EOS Has Revolutionized the Lip Balm Industry

EOS has managed to carve out its own niche in lip balm industry and is a top choice among millennials. The $250 million company produces products that can be seen in magazines and TV commercials. Even some of today’s top celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have been seen using these products.

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, was started by Sanjiv Mehra, Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller nearly a decade ago. The founders wanted to come up with a different way to package and market their products in order to set themselves apart from their competitors. Prior to the launch of the first products, Dubitsky decided to leave the company to pursue another business opportunity.

Since most lip balms are treated as unisex commodities, the founders of EOS lip balm decided to market their products to women. They found that women made up the largest percentage of lip balm consumers and that other companies were failing to market effectively to their demographic.

Additionally, the founders of EOS wanted to create a product that was not just a fad. They figured that the best way to do this was to make a type of lip balm that engaged all five senses. They wanted products that felt good in the hands, had colors that were pleasing to the eye, and came in flavors that appealed to people’s taste and sense of smell. Even the clicking sound that is made when the packaging is opened and closed was taken into consideration.

According to a Fast Company article, EOS has quickly become one of the best-selling brands of lip balm on eBay. Approximately one million units are sold to consumers each week, and sales are expected to increase. Total sales have surpassed those of ChapStick, Blistex and other brands that have been around longer. EOS currently ranks number two in sales behind Burt’s Bees.

One of the most distinctive features of this lip balm is its packaging. Instead of the traditional long narrow tube, EOS comes in a ball-shaped package that is easy to carry in handbags and also doubles as a clever fashion accessory.

The company also prides itself on using natural, organic ingredients in its products. Notable ingredients include beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil. Consumers can choose from lip balms that come in flavors like passion fruit, strawberry sorbet and sweet mint.

In order to keep customers interested, EOS continuously comes up with new product lines. The company recently launched a line of shaving creams, hand lotions and body lotions.

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Madison Capital Street Might Take the Gold for the Annual M&A Advisor Awards

The people at Madison Street Capital are more than excited to hear that their company is one of the 15 finalists for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Madison Street Capital never expected these types of accolades. The goal of the company, when it was founded in 2005, was simply to provide the middle market with a viable investment banking option. It did not occur to the people running the company that this investment banking firm would rise to be one of the most coveted and internationally recognized financial entities around the world.

Madison Street Capital now has offices in Africa and Asia, just to name a few. It has been instrumental in mergers and investments all around the world. The company has helped national transactions and transactions that took place across borders. One of the reasons why Madison Street Capital earned a nomination for this prestigious award ceremony was due to the company’s contributions to the middle market investment industry.

The investment firm understood that many business owners have trouble finding a company that offered a plethora of services. Business owners need a firm that stands out in a big way that inspires confidence. This is one of the reasons why this particular firm concentrated on providing service that others would talk about. Madison Street Capital understood that a good reputation and favorable history were the key to ensuring the company’s future. One could say that the company invested first in itself before reaching higher on the ladder of success.

Benzinga reports that the award is not meant to be announced until the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala. This is going to be taking place on Wed., Nov. 9 at the New York Athletic Club. It should be noted that the award that Madison Street Capital has been nominated for could be seen as an achievement, even without winning the reward. The reason this investment banking firm feels like a winner is due to the criteria that has to be met for a company to even qualify for the award. The award committee looks meticulously at all financial achievements of a possible nominee.

For one, a spotlight is placed on deal making. This was something that Madison Street Capital excelled at as it was nominated for the International and Industrials Deal of the Year under $100MM. The reason that the company was recognized was because it played an important role in the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. The deal required a lot of man power and many endless nights, but it was worth it. Those involved in the deal already felt like winners when they closed this deal, but an award should definitely lift the team’s spirit. It is only a matter of time before the winner is announced, and the anticipation levels are probably quite high.

