently, some of the popular personalities and brands that are affiliated with PodcastOne are Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, Dan Patrick, Steve Austin, Heather Dubrow, and Chris Jericho. Others are Larry King, Laura Ingraham, Nicole Polizzi, TheChive, Dr. Drew, Freakonomics and over 200 of common podcasts.

In 2000, President Clinton appointed Pattiz to serve in the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) of the United States of America. In 2002, President Bush reappointed him to the BBG. The board manages the U.S. nonmilitary broadcasting services, which includes Radio Free Europe, The Voice of America, Middle East Broadcasting, and Radio Liberty. During his tenure, Pattiz was responsible for the inauguration of the Arabic language radio and television services in the Middle East countries. He is also mandated with the duty of launching broadcast services in Farsi language in Iran

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz has served as PodcastOne’s chairperson since June 2016. Pattiz believes that one should actualize ideas through implementation. Before embarking on any idea, he assesses the company’s capacity to execute it. He received the Giants of Broadcasting Award in 2009 from the Library of American Broadcasting. Pattiz was also inducted to the National Radio Hall of Fame in the same year. Over the years, Norman has managed to grow his business by being busy, engaged and staying happy. He has successfully guided his firms to be industry leaders. Besides broadcasting, Pattiz is the chairperson of Lawrence Livermore. He is also the chairman of Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. Pattiz is an active member of the renowned Council of Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Relations.

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Robert Santiago’s Real Estate Property, Manaira Shopping Mall, That Is The Icon Of Urban Entertainment In Brazil.

Robert Santiago is a 58-year-old Brazilian entrepreneur and owner of various modern and high tech buildings such as the Manaira Shopping Center and the Mangabeira. Robert, who was born in Joao Pessoa, earned a name as a leading real estate developer with the launch of the mall which has its location in Paraiba, Brazil. Robert’s main aim of setting up the center was to avail a broad range of entertainment options to natives and tourist visiting the regions. Manaira has a high-end technology, entertainment, and laser reference. Manaira has eleven rooms equipped with urbanized movie techniques, VIP rooms, stadium systems, and 3D rooms. The center has more than stations with high graphic games that suit all types of audiences and tastes. Manaira’s food courts range from simple, fast food options to high-end restaurants such as the Espaco Gourmet, Waynes, and Capital Steakhouse which have sophisticated chefs. Robert included an all-around entertainment range by including a fully equipped gym, house of shows and university branches. In total, Manaira has 280 stores, a 75,000 square meter arena, the Gross Lettable Area which caters to varied needs of individuals and families.

Robert Santiago was born in Brazil and began pursuing his entrepreneurial career when he launched a cartonnage firm at a tender age. The company specialized in designing and producing cardboard that is used to build cartons for use by a group of businesses that needed the supply. Currently, Robert Santiago is an active real estate businessman with a string of urban shopping malls. He bought his first huge piece of land in Joao Pessoa in 1989 and has since developed one of the biggest and most adored shopping centers of the country, Manaira Shopping Mall. The construction of Manaira took two years to complete, since its inception in 2007.

The mall’s key attraction, Domus Hall is located at the top of the building and features famous music shows by artists from around the world. Robert Santiago has stated that he enjoys bringing in local artists to the space, so as to donate back to the community by providing rich cultural experiences to the audience. Santiago is an alumnus of the Pio X Marist College and the University Of Center Of Joao Pessoa, where he earned his degree in Business Administration. Since the launch of the mall, Robert continuously improves the services offered to match up with the rapidly changing technology in the world.

Mike Baur: Helping People, Businesses, and the Economy

Describing Mike Baur in one word would be difficult; however, many who know him would insist above all he is a teacher. Witnessing the accomplishments Baur has displayed leads one to believe he is devoted to guiding people to ever higher levels of success.

Baur began his career in the private banking industry equipped with three things; a desire to make big things happen, and an MBA in each hand, one from the University of New York Rochester and one from the University of Bern. As expected by those who knew him, he climbed surefooted up the corporate ladder learning along the way. Eventually, he moved into positions of leadership and as his responsibilities increased so did his ability to make the right choices.


After 20 years in the private banking industry, Mike started feeling like it was time for a change. He felt pulled in the direction of becoming an entrepreneur and made a choice to create a company. Mike and his partners put their brains together and in 2014, launched the Swiss Start-Up Factory (SSUF).


Zurich, Switzerland is the home base of SSUF. Their mission is identifying and recruiting young, ambitious, and thriving digital entrepreneurs who are invited to take part in an accelerator program for three months. The program provides these young people with the type of services that will get them from startup to success. The services include coaching, mentoring, office space, and access to an extensive network created with the goal of helping each member achieve goals.


