Get Spooked Out With The Latest Scary Podcast From Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne

The supernatural is an interesting and engaging subject that attracts a lot of interesting discussion from a wide range of people. For example, many debate the existence of monsters, aliens, and even subjects as interesting as Atlantis.


Perhaps that’s why broadcasting legend Norman Pattiz has reached out to two supernatural experts to create a fun and exciting new podcast on his PodcastOne network. For fans of the supernatural who use this network, this should be thrilling news.



What Is This Podcast

New on Chris Jericho’s podcast network is “Beyond The Darkness.” This podcast will focus on a variety of engaging and provoking supernatural subjects. It will be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, two men who have years of experience investigating and discussing these types of subjects.


They will discuss a variety of subjects, including monsters, angels, alien abductions, encounters with ghouls, strange supernatural mysteries, and real evidence of miracles.


New episodes will be available on Mondays from PodcastOne and the available apps. It also will be available on iTunes for quick and efficient downloading. Those who are fans of these unique topics will have a chance to dig into some interesting and engaging discussions that will get them talking about some interesting ideas.



What Does Chris Jericho Have To Do With It?

Chris Jericho is a WWE wrestler and a supernatural enthusiast who has worked with Norman Pattiz for years with his podcast network. Bringing in these two hosts and allowing them to create their own show was a way of tapping into a group that had yet to be discussed on PodcastOne.


These subjects have become very interesting for a number of people and which Jericho has stated he believes will “…bring with them a massive fan base who trust and believe in them and their subject matter.”


His enthusiasm is contagious and he has claimed that he expects them to be a “…podcast network’s dream…or should I say nightmare?!” making light of the rather spooky and controversial subject matter.



Who Is Norman Pattiz?

While supernatural fans may recognize the name of the podcast hosts and even that of Chris Jericho, the name Norman Pattiz may not mean much. Why should they be thrilled about a guy they don’t know? Simple: Pattiz is an industry legend that always offers high-quality content.


Starting out his career in news, sports, and various forms of television and radio broadcasting, Pattiz has received many lifetime achievement awards and is one of the few “old school” broadcasters looking to innovate. Early on, he recognized the connective power of podcasts and founded PodcastOne as a way to collect and distribute many high-quality podcasts.


As a result, his company has become the top provider of great podcasts across the nation. His name and his company is synonymous with high-quality podcasts, making “Beyond The Darkness” full of fun and exciting potential.

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Handy’s Path to Profitability

As companies go from emerging in a competitive market to fully focused on profits, only the fittest of the bunch survives. Handy, previously known as Handybook, is an unquestionable savvy young company. It is a cleaning service provider that lets you order a cleaner, plumber or a handyman with just a tap on your smartphone.

It is certainly one of the most suitable ways to get a cleaning service,, in a world where there are not enough reliable cleaning services available. Dua and Hanarahan are Handy’s co- owners who met as classmates at Harvard University while sharing an apartment together in Cambridge. Like so many want-to-be businessmen, Dua and Hanrahan were wondering how they can use omnipresence of smartphones to get a settled and profitable market.

Their timing was good and in 2012, they launched officially but financial crisis was their main problem. were lucky to start right when tech- savvy company investors were looking for companies who would provide on demand and gig based innovative products. The company gathered ten million dollars in a swift in funding in October 2013 and by the end of the year, Handy was live in twelve cities. In 2014, just a few months after receiving a three and a half million dollars infusion, Handy launched in a dozen more cities including its first international one Toronto. Another thirty million dollars followed that June and in July Handy was headed to London. The company and its customer base were growing exponentially.

In March 2013, Handy had one customer every ninety minutes, a year later, it became one customer every three minutes and by September 2014, it became one customer every ninety seconds. With the rash of expansion also came a rush of work. Handy went on a hiring spree. The team of employees which were once five grew to fifty over the next twelve months. In the first two years as the demand rose, the company hired dozens of hourly paid customer service officers to handle the flood of incoming complaints.


Nathaniel Ru – article recap

When Nathaniel Ru opened his first Sweetgreen store at the 28th Street and Broadway in the chic Nomad neighborhood in New York City, he knew that his store would succeed because Nathaniel had done his homework. Offering a fast casual healthy food experience, the store is located away from the standard strip and fast casual stores on the 23rd Street. The reason for the location is unique demographics of his clients.