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Green Living With Nathaniel Rue And Company

Nathaniel Ru is a holder of a BS in finance from the Georgetown University, McDonald School of Business. Upon his graduation in 2007, Ru and his fellow two grandaunts established Sweetgreen, a restaurant whose mandate is to provide sustainable and local foods. They started out in Georgetown, and now it has expanded to 27 locations in six states and plans for further expansions are underway. They believe that the community needs to eat delicious, healthy, and eco-friendly dining options and that is how they came up with Sweetgreen. They are passionate about food and offer budget-friendly rates.


The three are behind Sweetlife, a festival they started in 2010 and features food and music shows in the region. Sweetlife attracts over 20,000 fans and features both high profile and cutting-edge music artists. Also, they provide food by renowned chefs, local farmers, purveyors, and food trucks. Sweetlife just like Sweetgreen embrace healthy living, sustainability, community, and well-being. The Sweetlife experience gives people the chance to learn everything about green living and eating.



Learning on the Job


When Nathaniel Ru and his two friends Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet started Sweetgreen, they had no experience. However, they began to understand the importance of value-driven business. They learned the influence of a community’s culture on their brand. Reflecting on their values, these entrepreneurs still ensure they incorporate community service into their company. Still, in 2010 they launched Sweetgreen in schools to educate the children about healthy living and nutrition through different hands-on activities and seminars. The program is now a big hit across Columbia, Maryland, New York, and Virginia.



Impacting the Community Positively


A lot has happened since these three men started out at Georgetown many years ago. The amount of healthy living options on campus has improved. They hope that the community continues to build upon that progress and invest in more alternative eating habits. Their desire is to see students and schools begin to gain proper knowledge and understand the importance of healthy living and sustainable lifestyle. The trio fell they have a responsibility to offer education and access to local, healthy options. They have a lifetime of success and opportunity ahead of them if the trajectory of the past years is any indication.


The Sweetgreen is a brand and has continued to receive press accolades including the Washington Post, Bloomberg, USA Today CNBC, and Food & Wine among others. Also, Ru and his friends have features in Forbes’ 30 under 30 and Wine’s Magazine’s Food Thinker’s 40 and Under.




Cleanse Your Life For A Healthier You


Each snack, sip, and slurp has an effect on your body and the way it works. Everything we do either helps our functions run smoother or it piles up substances and clogs our normal processes. There comes a point where the body begins to slow and the effects of toxicity are felt. This is when a cleanse comes in handy.


A cleanse is a way of safely removing the toxic waste that has accumulated in your body. Everything from your immune system, to your circulatory system, and especially your digestive system are affected by a buildup of pollutants left behind by bad eating habits, poor air quality, and any other interactions you may have with daily toxins. By cleansing your body of this unnecessary accumulation, you can experience a life of better digestion, more efficient bodily processes, and even a renewed sense of energy. Dherbs.com has just what you need to do away with this toxic plug.


Within each system in your body, routine maintenance is required. Dherbs.com’s cleanses can help you clear out blockages in your lungs, liver, kidneys, intestinal tracts, and more according to Yelp reviewers. Clear your skin, lose excess weight, fortify your immune system, regulate your bowel movements, increase your libido and so much more by ridding your body of potentially harmful buildup. A cleanse can free your body of everything weighing it down and unleash a healthier, more alive version of you.


Using a series of supplements, an outlined regimen, and healing practices, Dherbs.com can have you on your way to a life of invigorating health and wellness, something TrustPilot noted in their review. Target your blood and lymphatic system; cardiovascular system; liver and gallbladder; lungs and respiratory system; kidneys, bladder, and adrenals; and colon and digestive tract all together or individually. You choose the course in which you want to take your health, one treatment option at a time.


Heal your body from within while also changing your mind, diet, and way of life to one that is refreshed and alive. Learn to live a healthful life that will keep your processes running in top shape. A smoother life can be in your near future.  But join in on the culture too, including their Facebook fan community, and the following they’ve developed on Tumblr.  These are important ways to stay motivated, and to check out unique ways that the cleanse can benefit your overall health.

Doug Levitt Unveils The Ordinary American Lost To The City Life

Doug Levitt is an inspirational artist who has traversed nearly 70,000 miles across America to understand the country like few ever try to understand. Using the traditional means of transport, the Greyhound Bus, Doug Levitt spent almost 7 years journeying along with fellow Americans. Over the years, he has compiled amazing stories of love, struggle and human resistance that he could not do as a singer. His experience and memories of the trip will be on display at The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, where Doug will sing these stories and share pictures from his journey.