The SSUF has had an enormous influence on changing the outcome for many startups. Baur and company use their talents to spot people who have a good idea, are filled with the drive to succeed, and a willingness to listen to and follow advice. They find funding opportunities to provide newbies with a sustained flow of resources through each critical phase of growth and learning.


Mike coaches by drawing from his deep well of experience and rewards those willing to put in the time and effort to understand the critical factors that determine success. The rewards are personal and professional growth that often equals profit.


Business has recognized that SSUF provides budding entrepreneurs a platform to turn their idea into a lucrative venture. Instead of becoming one of the millions of small business startups that fail, these students learn how to meet the diverse array of challenges head on with the solutions that lead to a positive outcome. SSUF wins, their students win, and the economy wins.

How Capital Group’s CEO Is Helping Bring In A New Era Of Financial Prosperity

The most critical leadership position that exists at any corporation, particularly those corporations that exist in the worlds of investment and financial services is the position of Chief Executive Officer.

The person that is chosen to lead a company as its Chief Executive Officer is often responsible for determining the direction that the company will go in. They decide how each department, ranging from Marketing, to Accounting, to Technology or Product Development will harmonize their individual actions so that they can come together to achieve the vision that the Chief Executive Officer has set.

Given the importance of this role there is very little surprise that the international investment management company Capital Group selected investment professional Timothy Armour to serve not only as its Chief Executive Officer but also as the company’s Chairman of the Board.

It has been nearly two years since Capital Group’s Board of Directors completed the process to elect Armour as its Chairman of the Board. According to PR Newswire Armour’s election to the Board of Directors and his ascension to the position of Capital Group’s Chief Executive Officer is the culmination of a years long process to help fill a gap in leadership that was created by a loss at the company.

The Chairman of the Board that preceded Timothy Armour was Jim Rothenberg. After years of faithful service to Capital Group as its Chairman Rothenberg unfortunately passed away. Armour has been helping to honor the legacy that Jim Rothenberg left behind at Capital Group by helping to create opportunities for the company to grow and expand in international markets. One of the recent decisions that Armour has been part of was the development of a lucrative partnership with the South Korean conglomerate that is known as Samsung.

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The conglomerate is likely best known to businesspeople and consumers in the Western world as a manufacturer of mobile phones but the range of its business activities actually include much more than that. Samsung also happens to be the premier asset management company in the South Korean market. In addition to being known for building critical partnerships with strategic global partners like Samsung Timothy Armour is also known for offering prescient and vital investment advice.

Recently he predicted that companies would like be experiencing growth in the area of corporate earnings. According to Armour this expected growth in corporate earnings is also contingent upon the growth of the Gross Domestic Product of the United States and the growth of the GDP of other nations from around the world. He has also noted the importance of paying to attention to the fluctuation of interest rates that are set by the Federal Reserve.

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Nationwide Title Clearance

Nationwide Title Clearing is a unique organization because not only is it at the top of its field; it is setting standards for other competitors in the field to follow. Established in 1991, Nationwide has become one of the largest document and title processing companies in the world.


The company is located in Palm Harbor, Florida and employs over 450 well-trained and hard-working employees who take their jobs seriously. Eight out of the top ten retail banking and mortgage companies use Nationwide for their source of documentation for the needed documents for the processing and verification of mortgage transactions. In other words, without the speedy and accurate completion of sourcing and verification of these documents, the mortgage deal will never take place.


Nationwide has access to every county in the United States, which amounts to a little over 3,400 counties. While most county record systems have electronic filing systems that are accessible by electronic transfer, there are numerous county records systems that are still filed by hand, and the records are stored in a paper file folder in a metal cabinet. There are many records that are damaged, lost, or destroyed, and yet there are ways to find and validate these files as well.


Nationwide has an accuracy record of 99.81 percent in their ability to find a record and verify its accuracy in a speedy manner. Its failure rate is less than 1 percent which is remarkable considering the number of records that the company processes. The secret to the success of the company is the technology that has been utilized, and the employees who are dedicated to their jobs and the mission of delivering accurate results nearly all of the time.


Nationwide hires the best employees possible and there is a rigorous screening process in that regard. When new hires come on board, there is a full and complete training program for them to get started. There is a very thorough mentoring process as well. As employees progress through the ranks, they have a very aggressive continuing education regimen that is voluntary, but which allows an operator to advance and take on more responsibility.


There are over 100 additional learning courses in this regard, and it is highly used which helps employees to advance and be cross-trained in the company. The CEO of the company, John Hillman is well-known in the document industry for his stance on high standards. His comments were recently given in an industry podcast where he stated that companies should set high standards and then publicly live up to them to create a culture of excellence. That is exactly what Nationwide has accomplished.


Jealous Of Celebrity Hair? Get Gorgeous With WEN By Chaz’s No Lather Shampoos

Do you have Hollywood hair envy, ladies?

