Brad Reifler Makes Commitment to Veterans and Families

It was recently announced that Brad Reifler, the CEO of Forefront Capital spearheaded a new partnership with Easter Seals that will significantly benefit military veterans recently discharged from the service and military families. The Easter Seals Dixon Center is the recipient of the generous $3 million donation from Forefront Capital.

Having the ability to make an incredible impact on the people and families of people that sacrificed so much for their country is the main focus behind the donation. It provides resources to veterans and will provide opportunity to change their lives and move forward with hope into a brighter future. They are now providing a direction for veterans and allow them to create a new future. The greatest gift the Dixon Center provides is a connection between veterans in need of services and organizations that can provide help. There are many obstacles in the way of this happening and the specialty of the program is to overcome these challenges and allow veterans to access help easily no matter where it is located. There are local and national programs that provide significant help in education, employment or even health care.

Forefront Capital has a keen desire to create a real difference in the lives of military veterans and their families and that is what the $3 million donation was intended to do. Through the established programs at the Dixon Center they are hoping to get the entire staff of their organization behind this great cause.

Brad Reifler is the leader and CEO of Forefront Capital Advisors. This is a financial services firm that stretches its influence across the globe. Their specialty is attracting business leaders who are highly respected into their community. The unique level of intimacy between Forefront Capital and its well respected clients allows them to create investment opportunities that are not available for similar sized firms. In short, Forefront Capital provides unique opportunities for investment which provide high yielding profits with a risk that is manageable for their investors. They do this by being clear on their direction through clear and open communication. Reifler has been a successful financial adviser for over 30 years and helped his company earn over $200 million in profits.

With this new partnership between the Easter Seals Dixon Center and Forefront Capital it creates a new powerful program that will indeed change the lives of many military veterans and their families. All of the issues that face this group of heroes can now be better addressed because of the gift from Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital.

Corrections Industry and Securus Favored in US Court of Appeals

Securus Technologies is considered to be one of the top providers of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for corrections, public safety, monitoring and investigations. The firm recently made it public that it had successfully defended its view at the United States Court of Appeal that the Federal Communications Commission was not capable of imposing the rates caps on the intrastate rates. 

Within a period of two weeks, the Securus Technologies together with its rival companies have managed to win two major issues it presented in the US Court of Appeals concerning the inmate rates. This was revealed by Richard Smith, the Securus Technologies Executive Officer. 

The initial appeal was to granting of the stay on the FCC majority decision concerning the Inmate rates and fees. The second appeal was about the inappropriate extension of the interim interstate rates. Though the legal bar which enables the Stay by the Court is very high, we successfully managed to prevail on both points. There are also thoughts the FCC has had a very bad legal guidance as the proceeded from the outside inmate counsel which was terrorizing the industry. Later, the court realized that what we were aiming for was good for the industry including law enforcement and corrections. 

He also revealed that they had already debated the costs, security and jurisdiction with the Federal Communications Commission, the Stated and the Courts for the previous sixteen years which is a very long period of time.

He also claimed that they had requested the Federal Communications Commission to have a meeting with the CEOs in the industry and the states and come up with a solution which will be good for both the inmates, the friends, the families, witnesses, victims, industry and all the society members.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It serves more than 2450 law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies together with over 1200000 inmates across the North America. 

The firm is committed to connect and serve by availing emergency response, biometric analysis, communication, inmate service, public information and incident management. The firm also focusses on bringing together what is important.

Securus Technologies is not affiliated in any way with Securus America, the website nor is it part of the Securus Amazon health product.

The center for domestic violence victims, Securus House is also not a part of Securus Technologies.

Sam Tabar Proves Why Work Life Balance Is Important For Success

Everyone knows about the man who made THINX startup a reality. Sam Tabar, an Oxford alumnus, has worked as a financial strategist and attorney for a long time now and his career includes several accolades from big names that he has worked under. Professional success has come steadily to Sam Tabar, from working in Skadden after graduation to becoming a known name in the financial industry after his work with Merrill Lynch. So, what makes Sam Tabar such a huge professional success? It’s his ability to maintain work life balance.