Born and raised in Washington D.C., Dough attended the area’s finest public schools. His parents had a political background, which provided Dough several opportunities to socialize. However, Dough always wanted to understand ordinary Americans. ,Perhaps the only way to share true feelings was to get away from the city life. As a result, Dough relinquished a potentially lucrative post with CNN to fulfill his dream.

In a recent interview, he elaborated on his experience in the Greyhound Bus by recalling how he was able to meet new people who were just struggling to live their lives. Actually, the experience was in a stark contrast to stories of American dream, which he was used to hear in his high-school. As one of the most developed countries in the world, people living in large American cities often forget that there are Millions of Americans who are still living in poverty. Unfortunately, the media do not share their stories because Americans have become accustomed to hype and drama. Somehow, the ordinary American using the Greyhound Bus is lost in the media frenzy.

To commemorate lives of ordinary Americans, Doug will be perform in Washington D.C. hoping to raise awareness of the grief and struggle that is often hidden from the general public. According to Doug Levitt, the experience has also helped him cope with his own grief because his father had committed suicide. In fact, it was also a journey to understand the suicide of his father and to look at the world through the eye of fellow Greyhound travelers.

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Son of Isarel, Brother to the World

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel. He was the son of Hillel Milshtein and Eva Milshetein. His mother was a homemaker who had left Mexico for Israel in 1940,his father a real estate developer from Argentina immigrated later. Hillel moved to Israel in 1948 shortly after the Stat of Israel was founded.

Adam Milstein joined the Israel Defense Forces in 1971 to complete his mandatory service. He served in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. After completing his military service, he enrolled in Technion graduating in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science in economics and business. He joined his father as a real estate developer.

Adam married Gila Elgrbly in 1974 before moving to the United States in 1981. There he received a Master of Business Administration in 1983 from the University of Southern California. After college he worked as a real estate agent selling commercial real estate with his father. Eventually forming the Israeli-American Council to help others.

In 2016 Adam Milstein was added to the list of The Top 50 Most Influential Jews. This honor was given to him as a result of his tireless work as a philanthropist and leader in many important Jewish organizations. Milstein has worked to bring positive changes in the world for people of Jewish ancestry. Among the organizations are the StandWithUs, Birthright Israel, Hasbara, the Israel on Campus Coalition, and many others. Milstein, co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American Counsel was named
#39 on the list of Influential Jews because of his efforts to bring real change around the world.

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Andy Wirth on Simple Environmental Changes at Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth first came to the Tahoe region as a small kid following through the snow in the big steps of his grandfather. He soon realized that the Tahoe region is a very special place that needs to be protected. As the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, he realized that he can have a large environmental impact on the mountain for eternity. Therefore, he has made some changes at Squaw Valley to help protect the environment.

One of those changes is that Squaw Valley will no longer sell single use water bottles. Those enjoying Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are encouraged to buy a refillable water bottle that can be refilled at many locations around both parks. These water bottles are also a great souvenir to take home.

Andy Wirth says that he realizes that his company sold 28,000 single use water bottles every year. Over 80 percent of those bottles ended up in landfills. A plastic bottle in a landfill can take over 100 years to degrade. In a decade this change will save the production of over eight tons of CO2. Visitors will be able to refill their bottles with Mountain Tap water at various locations around both parks.

Andy says that after he lost his right arm in a skydiving accident, that he realized that the mountain was very precious to him. He wants to make sure that it is taken care of for eternity. Therefore, he embraces this change as a way to take care of the land.

Andy was recently appointed to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. He hopes to use his position on the board to encourage it and other businesses to take small steps to protect the environment. He says that if each business in the region will commit to making one small change, then the consequences can be huge.

Kenneth Goodgame Brings 20 Years of Experience to an Experienced Corporation

Kenneth Goodgame is the Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) of True Value Corporation. True Value is a family of retailers with a proud heritage that supports the growth of independent retailers.