In fact, the typical client of the chain store is not Big Apple visitor or professionals who come out to these stores for lunch. Instead the client of Sweetgreen is characterized as locals who want healthy food three times a day. These customers are willing to wait in line for 15 minutes to get their hands on a healthy proportion of food that does not make you hungry after 45 minutes. As a result, potential customers continue to flock to the store in search of new ingredients.


Commenting on the reasons of his success, Nathaniel outlined that his company always uses fresh ingredients that are supplied daily to the local chains. In order to make the business model a success, the management visits local farms before opening an outlet in a particular area. They painstakingly discuss the supply chain and factors that can make it easier for the supplier to deliver healthy food in time before the store opens to the general public.


To market their approach, the company does not tell customers how they do it. Instead, they provide a glimpse of the supply chain in their stores through an open kitchen and a personalized service. As soon as the customer walks in the store, they are greeted by a fresh smell of food. When the wait time is over, a dedicated server presents the food to the customer and walks through the meal preparation process until the customer is satisfied. The entire process only takes 2 to 3 minutes, which is just enough for raising awareness and increasing customer satisfaction. In addition to the healthy food and generous quantity, the value is further enhanced by reasonable prices.


Sweetgreen also knows how to turn an average visitor to a loyal customer because it rotates its menu several times during a year. Fresh ingredients are introduced by adding healthy foods that are otherwise ignored by mass market healthy food chains. Giving an example of such novel ingredients, Nathaniel explained that they recently convinced a local farmer in California to sell Broccoli leaves surrounding the crown. These leaves are tastier and nutritional than most of the lettuce produced in California.


Using these tactics, Sweetgreen has expanded its presence to 64 stores in the United States. There are approximately 1,700 employees working in its store. Recently, the company has extended into lifestyle space, philanthropy, and technology sectors.




Mike Baur, the Real Entrepreneur



Mike Baur, an established entrepreneur, founder of Swiss Startup Factory, was born in Fribourg, Switzerland in 1975. In his younger age, he had the passion for business, which propelled him to attain a master’s degree from the University of Rochester in New York in the same field.


Mike is an experienced banker having worked in the industry for a long duration. He has gradually made his way from apprentice to executive board member and deputy manager of Bank in Swiss.


After over 15 years in the bank industry, he finally stepped down and teamed up with Max Meister, and Olivier Walzer to start private organization by the name Swiss Startup Organization. The primary objective is nurturing, incubating and funding young digital entrepreneurs. It’s achieved by educating the young entrepreneurs on investing in reasonable goals that are achievable within a specified duration of time by providing the support required both financially and theoretical approaches. It’s important in installing the required skills to the entrepreneur.


Moreover, they help the new entrepreneur’s link with the organization that they can implement their discoveries to become a reality.


Factors behind his success


(a)Skills and Experience


Being a master’s graduate provides Mike with the required skills to nurture the young entrepreneurs globally of as he pockets a lot of knowledge in the industry. Furthermore, having worked in the banking sector for over 15 years in different capacities equipped him with the experience required in running the organization.




His passion and willingness of giving back to the community have ensured that he helps the youths in fulfilling their dreams.



Mike Baur is a keen believer in collaboration and has gone through several partnerships with like-minded organizations in his aim of achieving the best.




Having a defined mission that shows the workforce the direction and ultimate goal has ensured the company propels to the next level.




Mike sacrifice of his time, skills, and finances has boasted the organization as all the leadership and management gaps gets filled.


(e)The ability for teamwork


Being a team player has ensured there is cohesion across the leadership hierarchy. It has made sure that there is maximum co-operation and hence the growth of the organization.




Having been in bank business for a long time has ensured that he has enough connections. It is important as it ensures that the entrepreneurs get a sponsor who sees the innovation put into action.


Mike is a real entrepreneur to watch. His projects are awesome and score with the world’s need.

Transforming Lives with Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist by profession. Avi grew up in New Jersey where he started working as a dentist in a dental office known as Old Bridge Dental Care. Avi became very popular. He won the title of “Best Dentist” many times. Avi studied at Rutgers University where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Biology. Avi later went to New York University College of Dentist where he earned a Dentist degree-DDS. Avi started Dental Sleep Masters Seminars in New Jersey. He educates people how to cure their sleep problems and disorders such as sleep apnea. Avi has gained extensive experience over the 16 years that he has been in practice.