According to Sam Tabar enjoys traveling and event planning when he is not working. He isn’t one of those professionals who take time out once a year to pursue their hobbies but instead, he tries to take out some time for himself every single day. This ensures that even when the day at work is hard or not so good, there is something to look forward to.

Professionals in cut throat fields can learn a lot from Sam Tabar about letting their hair down every once in a while to pursue their interests outside of work. This could be something as simple as listening to music before going to bed, vowing to finish at least one book a month, working out at the gym every morning to blow off some steam, or a simple dinner spent chatting with friends.

Traveling, as a hobby, has also helped Sam Tabar keep his focus on his work because it is a known fact that when people are happy, their mind works better, their concentration improves, and their efficiency rises.

Instead of seeing the world as a tourist, he treats every new place he visits as a new adventure – just like his work. Young professionals who are struggling to get out of work should try traveling. If their work already involves traveling and globe hopping, they can make good use of it to relax themselves and become better at their jobs.

CrunchBase indicates Sam Tabar went to Columbia Law School after Oxford and that’s where his interest in the legal field was generated. So, people should never discount formal education when it comes to their careers. Sam Tabar is a living, breathing example of all that can be achieved by taking work as it comes.   Sam is also charitable, spending his time creating a GoFundMe account to help others in Africa, especially children.

FreedomPop Has More Venture Capital To Expand

RCR Wireless has found out that FreedomPop has found enough venture capital that will help them expand their operations to places around the world. FreedomPop offers free and very discounted services to people who need cell phones. The plans are so cheap that anyone can afford them, and people with no money can get the service for free. The company wants to expand instead of staying in North America, and they need more money to do that.

The venture capital that FreedomPop is raising will help them establish the networks they need in places like Europe and Africa. Europe and Africa have a lot of small villages that do not have wireless services, and a lot of those people cannot even afford normal cell phones or plans. Freedom Pop is raising enough money to offer their inexpensive plans, and they are raising enough money that they can spend it on expansion instead of staying at home.

Their company has created a structure that allows them to make money in the long term because of the sheer volume of plans that they will have going on, and they have committed investors who see the potential in turning the company into something even bigger.

The idea behind FreedomPop is to have a long term plan that will see the company circling back to people who get normal phone services. The company will have so many customers in the future that it can afford to offer free and cheap plans, and the company will be able to serve people who simply cannot afford to buy a phone or pay for an expensive plan.

They have free and cheap plans that make it easy for people to talk or text, and they offer 1 GB and 2 GB plans that people can pay for. The plans and service are going around the world, and the plans and service could get so expansive that this becomes the biggest cellular company in the world. Today they are starting with venture capital that is helping them meet the needs of people who would never have gotten a cell phone any other way.

Autism Rocks Fest Including Performances by Flo Rida and Tyga

Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks has taken off since its beginning in 2014. The concert event that supports Autism research will have Flo Rida and Tyga performing this year April 1 in Dubai. Proceeds go to Autism Research Trust which funds research by the Autism Research Centre. The concert will take place at a new venue on the Dubai Outlet Mall grounds dubbed The Autism Rocks Arena. Taking place during Autism Awareness Month, there will also be family activities such as face painting, a petting zoo, laser tag and a zip line among other activities. The cost is only 50 AED.
Autism Rocks was started by Sanjay Shah and was a premier invite only event with entrepreneurs who could donate thousands to the concert. This year is a little different, since it will be open to people of all financial backgrounds. Sanjay ( first got the idea for the charity after an unexpected visit from none other than Snoop Dog. The visit inspired him to get back into the music scene he was a part of in college. He used to set up and market gigs. This time he wanted proceeds to go to autism research ever since his son Nikhil was diagnosed in 2011.
Sanjay is the founder of Solo Capital a financial firm that does business in London and Dubai.  His wife and three kids live in the city with him. Having eyes and ears in the music business, Sanjay was able to find stars passing through Dubai to play private concerts that he would pay for. Invited attendees were expected to donate heavily to autism research in order to see the concert and meet the stars. One such star was Prince, who played in London for the first concert.

It’s Always Better With Video

Utilizing video in communication has many uses. In general, it delivers a much clearer message. It is also able to help logistical barriers like time zones. That is why Talk Fusion is proving to be such a great success.