They strive to be the best hardware store in every town. True Value builds on their brand by raising the bar for retail experience, focusing on expert advice and customer service, supplying customers with top of the line merchandise, increasing brand recognition through national marketing and actively involving themselves in the communities their serve.

True Value founded the True Value Foundation, which focuses its efforts on underserved youths, improving children’s lives by emphasizing education and community strength. Funds raised by this foundation support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Painting a Brighter Future and Habitat for Humanity.

Kenneth Goodgame graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a degree in Marketing Finance. He started out working for Black & Decker and then moved on to The Home Depot. After a few years between Newell Rubbermaid and TTI, he finally found his home at Ace Hardware, owned by the True Value Corporation.

He was GMM at Ace for a little over 3 years. He oversaw a team of 94 employees and over 1200 vendor and manufacturing partners. While in that position he negotiated a supply contract with KCD, creating a 5-year growth plan. He also led a program designed to drive business and create more profit for Ace retailers.

In 2013, Kenneth Goodgame was made SVP and CMO of the True Value Corporation. He develops and leads retail growth strategies that have a large impact wholesale and retail sales throughout the company. He is known for his consistent track record of dynamic performance with a focus on consumers. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Kenneth Goodgame is an expert at strategic planning, GM management, cost management and in building high performance teams.

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Talk Fusion Helps Facilitate Communications

Communication is even more important in the world today. People need to be able to communicate with others directly now more than ever. This is true no matter where they are at any given period in time. One company that fully understands this need is Talk Fusion. Thus, it was not surprising their innovative technologies have caught the eye of those in the communications industry. Those who watch the industry know that it is imperative to offer customers the kind of help they need to keep moving forward and stay in touch with consumer needs than ever before. In recognition of their efforts, the company has been the recipient of a highly respected award from industry insiders.

A New Award

It is with great pleasure that officials here at Talk Fusion announce that their Video Chat product, one that they know has helped many people, has received the highly impressive Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. The award comes this year and is bestowed on them from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The new award marks the company’s second award this during this year from a highly respected and fully company that is known as one of the most important of all integrated media giants in this growing area.

Supporting People

Established nearly a decade ago, Talk Fusion is a company dedicated to the proposition that all people should have access to a technological platform that helps offer them something special when it comes to communicating with others. They provide products that allow people to speak with family and friends as well as other members of the community all over the globe. They also offer products that allow people to be part of a company that is dedicated to the providing quality items. The products that are offered by the company are products that can be marketed by their associates all over the world via ordinary employees who have found how easy it is to use them. With the help of their associates, people are able to find out about the kind of products they might use from Talk Fusion.

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Talk Fusion Review – Legit Company or Scam?


John Goullet on Diversity in the Workplace

Diversant LLC has named John Goullet as their new leader. John is a graduate of Ursinus College, and he has worked with several firms in the past, including Germini America, 3rd Information Services, the Constell Group and Computer Sciences Inc. Most recently, he has been the head of Info Technologies which he founded and grew into the largest African-American owned informational-technology staffing firm in the United States. Diversant recently purchased Info Technologies. Now, it wants to help Fortune 500 companies increase diversity in the workplace.

One effect of increasing workplace diversity is an increase in productivity. John Goullet urges, however, that this diversity must be carefully managed. He says that groups who increase their productivity are open to new ideas from any level within the company. They are assigned tasks that require that they endorse company values. Then, they are given the freedom to share ideas to accomplish a task.

He says that way too often people think of diversity in the workplace as being based on different ages and ethnicities. Instead, he says that managers should also consider grouping together people of different educational levels and different values to create true diversity. Then, groups are usually less threatened by others value judgements. The result is that they become more willing to share diverse ideas.

John has had years of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies put together diverse groups. He believes that not everything a person knows necessarily comes from within the halls of academia. Therefore, he offers tests to employees allowing them to prove their mastery of a topic.

John looks forward to his time with Diversant. He feels like he can continue to build strong working relationships like he did at Info Technologies where he was often winning awards for his outstanding work.

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