The Dental Sleep Masters Seminar now helps children from all over the world. It has thousands of skilled staff coming from more than eight different countries that assist children in more than 60 countries. Approximately 250,000 free surgeries have been conducted worldwide to help children and teenagers who have facial deformities. They also work in collaboration with the medical staff from these regions to help educate them how to deal with these forms of surgeries. The program also donates supplies and equipment that these medical officers may require.


Avi has joined the majority of marketing clubs offered by dentists due to his keen interest in marketing and business for dentists. Avi Weisfogel let his general practice as a dentist to open a company that is dedicated to sleep in 2010. Avi created a system that formed 250-300 oral appliance patients every month.


Avi also has a passion for music. He is a longtime fan of classic rock. Avi especially enjoys music from Pink Floyd and Billy Joel. Avi is also active in social media where he meets and shares information with his fans. Avi tweets to his followers regarding any upcoming events that he is scheduled to attend, the dangers of substance abuse by the young people, and his support for his favorite cricket team. Avi has been an inspiration to many people that one can have the ability to change people’s lives regardless of their line of profession.

IAP Worldwide Services: Making The Impossible Possible

IAP Worldwide is a company that is known globally for providing advanced technical and professional services, facilities management and logistics for the past 60 years. IAP Worldwide Services has over 2,000 employees working in 25 countries to handle the most demanding challenges facing the American military as well as private and public sector customers. IAP Worldwide is called on to provide services to their customers facing issues on everything from global battlefields to natural disasters in an instant. The company is known for being reliable and responsive and exceeding customer expectations.

The company has vast experience coordinating, planning and executing some of the most challenging and complex logistical and technical services. They operate, manage and maintain remote research laboratories, civilian facilities and military installations and provide the needed people and technologies to support the workforce flexibility of its global customers. The IAP Worldwide team is counted on to solve the most pressing problems governments, the military and private companies encounter and deliver exceptional results. It’s their unmatched inventiveness, capabilities and experience that makes them a world leader in their field.

When customers hire IAP Worldwide they know IAP will deliver the results they need in the agreed upon time frame. IAP Worldwide Services is known for its focus, agility, capabilities and commitment. With each engagement they use their creativity, flexibility and expertise to deliver critical problem solving services to accomplish the seemingly impossible tasks required for success. Urgent response, well-trained, experienced staff, the most effective equipment and tireless, efficient effort are their calling card. No matter how difficult the assignment, if they want it done right and right away people contact IAP Worldwide.

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Their dynamic, systems-based approach, innovation, unparalleled expertise and commitment to their customers has helped to make them a global leader. IAP always act with integrity and respect and encourages initiative. Plus they’re dedicated to maintaining sustainable readiness and using the smartest, most efficient methods to solve the problems their clients face while maintaining the highest moral, ethical and professional standards. The company also has a long and distinguished history of providing national security, defense and governmental agencies with the outstanding services they demand.

Form through the combination of Pan Am World Services, Johnson Controls, IAP and G3 Systems, IAP Worldwide Services are equipped to tackle any mission. Whether it’s advancing healthcare, providing life-sustaining services and supplies, emergency power and humanitarian aid or protecting the environment they’re the company to call.

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EOS? More Like, Oh Yes!

Many people around the world like to look their best, whether it’s for themselves or another. We like to focus around the “money maker“, commonly known as the face. The face tells a lot about you, such as, how tired you are and even how hydrated you could be. EOS likes to focus on the covering of the glamorous smile you show off while you talk, smile, and even laugh.

EOS lip balms makes using balms as easy as 1, 2, 3, with their simple design and shape of their product. A lot of lip balms want you to stick your finger inside, repetitively to get the product out and leave your finger feeling disgusting. Instead of using a chap stick that you have to twist and cap closed, potentially squishing part of the product in the cap, EOS actually allows its circular shape to protrude neatly. This design (see: allows you to keep exactly what you paid for and it’s more fun to swipe, click, and slip away into your bag.

EOS Lip Balm is created by Fast Company, who took advantage of simplifying a product to fit right into your beauty regimen. EOS comes in many colors and flavors, allowing not only your lips to have fun, but you as well. No one will be able to look at those lips and tell how much water you didn’t drink or shake your hand only to get a waxy slip of the hand. Instead you’ll have that confident, hydrated look, you have been searching for up and down aisles.

These lip balms sell at the price of $3 on Racked and their variety gives you a chance to search for your own style. For more information on the history of EOS Lip Balms, you can go to Fast Company’s website.