Talk Fusion offers a wide selection of video communication tools. One of their first products was video email. This is an excellent way to reach out to potential customers. Click-through rates have a tendency to be much higher for content with relevant video. It also makes for an excellent way to send personalized greetings to new business partners.

Video newsletters are another novel approach Talk Fusion offers. This product allows the creation of custom content that is perfect for a variety of uses. It is a great way to distribute company news to employees in a manner that is both effective and engaging. It is also great for product development announcements. Many people also use them to deliver news updates to investment groups.

One of the greatest products is live video conferencing. This technology has great potential for a wide variety of uses. It is an excellent way to host meetings with business partners from abroad. It allows users to connect from any location using a wide range of traditional and mobile devices.

Talk Fusion has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to its CEO, Bob Reina. Mr. Reina started the company in 2007 with his video email service. Since then, he has increased the selection of products offered substantially. His strong leadership coupled with his 20 years’ of experience has garnered him respect from his peers.

Mr. Reina is also renowned for his charitable work in his community. He is a huge animal cause supporter. One of his largest donations was over a million dollars to various animal causes in 2011.

Talk Fusion offers the tools needed to effectively use video communication. Their continued development means we can look forward to new and exciting products in the future. This is why Talk Fusion is such a top pick for businesses big and small alike.

Jon Urbana’s Reveals All On His Latest Blog Posts

Jon Urbana is a proud Colorado native. He grew up in a wonderful area with plenty of great outdoor sports interest close at hand. His interest in sports grew and he became one of the central figures on the Villanova lacrosse team during his college years. Today, it is easy for Jon Urbana’s lacrosse fans to keep up with him on his blog posts, even when he’s working as a pilot through the Aviation Business Gazette. Here are a few of Urbana’s latest Twitter posts.

Summer Fruits On Wood
Most of Jon Urbana’s friends realize that he loves taking photographs of interesting items on out of the ordinary backgrounds. Jon Urbana also puts in long days at Next Level Lacrosse Camp every summer, and loves to spend his free time looking at art that renders something in this area. Take a look at this picture collection posted to his official blog that includes a very detailed close up of wooden table.

Oxymore Performance
If you spend any time on Soundcloud or listening to MTV, you’ll know that Jon Urbana has a great love for music and musical performers.  On, Urbana shared one of his favorites by Oxymore here.

Tanis Helliwell and Bill Weir – #868-2 by The Tom Barnard Show
This post featured one of Urbana’s special videos. It is important to know that Urbana follows the Tom Bernard Show on soundcloud. Check out this blog posts that features information on one of his latest pod-casts. Go here.

Traditional Italian Hazelnut Liqueur on the Wooden Table
Jon Urbana is one that takes advantage of a great photograph opportunity, so he went all out when WRCB-TV asked to cover his charity campaign. There is something rich and very inviting about Italian Hazelnut Liqueur on a wooden table. Check out this picture that focuses in on one delicious glass of the liqueur. Go here.

Here is one of those Tumblr posts that words simply do not capture. It features an interesting treat that is contained in a bowl with crumbs around the bottom of the bowl. Certainly, it is one of those Jon Urbana pictures that make you think. View here.

About Jon Urbana
After college, Jon Urbana’s lacrosse interest remained. He started the Next Level Lacrosse camp and launched The camp is designed to improve the skills of young lacrosse players. Jon operates the camp in Colorado during the summer months.

Technical Highlights for 2015 Shown in the Annual Slyce Inc Report

Within the report featured on the Yahoo Finance website their were a number of technical highlights that are worth mentioning. Slyce Inc is a company that always innovates and 2015 is no different. However they focus more on the stability of their existing platform they also added onto this with very innovative features which continues to make their offering very attractive for the retailer and its customers. The visual search platform which is at the core of their offerings has been thoroughly tested and made as stable as possible to make it functional in all possible scenarios. They also managed to simplify the integration of this visual search platform with other platforms that the retailer has. This is supposed to make on-boarding much simpler and reduce the efforts of synchronization with customers and their platforms. The bulk of this was achieved through the expansion of automation of various product feeds as well as packaging their products in a way that enabled various capabilities.

