Skout CFO Portia Kersten Is The Subject Of An Interesting Interview

The Huffington Post frequently features women in business and the CFO of Skout, Portia Kersten, was profiled in the summer of 2015. Kersten’s guidance from an upper management position has definitely helped the Northern California startup grow. Skout is currently one of the top mobile apps for meeting new people around the world. The app does get a lot of press, but those behind the app’s success are sometimes overlooked. An interesting interview with Kersten pulls the proverbial curtain away and gives those with a serious interest in mobile apps and social media some insights into what goes into running a company like Skout.

Kersten provides reveals a bit about her background. She reveals being an avid reader while younger, and her consistency with reading did help expand her mind. TV was not all that popular in her household when growing up so reading became a means of entertainment and learning. In her early career, Kersten worked for both small and large companies gaining necessary experience. A tenure at General Electric definitely delivered a solid amount of experience to handle the great demands of working for a firm such as Skout.

Skout definitely is a demanding company to work for. The growth of the platform has been tremendous. People in countries all over the world are using Skout to meet others. All this massive growth comes with equally massive demands on the executives in charge. Kersten does have to work very hard to maintain a proper balance between her professional career and personal life. In the interview, she makes a casual mention that she takes things in stride and opts to make “efficiency in all things” her motto. The simple motto guides her decisions at home and in the office.

Kersten covers a host of different subjects on the interview. From the future of Skout to the importance of mentors to advice to women in business, Kersten presents her insights with a sense of humor and flair.

Read the full Huffington Post interview to peruse all of Portia Kersten’s thoughts. Overall, it is an informative piece well worth checking out.

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The Incredible World of Premium Dog Foods

Farmers harvest the finest of blueberries. Fisherman seek out the strongest of wild salmon. Everyone who contributes to the ingredients understands the gravity of the task. Are these persons taking their job so seriously because they food is intended for the finest of eateries? Actually, the hard work going into the harvesting is performed to make sure premium dog food lives up to its name.
The Daily Herald has the full story of the rise of the premium dog food industry. Those who think the premium moniker is used solely for hype are mistaken. Canines are legitimately treated to a gourmet meal when they buy a premium brand.

Beneful is one of the more well known of the various brands. Manufactured by PurinaStore, Beneful dog food can be found in pet stores, retail chains, and even convenience shops. The dry and wet food selections are definitely impressive to the eye. Purina is being truthful when noting the exquisite ingredients. With Beneful, what you see on the label really is what you get.

Beneful Originals with Salmon is a perfect example of the intriguing selections. The salmon is mixed with green beans, sweet potatoes, and carrots. A meal like that would be perfect for a bodybuilding human. The nutrients are sure to be enjoyed by a beloved dog.

The Daily Herald article is an eye-opener for those who think the process of creating premium dog food is assembly line-style. A lot of hard work goes into making sure the food is exceptional in quality. “Slopping” fine ingredients together is not the plan. A very careful approach to preparing and cooking the food is performed. A significant amount of quality control is performed before the dry and wet foods find their way into the packaging. Only the highest of quality foods make it to market.

Once these brands do make it to Wal-mart market, they sell incredibly well. Sales figures are shockingly impressive. Over $10 billion in premium dog food is sold per year, an amazing figure. Those figures are sure to grow as more people realize the value of such pet foods.

And dogs do appreciate the brands as well. Visit the Beneful Youtube Channel for more info:

George Soros Issues Dire Warning Regarding The European Union

George Soros is a billionaire financier from the United States. Soros claims that if a massive cash injection is not issued to Europe, it will face an epic refugee crisis. He also wrote an article for the New York Review of Books where he claims that there is a humanitarian crisis occurring in Greece. Refugees and asylum-seekers are desperate and need help reaching their destinations in Europe. In 2015, millions of refugees fleeing the Middle East and Africa came to Europe. There is a plan in place to return illegal immigrants in Greece back to Turkey if their application for Asylum is rejected. They will also resettle one Syrian refugee in a Turkish camp for every person sent back to Turkey. According to George Soros in an essay that he had published, he feels that Europe can only take in between 300,000 and 500,000 refugees each year. This number as those that are seeking Asylum that they won’t be turned away as quickly due to an over population or insurgents of refugees in Europe. He estimated that it would cost 34 billion per year to carry out this plan. He feels that if his plan is not enacted, it will cost the EU significantly more. He also feels that this Refugee crisis could cause a collapse of the European Schengen open borders system on that spans 26 European States. Soros suggests the multi annual financial framework should be amended to increase contributions. He claims that the European Financial Stabilization Mechanism contains 68 billion of the unused funds that you’re up should use for this particular situation.

