FreedomPop Offers The Free Access That People Want

At the beginning of internet access a little more than 20 years back, some people have wanted it to be free. However, they have found that it is virtually impossible to find a service that offers internet service for free. However, this was when only desktop computers or laptops could access the internet. Nowadays, almost every device is connected to the internet. In this age of smartphones and wi-fi, one has to wonder how to get free internet service since they are living on a budget. Fortunately, there is a solution. This solution is called FreedomPop, and it has made a huge impact in the market of telecommunications.

One of the features of FreedomPop is that they offer free service. People get free minutes, free texting, and free data. This allows people to actually enjoy some of the services they would get with other carriers. However, since it is free, there are limits to what one could use. However, people do have the option to pay for more. For one thing, people can pay for some of the different plans that are available from FreedomPop. Among these plans are the unlimited plans for $20. This is actually a bit less than what other carriers offer.

While people do finally get the free access that one person has suggested they get, it is not unlimited. However, with Wi-Fi, people are able to enjoy a lot of the features that come with their device. In order for people to take advantage of the free services that are offered by FreedomPop, they have to buy the products that are connected to the service. As of right now, they are all used or refurbished items. They have been taken care of so that people will have a small chance of problems with their device. Before, buying a device, it is a good idea to read a FreedomPop review so that they can figure out what plan and device works best for them.

The Kabbalah Centre Opens this Ancient Tradition to the World

The ancient religious teaching of the Kabbalah are said to date back to ancient times when some of the best known biblical figures began passing these mystical teachings down through the ages; the tradition of the Kabbalah is said to date back to Adam who passed the teachings on to Abraham, who passed on the words to Moses. Kabbalah has a history that is often difficult to trace as it was left hidden from the public throughout the majority of human history.


Even in the 21st century this form of mysticism still retains an air of mystery based upon the fact many of those who learned the teachings during the Middle Ages are said to have been driven mad by their discoveries. Kabbalah is a form of teaching that requires the individual to open up their hearts and minds to receive the ideas being passed onto them; Kabbalah itself translates as “that which is received” and can be seen as being a way of receiving a new way of viewing the world we live in and everything we do. The teaching of Kabbalah was limited by Jewish teachers to men over the age of 40 who were often actively discouraged from the study as many of the teachings still have never been published.


The Kabbalah Centre has been one of the main proponents of bringing the teachings into the modern world where people of all genders and ages are given the opportunity to explore this form of mystic teaching. The director and founder of the Kabbalah Centre, Rav Philip Berg and his wife Karen have pushed forward the Kabbalah Centre after its first location in Queens, New York became a major success; the Kabbalah Centre was given religious charity status in Canada in 1988 and used this as the springboard for bringing this religious teaching to the people of the world.


In a bid to bring this traditionally Jewish form of teaching to the world the Kabbalah Centre has evolved to allow students from any faith to explore the works. many refer to the Kabbalah Centre teachings as providing a universal wisdom that can be used to expand the understanding of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and many forms of new age beliefs.


Former Hawks management group Sues Hampshire insurance Company over Ferry Settlement

Bruce Levenson is the former Atlanta Hawks managing partner. Bruce has served as the Hawks governor since 2004 on the Board of NBA Governors. In 1977, Ed Peskowitz and Bruce Levenson Co-Founded the United Communications Group. This is a collection of business information companies’ portfolios. The United Communications Group is one of the fastest growing and largest privately-held communication businesses in the United States. According to reliable sources, it is the largest information technology company in the world. United Communications Group provides specialized information to over three million customers in all business sectors under their jurisdiction. They offer services to industries like technology, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, energy, and financial services.

Brice is the founder and largest shareholder of TechTarget. He served as a member of the board of directors of the company in 2012. According to the recent news from ESPN, Bruce Levenson has founded DOT together with his partner. This is a corporation that has developed a new cooking technology to allow bread toasting for three seconds. Bruce and his wife Karen, active in numerous philanthropic activities, have founded the creation of nonprofit leadership in Philanthropy at Maryland University. He is the president of the “I have a Dream Foundation.” Read:

The Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball, Inc.’s former management group has filed litigation against New Hampshire insurance company for contract breaching that involved claims settlement made by the general manager. The former Hawks ownership group(AHBE) has the inclusion of the former controlling partner Bruce Levenson. The litigation has nothing to do with the current ownership of the company.

