Is Kyle Bass A Gambler, A Lackey, or Both?

When Kyle Bass predicted that America’s sub-prime lending market would result in financial collapse, few believed him. It’s true, there were many people who also saw the collapse coming; but America was in a kind of denial. Perhaps this is why Bass was able to clue in on the trend of deflation from the first. It’s harder to notice personal flaws than it is to notice others’ flaws. America may have been collectively blind, but Kyle Bass comes from Argentina: he had an additional perspective.

But Kyle Bass doesn’t operate in Argentina. He operates out of Texas, where he manages his hedge fund in a very sub-par manner. Even mediocre funds tend to do better than that which he manages, yet somehow the man continuously makes appearances on mainstream media outlets. With those appearances he advises the public on a variety of financial practices–how trustworthy can they be, though? Bass’ fund isn’t doing well; the proof seems to be in the pudding!

Yet Bass has acumen in market manipulation. HIs Coalition for Affordable Drugs has repeatedly attacked big ticket pharmaceutical organizations under the pseudo-humanitarian motif of helping sick or infirm individuals save money on medicine. In reality, when CAD manages to decrease the cost of a given medication, the pharmaceutical company that loses out can no longer devote certain figures toward research and development. R&D is integral to the production of new medications, new cures, and new ways to treat the sick. Sometimes a cure is just months away, and a pharmaceutical will have to abandon its pursuit for lack of funding. In the long run, CAD ends up hurting the sick more than it helps them.

It’s a gamble on a loophole that congress has become bipartisan about in their rush to fix Kyle Bass’ damage as UsefulStooges was first to report. The thing is, Bass may have resources at his disposal which change the whole game. As it turns out, socialist president of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Kyle Bass have a very close relationship. So close that Bass won’t criticize her financial decisions, even though they’ve economically defaulted the country twice in thirteen years. How could a man with a perspective savvy enough to predict America’s crisis miss de Kirchner’s poor choices so completely? How could this same man then continuously sing her good graces?

Perhaps Kyle Bass isn’t a gambler, perhaps he is a lackey with a leash held by de Kirchner in Argentina. Or perhaps he’s both at the same time; using the slack in the line to run about making risky and underhanded investments.

Coriant- The Innovative Telecom Giant

Coriant develops unique and progressive networking solutions for a rapidly evolving and cloud-based business sphere. The Coriant showcase of SDN-enabled, widely spanning transport solutions enables network operators to dramatically diminish operational complexity, improvise use of multiple layered network, and create new income-generating services optimized for the growing demands of business and consumer applications, including mobile, video, and cloud.

Coriant provides services to reputable network operators in numerous countries, including fixed and mobile line service providers, content providers, data and cloud center operations, cable MSOs, big enterprises, financial organizations, government agencies and utility providers. With a majority of networking systems decommissioned throughout the world, Coriant solutions prove to be the solid foundation for significant end-user service dividends. Coriant was discovered by the powerful merging of Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Opticaal Networks, Sycamore, and Tellabs Networks – a remarkable legacy of over three decades of technological innovation.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Coriant, a supplier of ingenuous networking solutions to reputable network operators in many nations, including 9 of the top 10 global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Shaygan is a renowned business and technology guru with more than 28 years of experience across the technology, telecommunication, and financial services industries. He initiated his career at GTE Corporation, and consequently was promoted to Verizon’s EVP & CIO and a part of the operating leadership group promoting the systems development, efficacy, modernization and creating diverse products, including FiOS, the forerunner infrastructure initiatives in the U.S. with a net capital of over $20 billion. Shaygan next corroborated with Barclays as Chief Operations and Technology and was also an executive member. At Barclays, he pioneered the creation of the company’s TRANSFORM program, a breakthrough of the bank for the modern age spanning 50 countries, affecting a significant number of employees. Following this role, he assumed the position of CEO of Juniper Networks, where he created an consolidated Operating Plan for the organization and concentrated his efforts on the effecting the growth of markets of Cloud Builder & High IQ Networking. Before his new position at Coriant, Shaygan was the executive partner at Marlin Equity Partners, where his main focus was on strategic technology and telecom ventures. Shaygan has a Ph.D., master’s, and bachelor’s degree in engineering from the prestigious Cornell University.

Former Soap Opera Stars Bring A New Spin To Reality TV

Creating a soap opera is harder than people think, and many shows debut only to flop within the first season. Nobody knows the hardships of writing scripts, choosing actors, originating diverse characters, and all the things in between that make a great soap opera better than the actors that play those important roles. A new series Queens of Drama is a reality TV show on the POP network that takes its viewers and plants them directly in the creative process of forming a successful show.

The ladies of Queens of Drama include big names in the soap opera world like Lindsey Hartley, Vanessa Marcil, and Crystal Hunt. These leading ladies hope to return to television by pitching, producing, and starring in their own soap opera they’ve created from the ground up. The first season follows them both behind and in front of the cameras as they work through the drama brought on by their soft scripted characters. . All the featured women in this new reality series have had multiple roles in many widely known TV shows and soaps, and they’re determined to take their careers back and create something they can all be proud of.

The show itself isn’t exactly “reality”, its partially scripted and the women are playing over characterized versions of themselves which creates a handful of drama from the get go. Hunt’s play on herself is the traditional starlet diva full of negative comments but plays it off as helpful criticism. She specifically targets Hartley even though she blatantly denies it. In the first episode Donna Mills instantly takes the role of ‘leader’ within the group, and many of the girls are not happy with her electing herself to power.

Hunt’s long standing career began after spending her adolescent years performing in beauty pageants. She began starring in commercials as a teen, and even landed a role alongside famous boy-band Nsync in an anti-drug commercial. After paying her dues in commercials she landed the role of Lizzie Spaulding in the hit drama series ‘The Guiding Light’. Her role as the troubled daughter of Philip and Beth Raines earned her a Daytime Emmy Nomination in 2005 for Outstanding Young Actress in a Drama Series.

Afterwards Hunt began her role as Stacy Morasco on ABC’s forty-year running soap opera ‘One Life to Live’ from 2009-2010. Morasco’s character, thought only appearing for a short time, left a long-standing mark on all the main characters after her death. Hunt has appeared twice on the silver screen, once in 2005 in The Derby Stallion and again in 2007 in Sydney White where she co-stared with Amanda Bynes. Queens of Drama is Hunt’s latest return to television after her debut as a producer in 2014.  Crystal is known for Instagram posting tons of cool behind the scenes footage.  To a lesser extent, a lot of the same can be found on Crystal Hunt‘s facebook page as well.