George Soros is a US investor and political activist of Jewish and Hungarian descent. He became a citizen of the United States in 1961. George Soros was originally born in Budapest Hungary. He lived in Budapest when the Nazis occupied Hungary. He attended the London School of Economics in 1947 and achieved his Bachelor of Science and philosophy during 1951 and achieved an MSC in philosophy during 1954 from the London School of Economics.

George Soros is the chairman of Soros Fund Management and amassed his wealth during 1992 when he made a short sale worth 10 billion making him a billionaire in just one day on Black Wednesday. George Soros is a well-known liberal Democrat on and takes on many political causes. He has donated billions to many different philanthropic and political causes and issues. He has been very active in the political systems in Eastern Europe and gave to higher education in Europe.

The Investment Banking Guru, Martin Lustgarten

Investment Banking is a branch within the mainstream Banking industry. The idea behind investment banking involves creating capital for individuals, corporate and governments seeking to make major investments that require massive funding.

It is out of this need to provide capital to potential investors that professional investment bankers provide informed advice to potential clients on the best areas to invest in the market. These areas provide an environment that offers least risk. Further, Investment bankers assist clients in the acquisition of property as well as making merges that boost their capital base.

Martin Lustgarten the founder of Lustgarten, Martin; an investment company based in Florida and has branches in other states has risen to become an authority in the area of investment banking.

Investment Banking can prove to be a very daunting task to novices seeking to make a reputation of success in the industry. However, Martin has risen in the Banking Industry and has created a reputation that knows only success.

Based on his past experience, acquired skills and Knowledge; Martin has successfully navigated the stormy tides of amateur investment banking and has successfully remained as a reputable and reliable investment banker. Having risen in the investment banking industry, Martin has become a household name in the industry. He also engages individuals seeking to make their name in the industry through giving talks and valuable advice.

As the CEO of Lustgartin, Martin, he is tasked with managing his company. This is done in a bid to ensure that the company remains reputable and continues to grow. This mode of operation which involves a hands-on approach guarantees success for the company.

The company since its inception is involved in advising customers and helping them secure investment funds. His clients include individuals, corporate and governmental institutions and bodies that seek funding for their financial deals.

Investment Banking is alien to many people with many individuals as well as potential clients unable to comprehend how investment banking works. This ignorance is due to be eradicated. This is as a result of many people appreciating the role played by investment banking and the need for seeking advice from investment bankers in financial transactions as well as funds assistance.

International Economist Christian Broda

Christian Broda is a New York City based economist and fiscal professional. He has a long standing interest in the field of macroeconomics and the ways in which such markets can influence policy making decisions both at home and in nations around the world as well. Broda is a professional economist with many fields of interest. His work has focused on varied disciplines of economics including international trade, financial economics and development economics. Broda has helped clients around the world figure out which particular economic solutions are right for their needs. He has also helped his clients determine how to best to navigate the confusing world of economics and make sense of the many factors that govern national and international trading decisions. As a result of his assistance, he has many important clients who are happy to tap into his base of knowledge when making important decisions about economic policy.

His Written Work

His wok has appeared in many places including the impressive American Economic Review as well as the the Quarterly Journal of Economics, The Oxford Journals and the highly prestigious Journal of International Economics. As a result of his findings and his background, Broda has been invited to speak in many important economic venues around the world. Many clients have found his talks extremely useful and insightful. Christian Broda has also taught at various universities around the nation and internationally to rapt audiences. His close reading of the present day markets have been instrumental in helping to guide his clients and his students to a better understanding of the present day market place and the factors that may influence movement in one direction or another.