The litigation, filed in Fulton County Superior Court, is a civil action for contract breach and bad insurance faith. The former management group claims that they were insured under a policy that could cover certain employee practice-related losses. They include workplace torts and wrongful termination. According to the documents presented in court, AIG got AHBE’s notice in 2015. Visit the website brucelevenson.comto learn more.


The Manse on Marsh Ranks in the Top 1% of Senior Care Facilities


Once we hit the retirement age, there are so many living areas to try out. Some can be more adventurous than others depending on the person’s abilities. The Manse on Marsh is a facility based out of San Luis. It has been recommended as the senior living facility locally. Everyone deserves to live out their last few years in a fun, caring environment.



In recent years, The Manse on Marsh has named Farron Bernhardt the new Chief Executive Officer of the retirement community. Bernhardt brings has a lot of experience regarding the new position. He has worked in the healthcare field for over two decades and has done several senior leadership positions.



Before becoming the new CEO of The Manse on Marsh, Bernhardt served as Vice President of Assisted Living for housing units in Nevada. He has spent many years on incorporating better methods of collaboration into leadership positions. It is important that promoted employees can communicate the needs of senior citizens with others. Everyone in the community should be apply to communicate fairly. Senior citizens do usually have a number of entertaining stories to tell.


Bernhardt and his staff are planning to stay dedicated to offering exciting events for those recently retired. Everyone living in the community gets treated with the best care available. His staff spend plenty of time getting acquainted with everyone living in the Manse on Marsh community. It is important that they set the bar high for the best senior care on the Central Coast and beyond.



The retirement facility has been honored with the Caring Star award in back to back years. They facility has placed in the top 1% of senior care providers.



Manse on Marsh is located in downtown San Luis Obispo. The company focuses on helping care for retired senior citizens in Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles, and other nearby areas. Each senior citizen living in this retirement facility will get some special perks. Perks that are included are private homes, restaurant-quality open dining, convenient transportation, social activities, and maid services. Senior citizens can choose to live independently or in with assistance depending on their needs.  Contact them through their website, or research yourself on The Manse Blog, or their official Facebook page for more on what they have to offer.

Michael Hartweg Joins SSUF

Mike Baur is a well-known individual in the world. He is one of the founding partners of the famous institution known as Swiss Start-up Factory. He has worked in the Swiss banking industry for more than twenty years, acquiring a lot of knowledge and experience. At the Swiss Start- Up Factory, Mike Baur is responsible for fundraising and financing. Under his leadership, the company has grown, significantly, earning him much revenue.


The Swiss Start-up Factory was founded in the year 2014. The accelerator company is based in Zurich, and it has transformed the lives of many digital entrepreneurs. The institution looks for some of the thriving businessmen then later offers them exciting and promising opportunities. The company guides the entrepreneur from the first day using they start their partnership until the businessmen are strong to stand on their own. The company has strong networks in Switzerland and other parts of the world, and this makes it possible for the institution to help the upcoming entrepreneurs.


The accelerator company runs a special program for the digital entrepreneurs. The programs mostly take three months. During the three months, the company offers the businessmen a unique platform of great services, mentoring, coaching, office space at the best places in Zurich town and a reliable network that enables them to achieve all their goals.


Michael Hartweg is one of the founders of a company known as Leonteq. Just recently, Michael decided to abandon his company and join the Swiss Start-up Factory. Michael will now be serving in Mike Baur’s company as one of the investors and advisors. He will help companies who want to establish and do well in the modern market. After making this announcement, Michael sold all his stakes in Leonteq and also gave up his operational role in the company.

Visit the site Founder Stories to know more about Mike Baur.

After quitting his good position at his former company, Michael has become of the individuals who have abandoned the day to day finance entrepreneurship. He will now be one of the investors in the fintech industry. He will now assist founder and many other companies about the fintech industry. Michael Hartweg is currently forty-four years, and he will carefully invest in selected startups that have been developed in the Swiss Factory. He will make sure that they develop to become successful businesses. This year, SSUF is planning to launch an accelerator program that will focus mostly on the fintech companies.