Why You Need To Refinance Your Auto Loan ASAP

People who take out auto loans for a new or used car often struggle to make their payments or simply feel trapped with high payments or interest rates. Thankfully, you don’t have to be one of those people who are stuck in a cycle of permanent repayment.


Refinancing your auto loan is a great way to save yourself money and get back on track financially. Here are just a few ways it will help you regain control over your auto loan payments.



Refinancing Can Lower Your Interest Rates

If you are paying too much for your auto loan interest rates, refinancing may help you get a lower rate. Interest rates change as the years pass, and if you took out an auto loan when they were high, refinancing can decrease your interest rate.


This can be a huge difference in your payments: for example, even a five percent decrease could save you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. This is especially true if your decreased interest rate also causes your monthly payments to go down.



It Can Also Decrease The Length Of Your Repayment Plan

Are you staring at a 15-year repayment plan and simply want to own your car more quickly? Refinancing your loan can help create a shorter-term plan that will get your car into your hands more quickly.


Take note, though, that this is likely to increase your monthly payments during this period. However, it will decrease your overall payment by eliminating excessive interest rate payments. For example, if you get your 15-year repayment plan cut to seven-years, you’ll be paying eight fewer years of interest.



Your Credit Rate May Also Be Improved

Struggling to repay your auto loan is likely to negatively impact your credit rating. Refinancing can help improve your credit score by giving you the chance to make more regular payments and avoid late fees.


While the actual act of refinancing may temporarily negatively impact your credit score, it is a long-term strategy that can boost your credit immensely and improve your financial situation. This allows you to reinvest any saved money in other payment plans or home improvements you may need.



Getting Help Today

So if you’re interested in finding a way to “slash my payments” on your auto loan, check out Ignition Financial as your refinancing solution. They can help you better understand your financing options and will work hard to find a plan that works for your unique needs.

Gooee IoT Coming To Your Nearest Department Store

Everyone has been inside a large retail department store and knows how large that store can be. There are so many different department, aisles full of product, and different vendors and price points to choose between these products. How do you get a person who came in for nail clippers interested in going upstairs to look at barbie dolls? How do you get a person who is buying a frozen pot pie to try the vegetarian corn dogs in the next freezer over? The retail department store is full of money making opportunities, so what is the best way in our modern age to get consumers interested in different products throughout the store? Market to them in real time.


Gooee IoT lighting is about to be common place in retail stores equipped with WiFi and bluetooth capabilities that will be able to communicate with smart watches and smart phones in real time. The light sockets also detect light at the same level as the human eye, able to sense and pinpoint a customer within the store, and then send them direct coupons, incentives, and rebates to the products sitting directly in front of or behind them as they move throughout the store. This creates a seamless consumer interaction with the vendors and sales going on in the store and can make it easier for different areas of the store to market to them and encourage the consumer to go there. Genius? We think so!

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Managing Finance and The Legal Field

Sam Tabar is currently the Chief Operating Officer at FullyCycle Energy Fund and is a noted capital strategist. He is an expert in fund management. Sam has a long experience in the field of resource management and has worked with some of the brilliant banks all across America. He was the former Director and Head of Capital Strategy of Merril Lynch which is a Bank of America. Here, Sam helped the fund managers in understanding better about institutional investors like endowments, foundations, pensions, etc.

Apart from Fund Management, Sam Tabar is also a legal expert with elite law degrees from Oxford University and the Columbia School of Law. He was also the editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal. He has successfully managed hedge funds from many Asian companies. Sam has also worked with PMA investment Advisors LTD, Hong Kong. There, he was involved in the formulation o asset making strategies which later ended up to be lucrative for the company.

Sam has also been the Managing Director and Co – Head of Business Development for SPARX Group CO. /PMA Investment Advisors.

Sam Tabar is also a private venture capitalist. He has made a substantial investment in THINX which is involved in supporting women in African and Asian countries. He has also been an attorney for many economic giants like Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Roth & Zabel. When he was working in Skadden, then he successfully counseled a large number of clients on hedge fund and its formation and structure, side letters, employment suggestions, investment management intricacies, regulatory and compliance issues. Sam also efficiently managed all the universal marketing strategy of the company. However, he left Skadden in August 2014.

During his long, bright career, Sam has worked extensively in a number of countries and has learnt several languages. Apart from English, he is fluent in Japanese and French. He is also a current member of the New York Bar Association. In FullCycle Energy Fund, Sam’s primary role is to be involved in capital raising programs. He will also be responsible for the legal, operational and tax related issues of the company.