One of the technology achievements was the Universal Scanner which was officially launched on the 5th of October 2015. This launch was part of the new group of mobile visual search products that were created by Slyce Inc. The core of this new group is the Universal Scanner. This was an integrated solution which allowed the customer to capture any type of object wether this was a physical object, bar-codes or non watermarked printed material such as catalogues, in-store signage and flyers. This feature was integrated within the retailer application as a native software development kit. It was made available for both iOS and Android users giving the solution huge versatility as all platforms could take advantage of it. All the user requires is a single camera interface on the mobile device and this will allow for any type of detection.

QNET Reaches Out to Empower Women and Also Supports International Sports

QNet is a worldwide direct sales company that is committed to promoting women in business in a tremendous way. Where other companies may not allow women to live up to their fullest potential, QNET is promoting women at every level of their company. 

QNET was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran, and distributors can be found in Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Suadi Arabia, India, Sudan, Nepal and Egypt. Using networking and direct sales, QNET continues to grow with products that range from weight management and personal care to traveling on cruises and trips.

#QNET #Thailand sews with love for a cause. Read the story on #Qbuzz (link in our profile). #RYTHM #billionhearts

A photo posted by QNET Official (@qnetofficial) on

QNET offers this wide variety of products, many of which are specifically fashioned for women with products that are familiar to them. Health, wellness, beauty items like Physio Radiance skin care as well as luxury ladies’ watches that are swiss-made by Bernard Mayer. These products attract women to begin their own business, and with the network sales, they are able to work on their own schedule. Women prefer to work around the schedules of their families, so QNET gives them the perfect opportunity.

QNET has always been a supporter of women with only 25 percent of their distributors being men. QNET actually empowers women by encouraging them as individual direct marketers and allowing them to maximize their earning potential. At the same time, they offer the freedom to work according to their own schedules. This allows women who are dedicated to success to be driven towards their goals in finances and in their life. Learn more about their employee satisfaction rates here >>

This company also reaches out with international sports sponsorships in football, badminton, and others. The leadership of QNET has a strong conviction that the drive, passion, and teamwork of sports is directly related to the basic morals of QNET, so they are a good match.

Recently, a new partnership with Manchester City Football Club has developed, which will lead to further scholarships to benefit the younger generation.

5 Amazing Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle: #AbsoluteLiving

Posted by QNET (Official) on Friday, March 4, 2016

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The Success of Securus Technologies New Video Visitation Mobile Application

Securus Technologies is a leading company in provision of technology solutions that concern civil and criminal justice. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. It is well established in North America. Securus technologies serve more than 1,200,000 inmates and above 3,400 facilities that deal with public safety, corrections and law enforcement.

Securus Technologies products and services

Securus technologies provide a number of services and products that help inmates and the justice system. Its enabling connection allows for swift emergency response, proper management of incidences, information management, inmate communication, investigations, inmate self service, biometric analysis and monitoring of products and services. All the above services ensure there is safety of the public, proper investigations, efficient monitoring and corrections in the justice system.

One of their most renowned and latest products is the New video Visitation Mobile Application. This app can be used in Android smartphones, Apple iPhones, tablets, iPads and iPods touches. This video visitation allows family and friends to visit their incarcerated relatives. You can choose to pre schedule an Onsite visit or visit your relatives from your home using a computer.

The At-Home visitation is more convenient if the facility is far. It saves you time, eliminates traveling, long queues and limited visitation time. It will also make your loved one feel at home. Onsite video Visitation is almost the same as the visit through the glass except that you can pre schedule your visit. It has the advantage of reducing the waiting time and allowing you to visit at your convenient time.

Popularity of the New Video Visitation Mobile App

This App can be used in a number of mobile phones and devices. Its first launch was on Android phone app and in about 6 months since its launch, the app has been downloaded more than 60,000 times.

Russell Roberts, vice president of marketing and strategy in Securus Technologies denoted that this investment was made to provide more options to the visiting process and thus giving more choice to relatives who wanted to connect with incarcerated loved ones.

The app allows for sync of visit details to calendar, testing of network connections for good video quality and getting of notifications for next visits. More importantly, it allows families and friends to celebrate special moments like anniversaries and birthdays together that inmate phone calls cannot achieve.

Learn more about Securus by visiting the following link >>