Stephen ‘Steve’ P. Murray was born on 2nd of August 1962. He met his death later on 12th March 2015 at the age of 52. Murray, before his death invested mostly in the private equity. He will be remembered as one of the greatest philanthropists that lived. CCMP Capital received services from Murray as the president and the chief executive officer.

Murray diligently extended his philanthropy at Make-A-Wish Foundation found in Metro of New York, Boston College, and Columbia Business School. At Boston College board of trustees, Murray exercised his leadership skills on the board as the Vice Chairman. At Make-A-Wish Foundation coordinator’s council, he was a proactive and dedicated member.

Murray joined Boston College in his youth and graduated with a degree in economics in 1984. He then entered Columbia Business School to further his studies and earned himself a master’s degree in business administration in 1989.

Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Murray’s career history started way back in 1984 at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, where he participated in the training program of the credit analysts on Wikipedia. In 1988, Murray started working with MH Equity Corporation. The Corporation merged with Chemical Venture Partners in 1991 after Chemical Bank purchased Manufactures Hanover. JP Morgan Partners appointed him as the head of buyout business in 2005. Murray was named Chief Executive Officer of CCMP in 2007.

Aramark, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Generac Power Systems, Cabela’s Pinnacle Foods, Legacy Hospital Partners and Warner Chilcott are the major companies that Stephen P. Murray served on board.

Stephen ‘Steve’ P. Murray, resigned as the Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital Advisors in February 2015 for health reasons. Murray stepped down from his responsibility in the company that he served for approximately two and a half decades. Chairperson Greg Brenneman took over the mantle after his resignation. On 12 March 2015, a spokeswoman for the New York-based company by the name Alexandra LaManna confirmed his death in an e-mail. Murray died at the age of 52, leaving behind his bundles of joy and pride Tami A. Murray, his wife now a widower with the responsibility of bringing up their four sons.

Stephen ‘Steve’ P. Murray will forever be remembered for his great works and dedication in CCMP Capital Advisors on He contributed significantly in stabilizing of the company since 1989, as it underwent through ownership changes before it sustained in 2006. Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes. May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

Learn more about Stephen Murray:

White Shark Media, The Marketing Company Not to Overlook

White Shark Media was established in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs, Andrew Lolk, Alexander Nygart and Gary Garth who serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. The entrepreneurs had massive experience in both online and offline marketing. The company offers online marketing solutions, particularly for medium and small business enterprises. The company has expertise strategies of following their client’s efforts on marketing. White Shark Media guarantees its full accountability to all their customers monthly through, competitive intelligence, Google Analytics Integration, propriety reporting software and key-word-level call tracking.

One of the bold goals of the company is to dominate the SMB market Latin America and the US by offering products and services that have never been there in history.

White Shark Media recognized in the list of the fastest-developing digital agencies in North America. This exceptional growth is as a result of their reputation of engineering cost-effective search marketing that offers their customers with a world-class experience. Through online marketing tactics and other useful tools of marketing, the one-time boutique agency has played a critical role in the growth of many businesses in North America.

The company is acknowledged for its high standards and education to markets through marketing blog. The Media has been partnering with the Bing Ads SMB and The Google AdWordsTM Premiere SMB since 2014. The Google AdWordsTM Premier SMB Partnership award after Google discovered the company’s fast growth. The company was invited to the Google HG in Mountain View California from where they were assigned a team to help in controlling their clients and the company’s growth more intensively.

The company’s marketing tools have led to the success of many sales enterprises like the Lakeland Smiles Experts in Florida which is said to have generated over $1.5 million from its sales just one year after its opening.

Today the company is among the 5000 fastest growing companies in the US. The Company is also working on a project to its 6,000 square-of-the-art-facility with the aim of accommodating its prospective growth.

The company is dedicated to the service of its clients. In the efforts to accomplish this success, the company is consistently inventing more cost-effective and efficient marketing solutions with full transparency.

The White Shark Media is one of the best marketing companies to consider for the success and massive sales of your products. The company shares every winning formula they learn. The benefits of their concepts are proven with the fact that the company still retains its very first client. Next time you thinks about marketing try White Shark Media, and you will surely enjoy the outcome results.