We’re not talking about silly, super long hair extensions but the gorgeous, bouncy, shiny “real” hair that many celebrities have. Who wouldn’t want tresses that have movement and turn every head?

If you’ve been caring for your hair the same way for years and still don’t notice results you’re promised by the shampoo and conditioner brands you buy, then change the routine.

That’s right; try another method that really gives strength and health back to your locks. Maybe the big sudsy lathers you purchase promise to build beautiful hair, but you don’t see the rewards. We can tell you that there’s a reason.

Most hair care products found at cheap and even high-end stores aren’t playing fair. Their formulas are blending in the same ingredients found in your dish-washing liquid and other household cleaners. Think about that for a moment.

The nasty chemicals come from the sulfate family, and if you’re beauty smart, you would avoid these ingredients. Sulfates create big frothy action but eventually dull and weaken the strands.

WEN  hair is the clear no lather alternative that promotes strong, shiny, soft hair with plant and herbal extracts found in nature. The brand was created by Chaz Dean, the ultimate Hollywood stylist, who approached the WEN philosophy through an holistic plan.

Chaz Dean’s unique cleansing conditioners ( use zero lather and zero sulfates to thoroughly cleanse and condition. It doesn’t matter what type of locks you have, their present condition or natural texture, WEN can help every head of hair.

WEN’s luxurious blends feel amazing on the scalp and hair, imparting moisture and repair to weak strands that look dull and feel rough to the touch. These Sephora sold formulas really smell incredible and come in selections like Lavender, Pomegranate, Sweet Almond Mint, etc.

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Sam Tabar Has Investment Tips Help New Investors Retire Safely

PRNewswire released a story about Sam Tabar sharing his top investments tips to help guide rookie investors. These are people who seek to increase their net worth and develop an effective retirement strategy in the new year.

Fidelity Investments found in their recent consumer survey that 54% of respondents, plan to make some new year’s resolutions focused on finances in 2015. Consumers new to the game also admitted to being overwhelmed by the complexities of investment securities. Enter Sam Tabar, a financially wise hero to the rescue.

Sam is a successful attorney and capital strategist. He is based in New York City and is passionate about making investments that change people’s lives while avoiding reckless behavior. He believes new investors should stay with more traditional markets like stocks and mutual funds and steer clear of the volatility of commodity markets. For newbies, or casual investors, the research involved with commodity trading may be an overreach, and the possible short-term losses may hinder their strategic plans.

Sam also declares himself bullish on another alternative investment opportunity, private business (start-ups or existing businesses). Tabar gets excited about investing in the right social start-ups. He sees a good chance for making money and helping others at the same time. As evidence, he cites his personal experience with THINX.

The concept Sam stresses as critical for new investors is diversity. He advises all investors against keeping all their investment eggs in one basket. Spread your money around so if one goes wrong you don’t lose everything. Tabar’s number one piece of advice; don’t wait a moment longer, invest now, retirement will be here before you know it.

Mr. Tabar received his law degree from Columbia Law School where he served as Assistant Editor of the School’s Law Review. Sam is a rare breed because before attending Columbia he graduated with honors from Oxford University. Some guys just like to show off.

Cotemar Slashes its Workforce

Cotemar is currently one of the biggest institutions that provides petroleum products in Mexico. The company was founded many years ago, and it has grown significantly since then. Cotemar has been giving job opportunities to thousands of people in Mexico. This year, the company has disappointed its consumers when it announced that it was going to lay off some employees. According to news from the successful institution, the individuals affected by the change will be announced soon.


Cotemar has decided to reduce the number of its employees due to the decreased petroleum prices around the globe. There have been several discoveries of oil fields in many parts of the world, and this has severely affected the prices of most of the petroleum products. The top management in the organization says that the plan to lay off the workers will change all the departments in Cotemar. Construction workers, ship captains and the chefs in different departments are expected to experience the new change.


Since it was established many years ago, Cotemar has always had one major client. At the moment, the company’s leading client is Pemex, a powerful state-owned organization that has been working with Cotemar for several years. Cotemar has always preferred to have just one client, but experts say that this method is not advisable. According to them, the one client technique makes the company vulnerable to most of the challenges in the international energy market.


Not long ago, Pemex announced that it had decided to cancel one contract with Cotemar. The single contract led to the laying off of over two thousand individuals in the country. Cotemar seems to be a complicated matter, but it has promised to work hard to improve the situation. Most of the organizations in the oil market have been affected by the historical changes that have taken place in the industry.


Pemex is planning to decommission two more rigs in the future, according to reliable sources. Three more rigs will also be removed from the fleet of the company in the future, and this means that more employees at Cotemar will be laid off.

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