Bury Bad Articles Knows How to Get Your Business Out of a Bind

Building a following online brings with it the culpability of not getting carried away in the clutter, something out of convenience…I call an online reputation management. It brings with it the responsibility to cater and nurture to your audience with a certain level of professionalism.

Creating a reputation based entirely on truth and avoid the clutter is not easily done; you would have to understand the reason you are building a reputation online, to begin with. In a world of loud noises, it is very easy to veer of the tracks and take the bet. By the time you begin to realize you went off tracks, you would have covered a great distance that it would be near impossible to get back and start over…

Bury bad news by simply focusing on truth and value, though that is easily said than done. Focusing on fact affords you the chance to create a reputation only found in people of integrity.

Many in today’s world treat customers as though packages; a package does not speak, let alone think. Thinking and speaking is the distinction between humans, packages, and wild animals. And although animals do have the capability to think, they lack the very attributes necessary for the completion of the puzzle – speaking and voicing concern.

Which is why it best to treat people with the highest level of respect and professionalism in order to create a reputation that is simple yet effective. A good article helps you build a good reputation, although modern man tends assume Mankind is more susceptible to lies. While that may be true, at least in a brief moment, it hurts your brand in the long run.

It therefore is well to work toward building a brand name that will last forever, than cater to a small group of people who are immune to reality. Everyone does have a choice to make; decisions we make in life do have the capacity to build us or break us; focus instead on the positive than the negative.

Building a foundation on the negative does bring with it consequences; negativity is not a position. It is built on uneven grounds, and therefore…unsustainable. While on the one hand, the positive lays comfortably on balanced grounds, which in itself presents you with leverage rarely available to many.

To win the game, one must have leverage; leverage offers you a strong enough position upon which to stand when in competition.

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Wirth’s Appointment as Chairman of RASC a Bright Move for RASC

With Andy Wirth’s election as Chairman of Reno- Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, the future looks bright. Wirth has served as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has been instrumental in promoting the company as a top tourist destination in the world. His services, however, extend beyond the business world. He has been actively involved in environmental and community service, especially around Lake Tahoe. One of Wirth’s key commitments has been to raise funds for the Navy Seal Foundation. Having faced a near fatal accident, Wirth created the “Wounded Warrior Support,” an organization that supports special operations for members of the Navy SEAL Foundation once they return home.

While accepting his appointment as chairperson of the RASC on January 16, 2016, Andy Wirth stated his belief in the opportunity that the area around Lake Tahoe offers to air service providers. He emphasized that providing this service was going to be central to the business activities of the firm. As chairperson of RASC board of trustees, Wirth will be mandated with the task of promoting air service into the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Already equipped with vast experience in development of airports and air service, Andrew Mirth seems ready for the task. Previously, Wirth was instrumental in securing air services to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport with JetBlue service and Alaska Airlines service. The election of two other seasoned members, Kimberlee Tolkien and Andy Chapman, in to the board of trustees should come as a huge boost for Wirth.

Formed in June 2001, RASC has been instrumental in assisting the Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RTIA) to provide other incentives that help attract and maintain air service to the region around Reno Tahoe. The corporation also unites public and private organizations to enhance the Reno-Tahoe area as an attractive tourist destination all year round. Currently, the air service works with airlines to encourage direct flights to Boise, Orange County, and Idaho among other destinations.




Gooee IoT Lights Help Connect To The Internet

The Gooee IoT lights that are installed with their normal fixtures are really nice to use because they are so well put together. They are strong, and they could be used for ages in a home or a business. The businesses will benefit the most because they have these fixtures working on a program, and it helps people work on the lights from anywhere in the world.

The people that are using the Gooee IoT lights can access them on their computer, and it allows a building manage to work on multiple buildings at the same time. That is a very serious thing for people who are trying to stay on top of a lot of systems, and it can be very hard for people to find the results that they want without using the computer. The Gooee IoT lights are wonderful to use, and the interface is very simple when people get it online.

Checking in on the Gooee app online helps people change their lights around, and they can use an app on a mobile device for the same purpose. That is not only very good for the manager, but it is a lot faster for someone who is using it at home. There is no limit to how people are going to use their Gooee IoT lights, and it will help someone be sure that they can get the lights turned on and off, and they do not have to go to a light switch for this.